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#51 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

thanks for the feedback!

I'll make sure to update it when I got time!

posted about 3 years ago
#48 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

Thanks again for all the feedback!

hoto_b13 updates includes:

- layout changes near initial spawn and last capture point right side exit, new exit looks like this: (compared to the old exit that looks like this:
- the right side exit is more snug to the capture point, this is how it looks from the spawn:
- the exit leads to a half-highground-platform this is how it looks from bellow: (this is the fastest way to defend last)

- a new side room w hp/ammo has been added bellow the new exit, approachable as attacker and defender, (should make it easier for spies and other mobile classes to sneak out from last)

- a new window looking down on the B-capturepoint and (should make it easier to see people on the capture point, and overall make the "drop" less frustrating)

- the "cellar"-drop is now initially closed and stays closed until attackers captures B-point, then it opens once B-has been reclaimed it closes, (should make it easier to re-take B-point, should make it faster for soldier/demo to reach last) - this is experimental, not sure how common it is for maps to have dynamic elements that changes depending on progress, if people hate it I will keep the door closed

- reworked the upper "middle" route, the cave exit is now wider (220-260 units, compared to 194 units in previous version)

- the window at mid is been increased in size, now possible for mobile classes to jump through

- added a small ramp up to the left side window near last (classes no more has to jump to exit the window)

Minor updates:

- clipping improvements around pillars and mid
- updated the skybox (still wip)
- significantly decreased the fog
- added a few ammo packs around the map

The new version can be downloaded here:

posted about 3 years ago
#45 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
sagechanges to last are good.
might want to change the lower right spawn door, make it closer to the point or to the spawns because its almost completelly useless, or just move it somewhere higher closer to the left spawn door
lots of gimmicky edges and clipping where you can stand
HOIAfter playing 1 lobby on this map this is my feedback:
Very nice textures
Very nice layout (although very complex)
Dropdowns are cool
Very vertical but not too vertical
Signs and labels to help un-confuse
Second is very pretty
Rollouts are long which is cool
Could do with more ammo packs
Fog is a little bit yuck
Skybox isn't super pretty
The colours are generally pretty grey, making it look less like a tf2 map, but maybe this is fine
Healthkit on mid should be moved, maybe the point should be lowered
On either second or last (cant remember) there is a random stone box which could probably be made to look more cool
The banners at mid should be modified so that players cant stand on the stone brick infront of them, since it's a little dumb imo

Overall i think the map is good and requires only pretty simple changes to be made very good.

thanks! will fix the clipping bugs and consider all your feedback for the next update!

posted about 4 years ago
#42 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion


hoto b12 is here, it includes a lot of changes to areas included in previous feedback, some of these changes will change the way the map is played, I'm especially interested to hear from anyone that has previously played the map if the changes have improved the quality of the map or reversed...also what class got hit, overall I'm hoping to humbly nerf sniper and buff medic, spy, heavy and engineer

major changes:

at last...
- a new ramp has been added to the defending sides high ground, the size of the platform has also increased including a big window looking down the short stair (this should enable a few more engineer spots and improve flow for less mobile classes, in addition add flank for defending/attacking team)
- the flags at last has been raised to lesser any intrusion on gameplay
- improved clipping

at second...
- a new drop, jump-entrance to highground at B-capture point from the cellar
seen from bellow (good for a spy, or defending capturepoint from attackers in cellar, also shortens the path for attackers at last when spawning at the most forward spawn, i.e. soldiers and demoman)
- improved clipping

at mid...
- sight lines has been heavily reduced at middle, a new wooden-excavation-styled room has been added at the middle exit to mid seen from inside (nerf snipers overlooking the capturepoint, provide a safe space before attacking mid)
- the ammo/med pickup has been removed from the platform
- a medium medpack has been placed ontop of the middle capturepoint
- new wooden doors block the sight lines from the balcony
- the balcony room has been increased - both in size and height (hopefully improve flank plays)
- improved clipping

also opened up a few walls with windows or fallen bricks allowing further view of the skybox,

img album here:

the original post has been updated with download link and short changelog

posted about 4 years ago
#37 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
One_Giant_KlingonI love the quake I feel!


sagethese banners are obtrusive for rocket jumping and can block the view of rocket jumping or bounced enemies in last
edit: small album with suggestions
People say there are too many flanks and that its too much like a maze. Maybe make certain areas visually different from others, give distinctive visuals to specific flanks or make routes clearer idk

what do you think about changing the flag to something like this ...tearing it up a little above the platform,

neutralizing the platform by adding a route like this accessible for attacking soldiers, demo and scouts...but possible for all defending classes to escape (might be hard to see, but suggestion is to add a small-short stair that connects the wooden platform for attackers with the narrow single staircase)

regarding the roof in the dark area at second capture point, do you mean raising the roof or adding clip for the wooden beams? (I noticed that the wooden beams are not clipped correctly, which will cause a abrupt halt if you interact with them)

thanks for your feedback!

