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#11 any los angeles peeps want to come over in LAN Discussion

everyone in southern california says they live in la for the sake of simplicity & possibly cool points

posted about 5 years ago
#21 best chewing gum flavor?? in Off Topic

ctrl f airwaves


posted about 6 years ago
#51 What concerts are you guys going to/hyped for? in Off Topic
amplifierworshipPlanning on going to see Boris in LA. Melvins/Napalm Death/Melt Banana are also playing the same weekend but I think I prefer Boris if I could only go to one.

going to this boris show as well!

going to see a lot of my favorites at coachella and lightning in a bottle - tokimonsta, lush, purity ring, m83, beach house, deafheaven, melody's echo chamber, grimes

this friday gonna see ne obliviscaris feat. legendary aerowalker mortuary, super fucking amped~

posted about 6 years ago

The hair is getting there

posted about 6 years ago
#75 What is the hardest e-sport in Off Topic

the map design of qw is so highly specific that it's not uncommon for players to jump divisions in skill because they can "play a map" better than someone and get completely crushed on others - if that doesn't speak to the design quality of qw maps + gameplay then I don't know what does

not denying that a lot of it is a happy accident of playing the same shit for two decades tho - but having 'unique' maps brings out more unique playstyles, even if you have something completely retarded like mh hallway on dm4 there's now a proper way to play around it instead of just mindlessly grabbing items when it's convenient

imo cpma is pretty terrible in comparison if you want to look at skill because at the highest levels it just boils down to sneaking quickswitch rails which is hard but it's still just aiming - the mindgames really pale in comparison which to me is a more interesting form of skill

posted about 6 years ago
#11 Intel Retail Edge Winter Sale in Hardware


posted about 6 years ago
#11 Demo Playback stuttering in Q/A Help

in CSGO this problem is "solved" by setting host_timescale to 0 but it broke the sound but fixed the demo playback so I had to re-record audio only + sync

outside of that try doing a clean -autoconfig + mess with interp settings, I remember this being a huge problem but I ended up just putting in a bunch of random variables until it worked and never documented which ones ^^

posted about 6 years ago
#66 iBP confirmed indefinitely banned in CSGO General Discussion

the entire team has to be complicit in the decision but I don't think people are aware of how shitty it is when a few players on your team including your leader say "we're throwing this game for skins and if you don't do it then I'm quitting or you're cut or something"

even if you massively disagree with the decision how many people actually have the Moral Fiber (NOT with these consequences in mind, think to their shoes where it's a match that they feel like doesn't even matter) to be like "no I'm leaving this team if you guys all go through with this"

I mean looking at a majority of the CEVO TF2 games that were treated like complete jokes (I know it's not the same scale, CEVO is at least a respectable league in CS), how can you fault five entire players for the actions and decisions of 1 or 2

you have to figure if you're in their shoes they really think "OK is it worth it to make a huge fit over this or can I just listen to my dumb leader ingame and we'll figure it out afterward"

acting like it was the entire team's decision to collectively throw the match and cash out on community skins is straight wrong and unfair

that being said I actually think the punishment only sucks because there aren't a lot of good players, otherwise it's pretty reasonable imo if you care about upholding integrity of esports which seems like its biggest downfall (the adderall shit comes to mind)

posted about 6 years ago
#10 waffleb lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

+ good soldier
+ never heard her rage
+ efficient at seeing how to improve and dedicates time to improfe
+ funny
+ exquisite taste in music

- messy hair

posted about 6 years ago
#186 Fallout 4 in Other Games
Air_glsstuffyou can also rename the pieces of armor you wear from "pocketed leather arm" to anything you want, take it to an armor bench and press T on it. then it'll be marked out for you.

shit, I knew about that feature but I didn't think to use it for this purpose, thanks.definitely saves a lot of time

re: giving items to dogmeat, I don't have a companion but I feel like it would be insanely annoying to (again) remember which items are theirs, take all, give their shit back to them, etc. with dogmeat it's just dog armor but even that I feel like is pretty silly

settlers definitely do some stuff on their own, I had a bunch of crops set up for one of the settlements, I set up the bell, 0 settlers, came back to add more shit and one guy was already farmin away the tatos

posted about 6 years ago
#162 Fallout 4 in Other Games

re: companions not alerting enemies, that's definitely not true, at least not for dogmeat (I know he doesn't count as a companion for lone wanderer perk, so he might be different for this as well).

he aggros enemies while I remain hidden which is kind of annoying, I know it didn't work this way in other fallout / bethesda games

I really feel like the settlement shit was also a cool concept that was executed kind of poorly, most of the settlements aren't "fun" to build because they're just on flat open terrain, the only one I really enjoyed setting up was sanctuary,

Show Content

, and hangman's alley

settlers are elusive as fuck when you're trying to find them to assign them or send them to supply lines, and the building element is pretty annoying since you can't jump (?) in build-mode, so if you decide to build floors and they're slightly misaligned or something then you just can't go there, overall the build stuff seems like it can be cool from the start but most of the options are just gimmicky and I end up just building something that functionally works in terms of the requirements, not necessarily something that I want that looks Cool or is Customized to my Liking


am I missing something simple or why is it such a huge pain to just get rid of shit in your inventory

I have to give all my shit to dogmeat so I can fast travel, then grab everything from dogmeat and walk slowly to the vendor, and then give him back his DOG ARMOR and then re-equip it, and then equip my +CHR items, and then sell everything (while remembering which individual items I wore by name, since it's all 'Pocketed Shadowed Combat Armor Left Leg' and 'Boiled Leather Armor Right Leg' so they're in completely different places), and then re-equip all my old shit

and various other same problems as in the other fallout 3 games but Idk why I expected an improvement in a new version title but I guess that's what we expect out of Modern Games now

overall it's pretty fun though I just feel like there's so many really basic improvements that they could have done that would make everything a little more streamlined and give you more time to enjoy actually playing the game which I do like so far

posted about 6 years ago
#37 Hoodies in Off Topic

fall clothing because it's freezing in california (aka below 70..) - uniqlo's textures feel great and are really warm for how thin the material is and it's a lot of basic stuff so you can accessorize or layer really easily

definitely recommend their merino / cashmere sweaters or fleece jackets, they feel lovelyyy

edit: whoa its actually 49 rn and I can't feel my extremities

posted about 6 years ago


posted about 6 years ago
#95 rick and morty in Off Topic

this is on ep 9, but the scene where jerry tries to talk to summer and summer replies that she's being held "verbally hostage" is so spot on, I was practically in tears.

it just reminds me of all those people who make comments like "working hard or hardly working??"

posted about 6 years ago
#19 ESEA-O Grand Finals: #2 6cuties vs. #5 Clam Bake in Events

if you're only capable of having fun with friends by destroying players with a fraction of the skill u have, why not just play a horde-mode coop game

posted about 6 years ago
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