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#5 LAN boxing match theory in Off Topic

Tyrone wins that without breaking a sweat

posted 4 hours ago
#4 Looking for best Engi in Lesotho. 288 loti reward in Off Topic

ima be in ladybrand in july, i will just take my laptop and cross the bridge into maseru and beat his ass

posted 5 hours ago
#17 Your Favorite ESEA Moments in TF2 General Discussion
dishsoapif your favorite esea moment doesnt include 20b or any 20b members its not a good esea moment

esea was dead when 20b was in open

posted 22 hours ago
#13 Your Favorite ESEA Moments in TF2 General Discussion


posted 23 hours ago
#40 ESEA Season 31 to be last ESEA TF2 Season in News

you just need to be more skilled to avoid your teammates

typical botmode wanting to lower the skill cap

posted 6 days ago
#7 TF2 UPDATE FOR 04/17/19 in TF2 General Discussion
wickedplayer494yttriumWicked hasn't put out a post because there wasn't an hlds-announce email. Again.Yesterday was all sorts of chaos, Nexus 6 was at 0%, and some jackass caused some crashes including a vehicle rollover at Main and James which (somehow) forced the cops to shut down all of northbound Main for a good chunk of time. Didn't even let any buses through, they just kept them there shit out of luck stuck in the curb while reroute instructions were being handed out for those further behind to dodge the mess. They didn't even turn two of the southbound lanes into contraflow either even though it was pretty much all contained to the curb lane and a parking lot. Gave up, walked all the way to Portage and Main (and then underground a bit to get on the proper side - thanks a lot plebiscite voters) to get the one bus that goes across the river at Provencher instead.

Fun story: some guy's wife was attempting to cross the street on the Portage East side and he reached out and rescued her from getting hit by a car that had zero room to slow down (there was still a bit of distance but had he not held her it coulda been bad). I wonder how they voted in October. At the very least it was a refreshing display of faith in humanity.

Winnipeg food recommendation: to my surprise, my Bodegoes stuff was still rather warm throughout most of this ordeal. If Ai-Kon or something else manages to bring you here (or maybe the Stanley Cup Final if we make it that far providing we don't get Tampa Bayed), go check it out.

I really need a Pixel 2 XL.

the guys behind the wickedplayer AI are really getting clever

posted 1 week ago
#31 ESEA Season 31 to be last ESEA TF2 Season in News
GetawhaleHey this just occurred to me.. seeing Harb post in the other thread, and hearing all the cool ideas about bringing back old casters and shit for this last season, I just wanted to say that hopefully the league will go lax on rules/restrictions, i.e. if a team wanted to bring back a bunch of old players every week, hopefully there wouldn't be a limit on roster moves etc? I'm not sure if that would even come up, I admit I don't play in the league and you guys would know better than me. Just saying hopefully they can bend the rules a bit more than usual if it's needed or appropriate, in recognition of this being the send-off season.

only problem i can see with this is that they're still paying out a prize pool and opening up the rules could lead to drama over money which is never a good idea

posted 1 week ago
#56 sad albums in Music, Movies, TV
Seinfeldextremely arbitrary and gay to put a fence between what is and isn't "really" sad music

arbitrary and gay are probably two of the best descriptors of me as a person

posted 1 week ago
#23 ESEA Season 31 to be last ESEA TF2 Season in News
mercweve heard this one before, see you guys in esea s32!

esea has never announced the end of tf2 league like this

it's actually over

posted 1 week ago
#53 sad albums in Music, Movies, TV

there are a lot of songs with sad lyrics that are not sad songs

posted 1 week ago
#46 sad albums in Music, Movies, TV
donovinedit: this song HURTS

i've listened to this song 100 times in the last 2 weeks

posted 1 week ago
#4 corn100 invest in Invite futures in News

aim is gay lol

posted 1 week ago
#16 unholy space 2019 in Off Topic


couple ones in there i don't really listen to but i'm good with it

posted 1 week ago
#15 What do you do in Off Topic
caaaaaaaaatOlghaexplain yourself with the guy who hates you
if you haven't either kill his family or had sex with his relatives, he may be able to understand you're not a prick
is tftv full of people having IRL problems these days ?
the world is full of people having irl problems

this is really deep when u think about it

posted 1 week ago
#10 Do you sexually stimulate yourself using bread? in The Dumpster
VisBrexit. Now.

can we do a brexit from earth please

posted 2 weeks ago
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