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#2 Indust hud help in Customization

I'm out of town for the weekend but I'm down to help you out when I get back if nobody has by then. It's just a matter of changing the X and Y values of a few elements.

posted about 4 years ago
#81 Introducing: The greatest custom scoreboard ever in Customization

Mine's relatively similar if you want to try it out, the link is on my steam profile. I hope it still works.
Also make sure minmode is turned on for it to work properly.

P.S. I randomly encountered Foster in the cities a few weeks ago, he wanted me to let you all know he's doing well lol
Unfortunately he seems pretty dead set on never coming back :c

posted about 4 years ago
#36 Most treasured item in Off Topic

Yz50's socks Ruwin had given to me after I won them by tryharding and top scoring as heavy in his viaduct pub. lol

(I really fuckin' wanted them)

posted about 4 years ago
#17 youtube gaming in Off Topic

Everything aside this can only mean great things for the growth of esports

posted about 4 years ago
#11 ESEA Open: Bird Noises vs. Clam Bake in Events

I'll be streaming my pov during the match on if everything works correctly.

posted about 4 years ago
#2 The original in Off Topic

It's not. Ignore them, they're stupid.

posted about 4 years ago
#161 the art thread in Off Topic

posted about 4 years ago
#9 Cool Stuff to do during summer? in Off Topic

If being competitive is in your nature try a sport that doesn't require an entire team like disc golf (my fav), tennis, table tennis, golf, etc.

posted about 4 years ago
#65 ESEA-I S19 Happenings/Predictions in TF2 General Discussion

Let's fucking go

posted about 4 years ago
#18 Tagg's hitsound in Customization
PankeymanDo you guys want my hitsound? It's the lifepoints SFX from Yugioh. I play Pyro so when I roast negevs, it does the sound like when they lose a ton of LP. No idea what it sounds like when you play as other characters who aren't Pyro, Engie or Heavy.

Recommended only for my fellow Pyro mains and those other two classes.

I'll take it

posted about 4 years ago
#7 UGC Plat: MenaceToSociety vs. bote team in Events

s p a m f e s t

posted about 4 years ago
#122 Froyotech = Death of tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

Sad to see the rest of invite adopt a piss poor attitude towards serious competition, what happened to you guys? You don't even want to win.
There are still those out there fighting the good fight, I've never been more excited to play this game.
I really fucking haven't.

posted about 4 years ago
#37 The Big Mac Thread in The Dumpster
FireStarwScrew the big mac, the bacon habanero is where its at
posted about 4 years ago
#70 TF2Pug.Me in Projects

I agree with the the post above, extensions upon extensions suck hard.
Dango deserves a medal, for real.

For now I'll have TF2Pug.Me as a startup page to help populate the place, others should do the same by going to chrome://settings/startup

Somebody should make a chrome extension that displays how many individuals are added up (just a simple numerical value, nothing complex) because I imagine most people won't keep a web page open the entire day. It's a bit more taxing than something like HexChat, depending on how many extensions you have running normally. That's one of the only downsides of using a browser-based pug system.

posted about 4 years ago
#2 UGC Plat 6s: Subliminal vs Greatness in Events

Go Subliminal!

posted about 4 years ago
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