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#442 i52 in TF2 General Discussion
shadeI've never been fucked harder by an airline than United has done to me in the past 24 hours. Holy mother of God.

No bag. No clothes. No toiletries. No keyboard. And the best I can get is 'well it might still be in Washington but we don't know where it is right now.'


Everyone retweet the last two tweets I sent out to United. I sent one out when this journey started about checking my bag and they responded to it. Hopefully they get to see why I was worried about checking it.


posted about 7 years ago
#40 10 Reasons Why The Aussies Will Dominate i52 in News

top 1 reason NA will win i52:

1. steve "duwallhacksna" taylor

posted about 7 years ago
#120 Rap you like in Off Topic
EmilioEstevez Kelis - Baby I Got Your Money

Her new album is fucking amazing though I tend to group her more with R&B artists than rappers.

posted about 7 years ago
#19 i49 Fragumentary in News


posted about 7 years ago
#2 i49 Fragumentary in News

I am one proud nerd

posted about 7 years ago
#449 GXL LAN Fall 2014 in News
TheFragiletechnosexIs the CEVO client required for the tournament? Because I don't have Windows atm
The tournament on Saturday is not considered a CEVO tournament by any means. No client will be necessary or anything like that.

techno confirmed bringing cheats to lan along with his sexy male man mouse

posted about 7 years ago
#76 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion
MorgusGuess we will have to agree to disagree, yes, this business model has reported them millions in revenue, but how much will the business model of Dota 2 report them if they make it a platform wide push?
The one who hits first hits twice, if Valve makes clear they support comp in all of their games they would build the kind of long-lasting community Nintendo had, we are both talking about business but at the same time have very different points of view as to how Valve should proceed

TF2 makes money catering to casual fps players, Dota makes money catering to competitive moba players. They already have CS:GO for competitive fps players and TF2 is doing just fine covering their casual player base. You can't just guarantee they'll build some kind of amazing community by doing the same thing over and over again.

Also, I dislike your Nintendo example as the majority of their games are targeted at a single audience. PC binge gamers are not a parallel audience to the often-more-casual Nintendo gamers.

However, for the sake of not continuing this argument (since we're the only ones interested in arguing over it), I'll agree to disagree.

posted about 7 years ago
#73 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion
I would play the Valve lobbies and in the long run being it the officially sanctioned system everyone would which means Valve makes more players happy, and happy players play more often for longer periods of time and buy more stuff, plus they get even more free press if they play it right, Dota 2 made headlines because of the huge prizepool if they build the right gaming platform for comp it could make them really rich just because they would be first to market with something people would love.

tl;dr: They do get something in return, but they have to play their cards in the right way to make it financially interesting.

I really don't want to keep arguing this because I'm just saying the same thing over and over again, but tf2 is a 7+ year old game. Why would they spend the extra resources in the first place just so they have to "play their cards right"? Its wishful thinking, nothing changes their already booming revenue if they do nothing.

They're a business and its a gamble they don't have to take. Their model of having community made weapons, community made maps, small but important seeming updates, and plenty of wacky things to buy from the store have made them plenty of money.

A game lobby that would appease a tiny portion of the tf2 community helps them as much as fixing stickies did: all it does is gets us off their back, but changing the stickies is changes lines of code. Making a lobby system is man hours that they don't need to pay people for.

posted about 7 years ago
#70 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion
KoobadoobsMorgusThe thing is it doesn't really take that much effort to support comp and because we are free marketing they should give us a truly fucking big bone, c'mon some people have been around as long as the actual TF2 team, for a relationship this long I would expect some marriage between the two colectivesWhat kind of support do you want?
Would a single person here play Valve's 6s lobbies? Think about it: minimal (if ANY) weapon bans and class limits, and you'd be playing a lot of games with casuals before your ranking gets high enough to play each other.

I can't think of any significant support Valve could realistically offer with their miniscule TF2 team that would satisfy the competitive community.

You have the logic backwards anyway: Why should they give anything to the guys who have been playing the game for 7 years without "getting what they actually want" from Valve. Those players are the kind of people who won't quit this game any time soon (I'd know, I'm one of them). The vast majority of TF2 players are people who will never play more than 100 hours. They'll move on to another game unless they're heavily catered to because they're looking for a casual online experience. If Valve is worried about losing TF2 players, the competitive community is the LEAST of their worries for sure. Would you quit the game if these lobbies were only aimed at pub players? We are the only subsection of the TF2 community that Valve has zero incentive to support.

Koobadoobs pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. I'm not saying that Valve won't give us support, you're exactly right in saying we are the most valid people to throw a bone, but they get nothing out of actually throwing us a bone. If they throw us a bone, it makes us happy and they get more free press (which they're already getting plenty), and if they don't throw us a bone, nothing changes, everyone keeps playing the game.

It's wishful thinking to expect them to invest time and money when they aren't likely to see a return on their investment. They're a business, if they decide to give us support it'd be purely an act of charity and they have to actually see some kind of positive benefit for them to justify literally anything that won't immediately make them more money.

If they make a lobby for highlander, its possible it could have 6s compatibility since the framework is already there, but even that's a stretch and honestly, there would have to be some guy working at valve that would have to do it on his own time and his only reward would be a bunch of angry 6s players complaining about every bug. Unless of course, the TF2 team suddenly sees some kind of opportunity in the comp scene.

