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#7 scanning drive every time i start pc in Q/A Help

probably not the reason but i'll still mention it just in case you have valorant but vanguard, the game's anticheat, causes this as well.

posted 3 days ago
#35 dnb fellas get in here in Music, Movies, TV

dnb/liquid/neuro idk (2:00 crispy as fuck

posted 1 month ago
#15 things you cant do in Off Topic

i can't burp. i burp about once a year on complete random.

posted 1 month ago
#14 Loadout ideas! in TF2 General Discussion

any edgy sniper mains looking for an anger replacement are sure to like this one

posted 10 months ago
#1 looking to mentor a scout in Mentoring

before i retire completely and go break my back in the military i'd like to pass on what i've learned over 5 years playing scout competitively. i may not be the greatest scout who ever lived but what i do know is how to play scout, i have what i would guess to be close to or even more than 3000 hours on scout alone.

i will mentor 1 person, with some conditions

you should:
- play 6s
- be ETF2L Mid no more no less, i'm not about to build a scout from the ground up and by mid you should at least have some sort of foundation to work off of.
- have a team you can regularly scrim and play officials with
- be keen to actually get good at the game and hopefully not someone that cares about whether or not the game will still be alive a year from now
- have free time to practice and play the game (you're hopefully someone still in school or young enough to not have any responsibilities to take care of)
- be able to speak english well enough so that we can both understand each other
- ideally be european but if you're an american the previous conditions still apply and instead of ETF2L Mid let's say RGL Intermediate

edit: aspiring gamer has been found, ty

posted 11 months ago
#7 League of Legends Worlds 2019 Discussion in Other Games

personally want SKT to do well because i would suck teddy's dick if he appeared in front of me but at the same time i want to see what FPX and GRF can put together

posted 11 months ago
#57 TF2 Bans in TF2 General Discussion

headshot an admin through one of those one way walls on surf maps from the blind side and i got permabanned for wallhacking

posted about a year ago
#7123 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#59 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion

i took the time to look through the product demo given by ry here: logs of the match here:

personally i didn't see anything that i could point out to that would indicate that ry is cheating. however i'm going to say here that this was me watching the demo through it's entirety at 100% speed, no rewinding and no slowing down anything.

the only thing of note that i saw: i don't play demoman and i don't know how to play demoman, this sticky could be standard procedure, i'm not sure. it was the only thing that stood out to me when watching the demo. other than that the demo just for the most part looked like an experienced demoman giving the absolute dick to some new players.

it's also good to say here that this was a demo of him playing demoman and not something like scout where an aimbot for example would be easier to spot.

posted about a year ago
#4 What is the closest rocket you can dodge? in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#6595 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#11 favorite team you've ever played for? in TF2 General Discussion

s28 weebtunnel tactics, i loved (still do) everyone on that team, war especially

posted about a year ago
#2 The b4nny isekai in The Dumpster

damn it man why's it gotta be an isekai

posted about a year ago
#6 Nunya drops from s31 in TF2 General Discussion
zenmodeI know it's nunya but still



posted about a year ago
#38 side name viewer in Off Topic

posted about 2 years ago
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