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#307 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

Aren't weigl and sané popular in germany? I think they're amazing but they barely played the whole tournament.

posted about 7 years ago
#235 Rest In Peace Britian in World Events


posted about 7 years ago
#5 Main Menu Music in Q/A Help

It works for me.

posted about 8 years ago
#3 Main Menu Music in Q/A Help


posted about 8 years ago
MightyBenroadsBonafideChange the spy cloak sound to a loud sound file and you got yourself a nice cheat, too bad stuff like this is so easily abused because it's great in general

same goes for medic being fully charged
And for the spy, you could change the sound to a voice screaming "Spy!"

I'm like 95% sure that both of these things are impossible since there are no calls for sounds in the tf_weapon_invis.ctx file and in the medigun file there are only calls for healing and no heal target available.

This works on same concept as the particle scripts do, you can replace one particle with another one from TF2. At best you will probably be able to replace some reloading/shooting sounds with other ones from TF2. I can't see why anybody would ever do this as so many of the sounds are unique for a reason and none of them are distracting anyway.

How do you convert .ctx to .txt, or edit .ctx files?????

There was something for that on the no smoke explosion script thread

posted about 8 years ago

How do you put the black box sound on the RL? Whats the name of the sounds?

posted about 8 years ago
#98 Razer Arena - TF2 Frag Fest (EU&NA) in TF2 General Discussion

With option 2 gc starts immediately and it keeps the possibility of last minute exciting action.

posted about 8 years ago
#63 serveme.tf - free server reservations in Projects

The new RheinBrigade servers seem great. Better ping from Portugal.

posted about 8 years ago
#48 TFTV Creating a New Crosshair Font in Customization

I like the one #30 suggested, its similar to what i have

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Right now i have two crosshairs overlapping but if it was just one it would be much easier to resize it

posted about 8 years ago
#8 LOD Tweaks for AMD in Customization

i use http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=93129

posted about 8 years ago
#12 dx8 graphics on dx9 in Customization
FireBonafideSo now we also have this particle replacer for explosions, is there any reason left to still use dx8? Besides if you have a really shitty pc?is there a reason to not use dx8 ?

dx9 uber flashes when its running out. Other than that dx8 all the way.

posted about 8 years ago
#43 cp_granary_pro in Map Discussion

Pushing from second to mid needs some changes. All the entrances are too small.

posted about 8 years ago
#19 TF2 Feature Requests and Bug Fixes in TF2 General Discussion

Higher fov_desired

posted about 8 years ago
#19 Christmas Songs in Off Topic


posted about 8 years ago
#54 Hud Screenshots in Customization

can i get
Soldier Enchancer

and thanks for the rest of the uploads

posted about 8 years ago
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