posted about 4 years ago
#33 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
mehhieI found this really minor detail that probably shouldn't be there, its on blue and red last behind the point

thanks! this issue was fixed in the new version!
here is a quick run through of all the other fixes included in the b11 update:

-new models and texture updates at the final capture point

-new models and some texture updates at the second capturepoint

-Cleaned up some of the noise at mid, also removed leafs on the lower parts of the ivys around the map (to easier see player shapes)

-added some new props and tweaked the light on the left side approaching second from mid, tried to make it look more like a sewer

-added some props to the cellar area near second, to make it look more like a...erm, cellar

-added some cages in the ceiling on right side approaching second from mid (just notices that you cant see them in the img, but they are there...)

these changes will hopefully make each area a little bit more unique and easy to remember, in addition I've added letter signs to each capture point in the hud (looks like this) - it's very experimental, I know its not "cp" standard, and if people hates it I'll remove it, my thoughts was to make it extra clear which point was which, and hopefully make it easier for new players, all feedback regarding this (and anything else) is greatly appreciated!

Full imgur album (contains a few more pictures)

in addition this update also contains:

-fixed a few clipping issues
-added/tweaked some props (not seen in the screenshots)
-fixed some displace issues/zfight
-added lod's to some models
-updated lighting

thanks for the support!

posted about 4 years ago
#10 TI7 in Esports

Since there is no Alliance I'm hoping for OG,
hopefully they have fixed the oculus controllers, really want to watch some games in VR, otherwise it will be vive,

posted about 4 years ago
#31 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
sagePlease put the TF2Maps download link in the original post, and also the latest map version name so people can quickly see what the latest version is without having to scroll through the thread

can sum1 upload b7 to serveme btw?

yep, just did, the new version is beta 8, thanks for the heads up! :D

SassyTheSasquatchI really like this map, like I would have to play test it to be able to give more useful feedback. I really love the artstyle and the map is really unique and unlike any other. I think its good that someone is finally trying the use of water and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I think it will be any interesting map for soliders and demos as there are a lot of stairs/ramps, ive already found a few interesting jumps that I can pull off and im not that good at jumper personally so im sure there are greater ones but here is one with a question/feedback:

its bad qaulity cause my net is shit and didnt wanna wait forever

I know its probably not that useful for the map but its all I can do for now until I can get to playtest it!

Thanks man! means a lot, water in source adds flavor, used it a lot in koth_dewm, and thought I'd continue on this map,

Just pushed a updated;

Beta 8 update:

- change captime to 3, 8 and 10 seconds
- removed respawn penalty/boost when team caps mid or second
- general optimization (you can read about it here:
- updated a bunch of textures
- added some decals
- added a few props
- some movements and clip improvements
- removed unused cubemaps

posted about 4 years ago
#23 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
TwiggyI love the direction your changes take.

I need to playtest it obviously, but I notice quite a big difference in cap times of mid vs second. In such a map with lots of ways to go from mid to second back caps are going to be a big issue for teams pushing 2nd to mid, and in the same time a team stuck on 2nd (say with uber disadv) won't be able to make a back cap play.

Furthermore, take a look at gullywash's cap times(which i believe are quite standard) :
Control Point 1 and 5 ×1 3 .800s
Control Point 2 and 4 ×1 16.00s
Control Point 3 ×1 19 .000s

So, assuming your 10, 6, and 4 values are for the x1 multiplier, mid and second cap way too fast (which makes back caps even worse lol).

I suggest you use gullywash values before you get good playtesting. The reason for gullywash values is because on this map it's quite common for teams to turn around each other on mid/2nd, which is something that could happen on hoto given the shape of the map and the number of connectors between mid and 2nd.


