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#2199 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
AimIsADickscrambledAimIsADick...I had already tried preloading with both methods. I installed uvf as previously stated, crashes stopped instantly when I uninstalled the pack and started again when I reinstalled the pack.
We might need to use the console logs to diagnose this issue. Do the following:
  1. Go to the TF2 properties section and add the launch option "+con_logfile console.log"
  2. Launch TF2 normally and play for a bit. Close TF2 after some time.
  3. Upload the console.log file (located in Team Fortress 2/tf) and upload it to Pastebin.
  4. Delete all contents in console.log (just do <select all command> -> <delete>)
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 but launch TF2 through FACEIT instead. If it crashes that's fine; this is why we're using console logs.
  6. Delete the "+con_logfile console.log" launch option afterwards.

step 4 really is my favourite, thanks for clarifying that to "delete all contents" i should " select everything and delete it"
dunno what i wouldve done without that info in those brackets

posted 2 months ago
#54 Proper Performance Guide on TF2. [UNFINISHED] in Customization

I refuse to accept this is a real person, he gets the same response every single time he posts and he always comes back to post more

posted 3 months ago
#665 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

Proof that tf2 legit ONLY cares about single threaded performance:

Ryzen 7 5800x no OC
GTX 1660 2GB
16GB DDR4 2400
Mastercomfig medium low preset + chat disabled
only change was disabling amd cool n quiet or whatever in bios

dxlevel 91:
2639 frames 8.801 seconds 299.87 fps ( 3.33 ms/f) 39.173 fps variability
dxlevel 81:
2639 frames 8.219 seconds 321.07 fps ( 3.11 ms/f) 45.262 fps variability

In-game 6s i constantly hit my fps_max 361 at all times I haven't seen it dip at all

posted 3 months ago
#12 Proper Performance Guide on TF2. [UNFINISHED] in Customization

Thanks, this is groundbreaking I like the part where you told us to install a config and set our cl_interp values, I never thought of doing that until I read your guide.

posted 3 months ago
#12 8000Hz in Tf2 in Hardware
AimIsADickkbtoHey guys, been looking at the Razer Viper 8K, and apparently in certain games 8khz polling rate fucks with the game engine and you see choppyness of movement and stuff, does anyone have this mouse can anyone tell me if these issues exist within tf2?
I currently use the Razer Viper Mini and I haven't encountered any issues with the high polling rate. If it does fuck you over for some reason, you can always lower the polling rate in Razer Synapse.

elektroA high polling rate does have a very bad effect on tf2. You should look for a mice with adjustable polling rate (such as the Razer Viper 8k) polling rate should be less than 2k for optimal experience. I will edit with a video example when I get home in ~3 hours what the differences are.
Wait really? I must have never noticed. What's exactly the problem with 8k polling rate in TF2 tho? For reference my polling rate is at 500. Also btw Razer Viper's polling rate can be adjusted, but only with fixed values.

Razer viper mini and razer viper 8k are two completely different mice, its called 8k because of the 8000hz polling rate which this thread is asking about

posted 3 months ago
#10 8000Hz in Tf2 in Hardware
funhaver1998tommyid give 20 bucks to anyone who can tell the difference between 500hz and 1000hz in a blind test
it actually has a huge difference in both of my zowie mice. when using 500hz it has a more glidey feel which i used to like. also a huge difference with messing around with the LOD settings

yes definately, i used the intellimouse 3.0 for a really long time locked at 125hz and switching to 500hz was noticeable, and 500 to 1000z was also really noticeable for me higher mouse polling honestly kind of feels like game fps is higher sometimes.

posted 3 months ago
#9 8000Hz in Tf2 in Hardware
HoppsI'm using a Razer Viper 8K. 8k polling rate works fine with tf2 if your cpu is strong enough. For me, sometimes when chrome and tidal are running simultaneously, the mouse lags in-game @8Khz. Though I never encountered lag @4Khz, I've set it to 2Khz just to be safe. fyi, I have a r5 3600 @4.55GHz.

I see im basically going to be getting a 5800x + 360hz monitor and the razer viper 8k all at the same time I would imagen the cpu would be able to handle it but if not i can turn down the hz of the mouse ty everyone for help

posted 3 months ago
#23 The Case for Unlocks in TF2 General Discussion

also just like any change, no matter how good in theory it is the best we will get is a shitty pre season cup where no one takes it seriously, and then none of the changes are implemented, just like every single map / weapon cup in history, the only way you get real testing in is by league admins incorporating changes for an actual entire season

posted 3 months ago
#22 The Case for Unlocks in TF2 General Discussion

My thing with bonk is, when a soldier rocket jumps behind your entire team what do you do?, you say in mumble soldier is behind and then as a team you play around that, I don't see why you can't just treat bonk the same way especially when it now actually punishes you for going behind if caught, I see no reason to keep it banned and I feel like unbanning it wouldn't result in drastic imbalances in the fun of the game.

posted 3 months ago
#1 8000Hz in Tf2 in Hardware

Hey guys, been looking at the Razer Viper 8K, and apparently in certain games 8khz polling rate fucks with the game engine and you see choppyness of movement and stuff, does anyone have this mouse can anyone tell me if these issues exist within tf2?

posted 3 months ago
#11 Tf2 comp history records in TF2 General Discussion
DreamboatI really wanted to get people who had been around for ages, guys like Marxist, the Fragile, eXtine and do a youtube series talking about who old school guys were and what their legacies in the game actually are. Wanted to do something like thorins who is X videos and in cases where the person was accessible doing something like his reflections videos.

