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#2 Fav genuine / promo item in TF2 General Discussion

I think Max head

posted 1 month ago
#43 Banned from RGL for being an "Alternate Account" in TF2 General Discussion
DewItimagine you go to court and the judge convicts you with evidence you're not allowed to see. ridiculous. what a shit system rgl.

every TF2 league has been like this since the start. i still don't believe baud was cheating in ETF2L and they didnt release any evidence

posted 1 month ago
#10 Why alt on tftv? in TF2 General Discussion

why alt at all? this shit about gaming reputation has always been so stupid

i think if someone has something to say in this game, they don't want the fact that they are an idiot to effect getting on a team for example, so i think that's why. its slimy tho. lots of insecurity in gaming

posted 1 month ago
#24 eSports scene in Esports

Yeah I agree. It's like the same appeal with football

posted 1 month ago
#22 eSports scene in Esports

Think OW would've been fun to watch if you either didn't know TF2 existed or you enjoyed Tf2 highlander, but CS is really just the same shit over and over again.

posted 1 month ago
#16 eSports scene in Esports

War you are mainly playing Apex now?

posted 1 month ago
#15 eSports scene in Esports
HerpTimYou're funhaver, shouldn't you play games to... have fun?


That's the sole objective here but I'm just using this info as a gauge of where to start. Doing things that are difficult is what I find most fun.

Quake Live and TF2 will always be a game that I play extemely casually and I want to take something seriously because that sounds enjoyable

posted 1 month ago
#12 eSports scene in Esports

I'm not so interested in the money side of things because I don't think making money should be anyone's ambition when it comes to playing a videogame, even the professionals. Streamers are understandble because they are entertainners though.

Mostly interested in the recognition side of things, like its very easy to underatand that this is sort of shit is difficult, and its recgonised by the fact that there is money associated with it. The amount of money doesn't really matter

posted 1 month ago
#4 eSports scene in Esports

I think one of my main purposes of this thread is to see if developers have moved away from making the games easier. The point of competitive gaming as we all know is for them to be difficult, but they are actually most of the time incredibly dumbed down. I was just wondering if they made something that could actually be taken seriously with eSports in mind.

Maybe Fortnite is just the best game? Being a third person shooter is a bit strange, but maybe this is the only one that is impressive, with high skill, recognition/money and not boring?

posted 1 month ago
#3 eSports scene in Esports

Personally I think CS looks really boring. My friend took me to one of the tournaments in London a few years back, and it was dreadful. Lol

Valorant looks like same shite but it looks even easier. Idk if thats actually the case with Valorant but I'm just assuming because it has the abilities.

I think one of the major factors as to why I think those games are boring is that its kind of the same shite every time. If I'm watching a player with their name covered, I could never tell the difference although if I'm watching MGE Mike or Banny, I'd know without the names.

CS has always had that recognition and high skill ceiling but it's just plain boring. Maybe if I gave it more of a shot, I'd enjoy it, but I never mustered the will.

posted 1 month ago
#1 eSports scene in Esports

Interested in TF2 playerbase opinion on the current competitive gaming scene as a whole. I think the last time I understood it, its either you are basically playing CS GO or playing some awful game that has money and recognition associated with it. Is it still like that?

Are there games nowadays that are recognised as well as being enjoyable with a high skill ceiling?

posted 1 month ago
#377 TF2 Players that went on to greater adventures. in TF2 General Discussion
Sinetifunhaver1998Warhuryeah doing the mouse reviews on YouTube
this thread has come full circle

Congrats Chris

posted 1 month ago
#373 TF2 Players that went on to greater adventures. in TF2 General Discussion

Warhuryeah doing the mouse reviews on YouTube

posted 1 month ago
#1 FPS problem in Q/A Help

Every 10 mins of so my FPS just halves and the only way to fix it is hud_reload_scheme

what is going on? Been lioke this for 4 year Lol

posted 1 month ago
#89 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
EnzoDBThanks for derailing my serious thread guys, glad to know how serious everyone takes this topic

It's a gaming forum.

Also a lot of people who are playing videogames have extermist views/are racist/homophobic etc. It is better to derail it than give those kinds of people a platform to spew their shite.

posted 1 month ago
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