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#12 backyard wrestling in Off Topic

I really honestly thought this was going to be a thread about Topless Hank vs Admirable @i58... disappointed...

posted about 3 years ago
#90 What are your weird in game habits/behaviour? in TF2 General Discussion

if I'm playing scout i like tapping out tunes with my pistol on rollout and then wonder why I have no pistol ammo during important moments later on that life...

posted about 3 years ago
#15 ETF2L Season 25 announced in News

One thing apart from coaching that surprisingly hasn't been talked about that much is the use of a pause for 'tactical' reasons. At lan it got to the point where people were pausing freely without fear of repercussion under protection by some bs excuse like 'mumble crashed', comon we've all used that one before. I don't want to single any team out, they were all as bad as each other.

Let me clarify, I would be in favour of the use of a single 5 minute pause that can be used at the end of any round by a team so that they can reset or go over something that needs fixing, or perhaps you just want to kill the momentum of the opposing team.

If there are any admins here reading this I would urge you to make clear when a pause is and isn't permitted, but as I said it'd be cool to maybe have one use of a tactical pause per map (CSGO style).

posted about 3 years ago
#94 Everyone thank the production team ITT in TF2 General Discussion

production team was fucking epic

posted about 3 years ago
#16 Favorite quotes from i58 in TF2 General Discussion

Smirre: no haffi's cool

posted about 3 years ago
#4 vote for your favorite former tf2 player in Other Games


posted about 3 years ago
#20 Serveme hacked? in TF2 General Discussion

He gained access to rcon passwords from 2 different serverme servers and messed around with timescales etc like a fucking spack whilst we were scrimming Jasmine Tea,

Anyway LEGO saved the day by letting us use their server

posted about 3 years ago
#11 Serveme hacked? in TF2 General Discussion

ahhh so this is what the ETF2L AC team are doing...

posted about 3 years ago
#53 Post Cologne 2016 Roster Shuffle Thread in CSGO General Discussion

team hiko xD

posted about 3 years ago
#67 Best TF2 Screenshots? in TF2 General Discussion


TCM byte-me@work kmc

posted about 3 years ago
#32 Post Cologne 2016 Roster Shuffle Thread in CSGO General Discussion
Flickerrlxdgam3rTbf Olof and Dennis have been fnatic's best two players since Olof's return
Doesn't really change the fact that both can't lead, or that Lekr0, twist and wenton are straight downgrades compared to JW, flusha and KRIMZ. Then again, Lekr0 and twist could now prove their worth in the future, but for the moment this fnatic is weaker is every way.

olof is still incredible, but imo he's not even a top 5 player right now.

I agree with all apart from the fact that JW has been very poor 2016, and even arguably parts of 2015...

posted about 3 years ago
#18 TF2C kicks long time admin/mod Fairy in TF2 General Discussion
HobNobsPersonally I thought Fairy was one of the more reasonable admins there.

compared to idiots like OGFM she really was

posted about 3 years ago
#64 the meme thread in The Dumpster


posted about 3 years ago
#669 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

I like sheepy

posted about 3 years ago
#4441 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted about 3 years ago
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