The closest we ever got were sideshows brief on the point series and kritzkasts recent talking with ... live stream series is good as well although it is much less sixes focused.

agreed a thorin type thing where someone with a lot of knowledge discusses players histories and stuff is something i feel like this game really deserves

posted 3 months ago
#27 In-Depth TF2 videos in Videos
nuzearmadilloany plans for more of these? the seagull one was really fantasticyeah im (slowly) working on the next one featuring my favourite tf2 player of all time, who has also moved onto NRG overwatch.. SEB 'NUMLOCKED' BARTON

I'm not great at managing my time however, with a full time job, now practising for GA and irl commitments I'm not sure when I'll be able to get this one out, I had taken a couple of days off work a few weeks ago but I didn't make as much progress as I would've liked.. I guess I aim to get it out in like 2-3 weeks?

edit: i think because i dont have much experience making videos it probably takes longer for me than it would other people, but id expect it to be the case that the more of these i make the less time it takes me to make them

Are you still working on this? I always wanted more of these videos man.

posted 3 months ago
#3 Where do I play competitive after 830 EST in TF2 General Discussion

wait for faceit 6s

posted 3 months ago
#12 How do you aim effectively and why (on scout)? in TF2 General Discussion


I can give you one piece of advice that can stop lazy aim (your crosshair lagging behind the target), once I started doing this I began hitting many more shots, keep your eyes on your opponent not on your crosshair, make sure you are focusing on the movement of the player and they are your "lock" at this point relax, let your muscle memory take over and allign them with the center of your screen, when you start looking at the crosshair you will notice your accuracy dip.

edit : using a smaller / less distracting crosshair really helped with this

posted 3 months ago
#1000 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

In my opinion, I believe we do actually have at least one avenue of attempting to make the game an E-sport. The problem is, it isn't one that would be entirely appealing the the current competitive audience, myself included.

The way I see it, valve got somewhat peer pressured into finally adding comp to their game after the success of overwatch and the undeniable cries from the community, and the developers did in fact say they want to bridge the gap between casual and competitive, which is something we have viewed as an issue for a very long time.

The problem is, valve's implementation of 6v6 is one of no restrictions, and whilst not something the majority of existing competitive players will see as balanced or even fun, it is however intuitive to newer players aiming to play the game more seriously.

Valve openly said they wished to balance the game around competitive play and even began doing it when it came to items like the gru or the dds, however, valve did say that they would value the results found within the in game matchmaking.

We tried matchmaking, didn't like it, and stopped playing it. The numbers reached next to nothing, Valve has no reason in their minds to value the competitive side of the game anymore.

Now the only way I see valve ever realistically caring again about balancing and growing the competitive scene, is if we are able to migrate a large group of our competitive players into playing an unrestricted ruleset. This was something sideshow said multiple times. If we are able to have the majority of people abusing an unrestricted ruleset in a highly competitive environment, it becomes extremely clear which flaws cause reductions in enjoyability and fun for the players.

We know that valve does not look at etf2l or rgl matches as reasons to balance the game, instead I really believe that if the in game matchmaking was viewed as a beta as let's face it, it really does feel like one, and we were able to migrate a large portion of our community into playing this rule set as the main form of competitive play for an elongated period of time, and it isn't that far fetched for people to really enjoy it, I mean we have seen how faceit 12v12 can be fun simply because people play the objective because any incarnation of tf2 is still tf2 which at it's core is an extremely fun game.

so if we migrate, and really apply the majority of our scene the player numbers for that mode specifically will increase, you will see a meta establish and playstyles and strategies emerge. then you have two outcomes.

1. Valve notices increases in players making use of their rule set and become more willing to listen to feedback and advice, slowly eventually balancing the game into one that has a high amount of competitive substance and things end well and even if they don't, valve have said they would have invested into a lan tournament if the format was one they identify with which nr sixes is that so you could see if valve would be willing to invest into an i-series type event with their ruleset.

2. Valve doesn't care, we understand we have exhausted all the options available to us as individuals, and back into the underground roots we go continuing to play the game in a way we value, but at least we can say we actually tried everything.

At the end of the day I do feel the way we currently play the game is infinitely more fun than the competitive mode inside the game, but I do think trying to get more competition of unrestricted 6s was something we never really tried outside of some cups on rgl.

posted 3 months ago
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