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#271 bwHUD in Customization

Hey dude, thanks for all the work on the hud.

A couple things I've noticed and/or questions:

-On Mac: some fonts clip at the top (example: I talked to you about this during a tf2center lobby I believe, I still haven't been able to figure out what the trick is to fix it. Adjusting ypos or tall for each doesn't seem to help.
Edit: was adjusting the wrong heights for most of it, it seems. Only thing will be that I'll have to redo everything everytime you update, but that's manageable.

-What steps would I need to take to move the itempanels for inspectpanel and freezepanel? I've been trying to move various ypos and xpos, and if I can get it to work then it chops the panel off. I just installed 2.2.1 and neither of the panels seem to be in the bottom right, they're both in bottom left still.

-How would I go about setting up the mouse scoreboard stuff to work? It was added in advanced options during GM update. I have it turned on, but when I click on a name it doesn't seem to do anything, and I suspect it's a hud issue.

EDIT: One last thing I forgot

There's an occasional bug where my ammo count/ubercharge label will totally disappear. I have no idea what causes it and I'll try and reproduce it. Not entirely sure if it's a HUD issue or what, but pretty scary when I'm playing med during a match and suddenly I have no idea what my % is lol.
Figured out the issue with this, you have to inspect other players to fix it. Weird bug.

posted about 5 years ago
#1509 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Am I missing a search function for this thread anywhere?

I'd love to learn how to fix/edit a font to make it compatible for mac. There's a couple HUDmakers out there who have managed to shift the letters down to fix the annoying letter-tops-clip bug that happens to Mac users, but they never seem to explain how they managed to do it.

This might be more of a question for a design/font design forum, but I figure I'll ask here.
Thanks in advance

posted about 5 years ago