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#5 fx is a psychopath in The Dumpster

this is purely a fabrication i would never say anything like that let alone actually do it. i dont have roaches in my apartment it is spotless. i spend 3 hours each and every day cleaning every corner of it to ensure no pissy-pests encroach on my oasis of peace and solitude. first i start with mopping and i like to use murphy brand oil soap. i have hardwood floors and it says it right on the front label: "safely cleans wood" so i use it. but let me tell you more, its also great for the linoleum tile in my kitchen and the tiles in my bathroom. i pour hot water into a bucket and i use an IR thermometer to measure the temperature (ive found through testing that 135F is optimal). anyway i mop everything then i go to the first room i mopped bc it will just be drying up and i dust it thoroughly. after dusting everything i replace all garbage bags in each trash bin i have and spray disinfectant in the trash bin. so you see there is no way that in my apartment there are scum of the earth insects that deserve to be terminated on sight that live kind of near me and whose ip address i have and have geolocated it to within 2 blocks and i know other stuff about them too

posted 3 months ago
#9408 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 months ago
#22 Frag Video Idea in TF2 General Discussion

Bump. I just had the idea of "reverse frag video" and searched it and found this, I think it's a great idea and somebody should do it. If it's been done, please link.

Some additional ideas:

  • group video by the frag victim, giving each one an intro like they do in team frag videos
  • show the fragger POV in a small picture-in-picture window so that there is some context
  • a montage of cheeky bs like victim turning corners into charge shots, syncs, reflects, stabs, and other unfortunate things
posted 5 months ago
#540 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

running i5-6600k, on z170x Gaming 3, 16GB 2400 MHz RAM:

mastcomf-med-high, 3.9 GHz (stock): 126 fps
mastcomf-med-high, 4.5 GHz: 151 fps

posted 10 months ago
#5 New Map Showcase! in Map Discussion

Was part of play testing for alamosa and prop and have to thank the map makers here. We'd bring up problems, ideas, etc, and the next version would be out sometimes in the same night. These maps play really well, and propaganda in particular looks really polished.

There's also something to be said for playing a map that you haven't already played thousands of times already.. you can invent meta and gameplay is generally more forgiving.

posted 10 months ago
#67 a light riddle in Off Topic

a monk.

they walk quietly in their sandals. when they are still, they are making a loud statement of meditation. when they talk, it's usually about a bunch of spiritual crap nobody understands. but when they shut up, you understand they are just starving and sex deprived.

posted 11 months ago
#13 Anyone want to make a scrim-only team? in TF2 General Discussion
viperbreloombecause playing in an actual league takes a lot of timethe whole point of the "people need to make more teams" thread was for people to make teams that actually sign-up for a league

Just because a thread title exists doesn't mean it is true or that everyone should abide by it. Some people don't want to commit a lot of time, effort, drama, etc, into a league team.

A scrim-only team could be a good fit for the people on it... and in theory would result in more scrims and better league play.

posted about 2 years ago
#8 Anyone want to make a scrim-only team? in TF2 General Discussion

I added more details.

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Anyone want to make a scrim-only team? in TF2 General Discussion

Looking for other players that don't want to commit to an esea team, but want to get better by scrimming.

So far it's me and Ace, looking for a demo, soldiers, and medic.

Low commitment.

(I put this in general because I assume the type of players we're after don't visit LFT forum)

Edit: Additional details:

- Scrim schedule: from when pugs start to when they finish (~noon to 4 am utc)
- Goal: Improve as fast as possible
- Scrims > Pugs
- Benefits: No commitment, team can live and die whenever, we can make our own "season" by making scrims our "matches"
- Looking for: People with good mentalities and looking to improve
- Skill range: Intermediate

posted about 2 years ago
#39 "bind s kill" $500 tournament in TF2 General Discussion
SidularHey, I know this tournament sounds... odd. But I'd actually be willing to get in on this with TFCL, if you're serious about hosting it.
Hosting weird things that are potentially silly and fun to watch is basically one of my primary plans moving forward. So send me a PM or add me on Steam if you're serious about this tournament, and we'll talk about getting it set up.

Nice. Sent.

posted about 2 years ago
#54 tf2 insults in TF2 General Discussion

zilly once told me "you have sub-open movement" and i ragequit

posted about 2 years ago
#30 "bind s kill" $500 tournament in TF2 General Discussion
lettodon't know if it crossed your mind but with 500$ you could make a pretty sick cup with normal 6v6

So pay $500 to watch games that I can already watch for free?

posted about 2 years ago
#29 "bind s kill" $500 tournament in TF2 General Discussion
gibushey i wrote a sourcemod plugin that kills any player who uses +back


i havent tested it with more than 1 person in the server but it should work

Nice, thanks

posted about 2 years ago
#15 "bind s kill" $500 tournament in TF2 General Discussion
cereaIif you make it so it suicides everyone will just unbind s so theres not rlly a point in making it kill you

The point is to enforce the rule that you can't use +backwards.

posted about 2 years ago
#11 "bind s kill" $500 tournament in TF2 General Discussion
yuiceagreed with funs low grav DH on cp_orange is actually so fun to play and probably to watch too because it's just constant airshots.

What do you think the best format would be in terms of classes and weapons. Five soldiers seems a bit too chaotic.. maybe 3 soldiers 1 med?

posted about 2 years ago
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