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#1 RGL S7 W6A: Like A G6 vs. froyotech in Matches


posted 9 months ago
#46 weird music you like in Off Topic
chellpost rock is sick but people are sadly put off by the concept of a 20 minute song + it's largely just super dystopian drone so ggs.

most post rock ends up sounding relatively same-y but finding the outliers is worth it

posted 9 months ago
#2 RGL S7 W1B: Like A G6 vs. Witness Gaming in Events

hope caps loses and everyone else in the server wins

posted 10 months ago
#6 Empyrean LFT AM/IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

dope alias

posted 11 months ago
#4 Market gardener banned in soapDM in TF2 General Discussion

so you don't get people ruining the server exclusively going for it

posted 11 months ago
#18 lfp adv in Recruitment (looking for players)

try not to get banned from rgl challenge

posted about a year ago
#14 Lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

do not allow him anywhere near ur combo

posted about a year ago
#23 alphabet team theory in TF2 General Discussion

can i change teams to K

posted about a year ago
#4 POLL: which tftv subforums do you actively browse? in Off Topic

the dumpster and general hold a majority of the interesting content
lft threads are sometimes interesting but not as much anymore

posted about a year ago
#3 We screwed up modding... in TF2 General Discussion

thank you for admitting your faults and being transparent

posted about a year ago
#3 mal players banned from rgl in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#16 sin karma is a lil bitch boy in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#15 eugenio lft in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted about a year ago
#6 RGL Invite S5 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#955 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion
TobI've never seen an engineer main with okay game sense or DM after almost 8 years of TF2.

spamfest - NA engi main that later played invite scout

posted about a year ago
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