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#3 Crosshairs on lower res in TF2 General Discussion

the crosshairs seem to have a few values at which they are less blurry, so try adjusting cl_crosshair_scale until you find a value thats good for you, and that looks right

posted 20 hours ago

this map is cool but i dont like this map because on the map of badlands middle the wooden boxes are gone and i play soldier and i like to go on top of the boxes because in soldier versus soldier being on the high ground is very important (did not mean to reference star wars lol) so if you have the advantage then you can which against players who have more time than you like in terms of hours and maybe aim but also i think that some of the arenas on this new mge map are sometimes not very useful like for the example i will use is 2fort... it only has 2fort middle but to be honest even though i only have like not as many hours on 2fort as other people i still think that fighting at middle is not very common because theres also sniper so i always go under the main area and used the tunnels and sometimes when i do go across the bridge i dont see anybody which again is just a reason that having a 2fort middle arena does not have as much use as other areas like for example 2fort last (the intel room) would be a lot more useful because usually im playing engineer on 2fort and i have to fight spies and other enemies like soldier or heavy thats trying to take the intel so i think thats a lot better to have the 2fort intel room as an arena... other than that i think its a good map but i think i would prefer if the badlands 2nd and 4th point (the spire) (add 5) didnt actually have the spire now i know that might be very controversial because its named after the spire but i think removing it would still be ok because theres the ledge and you can use that as the point you go to because then theres only 2 levels and nobody can do the hide and shotgun thing (its so annoying and i lose like 2 elo to the players who do it so like why do they even do it) but if you had just the ledge then they just go to the ground and they die so it takes a lot of more skill to play like that... i think also another cool idea which would be cool and sorry for putting this in a separate section but sorry i didnt think of it earlier when i was writing about the boxes on badlands middle but if there was a version of badlands middle that only had the middle area of badlands because a lot of times im fighting people and they run over to the sides (the lower area) and i should win that because i have the advantage for heigh but i dont because the demoman is too far away so my rocket launcher only does like 30 or 40 hp which is like an ok amount but then also the demoman is overhealed so its harder and also because theirs a distance the demoman can like dodge the rockets in real time so its really no skill required because the rockets are so god dang slow but of course he has like a ton of bullets in his guns and they all do like 40 damage which you would think is ok because its the same as rockets but i only have 4 rockets (pipes are super op actually because do always do 100 it doesnt matter how far away you are) so even if he misses he still has a ton of bullets left to shoot are you and sticky can go super fast which makes it impossible to dodge so yeah overall i think just an area that just has the middle area of badlands middle (is that an oximoron lol) would be epic but it should also keep the boxes... my final suggestion would be to have similar to the 2fort thing an arena for each big (as in played a lot i dont mean just big like large or in room) 5 cp map should be added so you can practice defending your last because my RGL(tm) (idk if thats trademarked but i put it to be safe) 6s team we run into that situation at least one time per game and sometimes we lose so having a place to practice defending your last in 5 cp maps would be useful to me/us/everybody... i hope these suggestions make it into the next versions of mge training enhanced but like its been years since the previous version to v17 so maybe i just have to wait another 5 years hahaha

posted 5 months ago