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#19 Possible Texas LAN in LAN Discussion
mintyxdstill not sure why we havent had a chicago lan in a while

the rich get richer...

posted 1 week ago
#2 LFP COZY! ACADEMY in Recruitment (looking for players)

▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ zam, ░░░░░█ 
 ▓▓▓▓▓█░ can I join your team░█  

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 reviewing demos in Mentoring

posted 6 months ago
#65 TF2 LAN at Localhost Philly (June 25-26, 2022) in LAN Discussion

metalworks, granary, AND BADLANDS?! YaHOOO !! we did it reddit !! #TBT #makeMapsGoodAgain

posted 7 months ago
#56 RGL S9 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Ryot This is why your google doc of strats made us mald

This is actually so much incredibly good information literally wasted on ur team lol. If you practiced the shit in this document over a season I guarantee you would get at least playoffs. If you and the rest of your team just don't care about winning or getting better in any capacity except aiming better that's great, glad Jw is gone from there because ofc a team needs similar goals.
To me, it's just frustrating that players will complain there is no information or people willing to help them improve, when almost every invite player I can think of has or is willing to mentor FOR FREE. The main problem with mentoring is that most people just don't want to take criticism or reciprocate effort into actually taking advice, so as a teacher you don't feel respected and your work feels pointless. I'm not saying you guys have to make TF2 ur life just to boost the ego of some dude teaching you the game, but memeing saying the strats are bad and just not even trying them seems disrespectful to your teammate and his mentor.

posted 7 months ago
#14 WHATS THE MAP POOL in TF2 General Discussion

badlands sucks my nuts and balls

posted 8 months ago
#39 yo lft div 2 (deadlyseed) in Recruitment (looking for team)

should get a chance on a high advanced team, really solid mechanics

posted 9 months ago
#3 worst fragvids of all time thread in Videos

the last heavy clip is actually awesome lol

posted 10 months ago
#5 Alan Gaming LFP OMG!!!!!!!! in Recruitment (looking for players)

really hunter...? I hope this is invite or else you're gonna be sandbagging in advanced on your main again?!?! first u snub my dreams of advanced champion, and now you're looking to monopolize first place medals? i hope you're happy with yourself for potentially creating a situation in which only you and the Alan Gaming Org have fun, while stomping the runner-ups under your 5 inch high heels. tf2 community, if you care about competitive integrity and the health of the 6v6 advanced season someone needs to bite the bullet and join this team on scout (optionally blowing it up from the inside fenomeno style). hunter cant keep getting away with this.

posted about a year ago
#40 sin karma? in TF2 General Discussion

this video was kinda kept under-wraps, but was sent to RGL anti cheat months ago. Nothing has come of it

posted about a year ago
#19 The COUCH for RGL Season 7 in TF2 General Discussion

i was on roamer dis season.... how did this slip through the cracks !

posted about a year ago
#24 Sixes Invite "Dream-Team" ? in TF2 General Discussion
posted about a year ago
#12160 stream highlights in Videos

posted about a year ago
#11 RGL Season 7 Advanced Playoffs Preview in News
segamwyeti is gsw and gungon is steph curry.

they hate us cuz they aint us

posted about a year ago
#81 RGL S7 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
jetzwhy is there a week break between end of reg season and playoffs? it just pushes playoffs into finals season for students

and the week we are supposed to come back and play is the week of thanksgiving. If we're gonna have a week off why not that one??

posted about a year ago
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