I had a look at gullywash capture times, (perhaps I'm looking at a old version of the map in the editor - cp_gullywash_final1.vmf), but it looks like the capture points-entities has the following values in the "Time to cap"-property: last (1,9 seconds), 2nd (8 seconds) and middle (9,5 seconds) ...not not exactly sure how that correlates to the multiplier,

When I compared the time to cap in game I got the following results: mid captures (a smidgen) faster on gullywash, 2nd captures (slightly) slower on gullywash, last captures (significantly) faster on gullywash,

Side by side comparison between gullywash/hoto_b7 is: (1,8/4) (8/6) (9,5/10)

Like you are saying, mid and 2nd might need to have less difference in cap time to make it easier to back cap mid when defending 2nd, would be great to get some proper testing! --- note the "low" cap time on 2nd was decided on after watching defending team struggling to retake it, that might no long be the case, and/or needs more testing :)

Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my ears and eyes open for this when playtesting!

posted about 4 years ago
#21 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

I just updated this map to b7, I wanted to include as much of your feedback as possible,

This version contains:

- added a new path to mid from 2nd (above the underpass):

- reworked the right side between mid and second (this was a underwhelming area, should now be more like how I envisioned it)
1. approaching it can make use of a full ramp:
2. the connecting corridor and the stair room has been merged together:
3. the door connecting the stair room and pillar room has been increased to 256 units in width, added a new wooden platform, hopefully making this entire area more fun and usable:

- reworked the "underpass" room near last, increased the width/height of doors also:
1. turned old "crate"-jump into a ramp accessible by all classes, added small hp by locked door:
2. increased the overall size of the room by removing some of the walls, also increased size of the exit to platform:

- increased height and width of most doors, (there are still a few 128 units doors, but most should now be at least 192 units high/wide, some are wider), here is a example:

- removed the low ceiling approaching 2nd from left side:

Additional updates:

- reworked some textures (toned down team colored walls around neutral areas)
- added some arrow signs to better highlight paths
- fixed a few unintentional sight lines
- improved clipping
- tweaked cap times (10, 6, 4 seconds)
- minor brush and prop detailing
- minor optimization at mid

On the workshop:
Direct download link (TF2maps) :

Thanks again for all your feedback! It's very useful!

posted about 4 years ago
#20 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion
ShearsI jumped around on b6 for a bit.

General feedback:
-I could be wrong, but this map seems longer than any map currently in the competitive rotation. There's probably a reason for comp 6s maps being generally around a certain length, but I couldn't tell you why. I speculate that it has to do with how fast respawning players can get back to an ongoing fight.

-If you want this map to make it into the competitive rotation, comparing it to cp_granary might be helpful, since I think this map is somewhat similar. A lot of people hate cp_granary for various reasons, with "too many tight choke points" being a major one, since it makes stalemates more common. For that reason, I might look into widening the entrance and/or removing the ceiling of 1 or 2 flank routes in total between last-2nd and 2nd-mid to allow for more fluid play/make sacrifice plays easier for both teams. The transition between 2nd-last seems especially chokey, since it's just the dropdown and 2 tiny doorways.

-I keep hitting my head on the ceiling arches on last and 2nd when jumping around; this might just be because I'm not used to having curved ceilings when jumping around comp tf2 maps and need to git gud. I would say keep them for now, but be sensitive to feedback.

-The cap area on the 2nd point is pretty big, bigger than most I've seen. Would need to see this in some sort of competitive play to give any judgement on whether that's good or bad though.

Edit: Made my formatting much easier to read
TwiggyHello invalidnick,

First of all, your work is GORGEOUS.
Second of all I've never seen a map thought this way in TF2 and it's both refreshing and interesting. I hope that the following feedback will be useful to you.
Show Content
General design issues
Ok, usually TF2 maps feature a fair share of signs and arrows to highlight ways players can go. So most of your chokepoints could use some.
Then, the size of your doorways is too small in my opinion. TF2 players cant strafe jump past choke at insane speeds like quake, and as such they need much more room to somewhat avoid spam.

This doorframe offers no wiggle room at all. You should make much bigger, like the size of the wooden platform, and then use this size everywhere else on the map. It's no fun for most players to move through tiny doors that limit the dodging they can do.

Here for example you reduce the size of stairs by putting thick walls. I think that the thick walls aren't needed and that you should remove them to make the stairs wider. Currently i'm sure that I can fire rockets right at the middle of the stairs and splash the whole width.

Same story here, it's too narrow.


I suggest you add a way to jump up to the upper floor from the mann co crate. Why isnt this room replicated on the other side? You may as well carry this symmetrical concept to the limit :)

Make this wider, blah blah blah

Potential sightline issue there (the same on the other side). It clearly helps defenders more than attackers. I suggest moving the big pillar to the right to make 2 staircases of the same width in order to narrow the sightline. Also why not keep the symmetry between pillars/staircases?

I don't think this crate serves any purpose. It does not even block this sightline :

You should remove it IMO.