I apologize for the very long, very ranty posts lately, but my assignments at work have reached an all time low. :O]

posted about 7 years ago
#63 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion
Treshthen make 2 modes, one for the pubbers and one for the competitive players introduce new players to the game mode, and competitive lobbies for comp. players.

Valve has no incentive to spend time/resources/money on a mod specifically for a niche of dedicated players. We barely have any sponsors and create little impact on their income from the game. You can argue this all you want, but if it was untrue then they would have done it a long time ago.

If we want some kind of promod, either the comp community has to grow exponentially (multiple large lans, waaaay more sponsors, better stream numbers, etc) or some kid has to actually put in the time to make it.

And even if some crazy nerds actually step up to this challenge, (unlikely in itself, there's more slacktivisim/theory crafting on this forum than on Facebook ffs) I don't know the exact specifics but its not like people can just copy the source engine's mechanics to make a new game. I figure that stuff would be copy written and any deviation from the original mechanics would dramatically change the comp format anyway. Also, take into consideration that whoever would create the mod is 1 guy with a vision and it probably won't satisfy 90% of the community. Fuck, 90% of the community is already dissatisfied with CURRENT mechanics (soldier op, scout op, demo op, sniper mains op, every map is bad except badlands, etc). Imagine the nightmare of a community of between 1000-3000 people all trying to collaborate on tf2 mechanics, theory crafting forum threads are already a nightmare with just 600 posts from like 100 vocal people.

The only reason Valve gives any attention to the comp community at this point is because A) its free good press and B) most balance complaints we have are simple patches in a sea of patches they release regularly. They put news stories about the comp community in the blog because it takes no effort on their part and if anyone actually reads it, they can be like "hey look how great a game we made". We're good for making (mostly) balanced and polished maps, we make cool videos that are great press for their game, and we continue playing (some people for 7 years+). It's like free marketing.

Edit: I want to be clear, I'm not saying TF2 is dead or bullshit of that nature, this comp community has been growing and can probably sustain itself for a long time to come, but unless some crazy miracle growth happens, it's just not going to get a lot of support. Be as optimistic as you want, I'd love to see this game have an International and be crazy popular in a competitive format, but I'm being realistic.

Edit2: This all being said, if this lobby system does actually incorporate 6s, that'd be HUGE and would be an indication that Valve has seen enough growth from the comp community that they have decided to throw us a bone, essentially. All I'm trying to say is it seems unlikely the lobby will target 6s, more likely highlander or some kind of Dota-esquee pick ban system.

posted about 7 years ago
#60 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion
IrishhhhkirbyIrishhhhif this is for pubs it will just turn into 6 heavy+med combos trying to rank up
easier for smart demos then :]
ok have fun getting epic dmg on a combo then get flanked by three from behind because a engi built a awesome teleporter that's behind the team.

guys pls

we might be getting ranked on duel wins, there are more important things to think about then ur dum theory crafting argument about which class counters which (spoiler classes don't counter each other, better players counter each other)

posted about 7 years ago
#9 Fantasy Football 2014 in Off Topic

tell me who to pick, i'm doing this with my roommates, $60 on the line

i am a vikings fan so the only position i know is Adrian Peterson

posted about 7 years ago
#15 Player skill rating added to the game in TF2 General Discussion

what if its duel wins guys

posted about 7 years ago
#15 Twitch chat mod guide in Off Topic
DavidTheWinSaberit's always going to be a fucking cesspool of disgusting memes and idiots
Like I said, it really doesn't need to be. What would you rather people see when they find a TF2 cast for the first time, discussion about the game or donger spam shit talking someone on the team?

I'd be shocked to find a decent twitch chat for any game. Do you really think anyone who uses twitch often is going to look at a tf2 twitch chat and recoil in horror? There is a video game literally playing itself a centimeter to the left of the chat box. ffs, half of EVO's chat is just the salt twitch icon and the other half is people actually typing out the word "salt" and they get crazy viewer numbers.

Honestly, I respect the fact that you or whoever actually took the time to write out this guide but its not something a lot of people are in desperate need of so don't be surprised when you get some bad feedback. Mason is right, if you aren't smart enough to know how to moderate a chat, then you shouldn't be a mod, its exactly is simple as that.

posted about 7 years ago
#12 Twitch chat mod guide in Off Topic
DavidTheWinDid you guys even read the doc? It isn't "how to ban people", it's how to stop chat devolving into a shit hole of spam and nonsense

The guide makes being a mod seem like a job. The reason there are so many poorly moderated streams isn't because mods don't know how to moderate, its because the mods are chosen poorly. Half the time mods aren't paying attention or even watch the stream regularly and the other half the time they are actually doing everything your guide says because its so trivial and intuitive. Moderate links, start/be active in conversation, ban/timeout spammers and people posting trade requests. Anyone else being a flagrant asshole is at the broadcasters discretion. If you don't care if people call you bad or flame people in the chat, that's up to the broadcaster.

chat will always be a shit hole of spam and nonsense, even with good moderators. You can only do so much when there is an anonymous horde of nerds that can say whatever they want with no real consequences.

posted about 7 years ago
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