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"Why are we still playing?"

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taxi driver or fantastic planet

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super nice dude who is dedicated to the game and is willing to give and take criticism without getting emotional

posted about 2 years ago
#19 path of exile update in Other Games
WaldoFollowing a build guide when you have no clue what's happening is the #1 best way to continue having no clue what's happening. Furthermore, 99% of guides for good builds will ignore levelling/budget gearing, which confuse the hell out of new players (I spent part of Breach "introducing" someone to the game). Unless you have someone more knowledgeable about the game sitting in mumble explaining everything constantly, you'll make just as many mistakes following a build guide as you would on your own, except you'll have no clue why.

No matter how bad of a build you end up making it'll get through merc and low tier maps if you're not retarded, and you'll get a reference point regarding what content/archetype you want to play.

If anyone's looking to get into the game, feel free to add me to ask about stuff, I'm pretty much done with the current league but I've played almost everything at some point or another.

There are many build guides catered to beginner players that specifically mention why they use the things they do. Sure, talking to someone who knows the game while you're playing is probably the same, but you aren't giving good guides enough credit.

posted about 2 years ago
#17 path of exile update in Other Games
meddleInhakeWARHURYEAHhello i rlly want to get in to poe but i need guidance please help me if u r eu and are patient with fucking idiots
Why not just go in blind? I still remember my shitty lvl 50 marauder with like 7 active skills, good times.

idk why this guy is getting downfragged, honestly going in blind was extremely fun and a great learning process.

going in a blind is an experience but to be honest I would always recommend following some sort of build to start. the games passive tree can be complex at first and if you spend a ton of time on your character then realizing your character cannot clear content without re making or spending a ton of regret orbs, it can suck pretty bad.
check out this site if you're new. just look for builds that specify it's for beginner or low budget

posted about 2 years ago
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