Very big sightline. Maybe make the pillar thicker to narrow it?

incoherency : i can jump there :

but not on there:

You should remove these wooden bits.

Sightline issue : i can snipe attackers from there and they can barely see me. I think you can remove the wood crate. At least attackers will properly see the sniper when they peek.

And if you need to deal with the sightline you can always reshape this pillar to put in more on the left.

This roof makes it hard for attackers to jump through. Can you scrap it to give the room a higher ceiling? It'll make the choke much more fluid to go through.

I dont see what purpose these stairs have. To me they just make spam and sticky traps more effective. I think you should keep the door height and remove the stairs to provide a fluider choke.

Unintented hiding spot I suppose?


A team that wants to push this side must take a veery long trip as the wall is super thick and the stairs are all the way to the right side. Could you reshape it to make the walking distance shorter?

Having no door here feels weird (and limits attackers options to rotate around in order to push). I suggest two things :
-make this a glass window -> both teams can see each other -> less frustration about uncalled players backcapping/flanking
-make some sort of doorway like you did on the lower entrance (like with a wall in the middle and 2 side ways) + add a drop down that goes there (and carve doors on the sides for example) :

This is a super good defensive position for a soldier. making the whole staircase doorway wider / changing the medium healthpack to small should tone down the strength of the spot

From this spot as sniper I can be effective for free on all the doors. I suggest reshaping the side entrances to add some kind of line of sight blocker/move the pillars to the middle of the chokepoint. Unlike quake tf2 railgun (aka sniper) one shots people and make pushing a ***ing pain.

Maybe add some corridors that link this room to the left and right ways? It'd provide faster rotation which fluidifies the game.

TLDR : I like wide chokes that allow easy and fluid pushes but I also love your general idea and artwork! I wish that I can craft such things like you one day.

This is some of the most detailed feedback I've gotten! It really helps!

posted about 4 years ago
#17 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

Thanks for the feedback!

Just updated the map with a bunch of fixes, b6-version includes:

- added clips to doors and other odd places
- tweaked cap times
- added some props
- added some detail brushwork
- added some decals
- made spawndoors open faster
- added soundscapes
- added dustmotes

Direct download:

Steam workshop:

posted about 4 years ago
#13 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

Wow thanks for the response everyone! :D

TraxgartePlayed a lobby in it, and while some entrances are too narrow, there's so many of them that i think pushing/saccing is actually viable.

I like the height of the skybox, allows for movement without many interruptions, but some corridors feel just a bit too low and juggling someone there a bit too easy.

Some sightlines are big, but at the same time playing around corners and jumping around should be enough to avoid them.

Last seems a bit too hard to push sometimes when the defending team has the highground, but at the same time when you get your team on highground, it should be gg. I also like the bottom-left corridor in last that allows ubering right into the point, but i would have to play a more decent game to really judge last. As of right now it looks like it would either be hard or too easy to push due to that path to highground.

Really liked it, quite a different feel from current 5cp maps but really enjoyable imo.

Thanks for the feedback! Never tried this in 6v6 (only 12v12) at which it feels like defending/attacking team can easily steam roll the other team after a few good picks and just throw bodies at them to cap, one thing I observed from earlier versions was that last was too easy to hold - and ended up being almost impossible to take,
Perhaps limit the highground ramps to one (instead of two) sides for the attacker,

sageit has loads of problems but i love it
dropdown to mid is iffy and huge, ive seen some meds backing into that and being trapped
high ground in last (left exit from spawn) seems too powerful

edit: stadium lobby to playtest (timed out)
album with problems and suggestions (can exit map in top of mid)
Vid showing the main collision problems
Demoman rollout

Awesome thanks for the feedback! will fix all those collision issues!
Regarding the demoman rollout, is it too easy to jump across the map?

posted about 4 years ago
#1 Heart of the Oak (5cp) in Map Discussion

If you have a few minutes over I'd very much appreciate any type of feedback regarding my map cp_hoto_xx (Heart of the Oak) which saw its beginnings in the past 72h mapping event at,
Layout wise its pretty simple with angles to benefit different play styles, I got roots in q1/2/3 and hldm, but am not familiar with competitive tf2 outside of public mym...any suggestions/feedback is very welcome!

Current version, cp_hoto_b13
Direct download:
Dev thread:
On the workshop:

Beta 13 update includes:

- updated layout near initial spawn and A capture point
- updated layout approaching B capture point
- changed cellar door to open/close once B is captured
- added a few ammo packs
- fixed a few clipping issues
- decreased fog
- updated skybox
- added a few ammo packs

Thanks for your time!

posted about 4 years ago