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#5 Question regarding community news. in TF2 General Discussion
toads_tfI recommend if you do sign a team or something similar that you keep the Cre-8/CGA branding. It's the most iconic brand you have going for you and I think that it would garner the most favor. Even if people make fun sometimes, it would be pretty hard to root against Cre-8's Cretins (or something) in my opinion.

MetaBreakers is the team name I have. And we have merch and two affiliates, one of them being eXtine’s Yaooosauce.
I would do something CGA related, but it kinda has caused irl trauma to me due to other members of this community I shall not name.

posted 6 months ago
#3 Question regarding community news. in TF2 General Discussion
BlackOutJonNews articles on tftv and on other sites in the past (vanillatf2 etc.) is all created from volunteers writing so generally if someone is going to write an article using their limited time they will write about the top-level content, whether that's news about some Prem or Invite team or news about an upcoming LAN as its the most significant to the widest audience.

If the content pipeline was busier whereby there are more newsposts being written more often then I would say there is room for information about lower divisions to be written too.

This isn't to say that someone cannot write about div 1 right now, it just might not be content that goes into a news post on TFTV for example.

thank you for this information. i now know what i must do to challenge the world. i will try not to disappoint you all.

posted 6 months ago
#48 funniest tf2 dramas? in TF2 General Discussion

me vs steph. it was the first time this community actually defended me.

posted 6 months ago
#1 Question regarding community news. in TF2 General Discussion

To whom it may concern,

Hello, i was wondering in terms of tf2 teams what it would take to be a part of community news. its just a question for research and financial purposes. it has always been a dream of mine to be a part of the community news, so i thought signing a tf2 team could be that core concept that gets me there.

is this actually the case though? i see things more about LANs and teams so i thought it would be a reasonable request. does the team have to be invite RGL division or can it be something like div-1 RGL to make the headlines?

Thanks for reading,

posted 6 months ago
#3 MetaBreakers LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)
cre-8Can someone put this in the trash? Im too angry to continue playing tf2. Fuck this shit

Aight I have calmed down and I have relaxed since yesterday. Lets get this party rolling.

posted 10 months ago
#2 MetaBreakers LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

Can someone put this in the trash? Im too angry to continue playing tf2. Fuck this shit

posted 10 months ago
#1 MetaBreakers LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

Yello yello! today im going to try to expand on the list of games my esports team is participating in, since we currently only play in super smash bros melee. the team has a player from smash melee who is both #1 in connecticut and #12 in NYC, so we plan on finding players in team fortress 2 who plan on climbing up to at least MAIN division.

I am currently looking to find players willing to make playoffs either in newcomer or in amateur. (due to a lack of economics) i myself wont be participating but i will be able to assist as much as possible such as being a substitute if need be as flank scout or demoman. (this is mostly due to a curse where every time i play on my own teams, the team disbands after 1-2 scrims)

add me on steam here:

posted 10 months ago
#4 i71 Online Open Tournament (5-6th August) in TF2 General Discussion

Metabreakers sponsoring a team for this event when? i kinda wanna see metabreakers play in a LAN for a FPS game so...

posted 10 months ago
#74 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion
veccIn this time of chaos, a rumbling can be heard deep in the TF2 cavern.

An old giant stirs, opening his eyes

It's time



posted 11 months ago
#71 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion

what the fuck did i miss?

posted 11 months ago
#13 RESUP LAN 3 - LocalHost Philly Sep 30-Oct 1 2023 in LAN Discussion
alfredodanfygcu@great a reason not to go...

Your hatred towards fyg reminds me of how you had me as a roster rider for a season of silver UGC, which made me happy to be on a roster but at the same time made me realize years later that I was being treated as a joke still. You have failed the people in their beliefs, their hopes, and their dreams. They look for a future where things like RGL LANs for invite top 4 and CGA actually feeling legitimate due to me being a matcherino partner can co-exist so tf2 can go beyond $17.5 thousand dollars maximum in its history of highest prize pools.

We deserve $25k, 50k, 100k and beyond. Why? Because tf2 is the most MERCILESS and SUPERIOR FPS game in the world. Australia knows it, Europe knows it, Asia knows it, and us Americans sure as hell know it due to b4nny existing and being the one that makes the rest of us grind to try to be the next big champion of the entire planet.

I shall NOT let a random challenger who has manipulated me and taken down another contender’s team be the downfall of this esport and it’s financial industry. Instead I will learn, I will be educated, and I will fight for what I love, and I will fight so that people will love me in return. I shall try my hardest to make a balance between UGC’s non-paying divisions and RGL’s 2 open and 4 pay to enter divisions with gargantuan prize pools and become the primary standing of newcomers and potential grandmasters of North America. Idk how I’ll do it, but I’ll find a way. As a wise fish in a cartoon once said, “Love always finds a way.”

See you guys soon, hopefully


posted 11 months ago
#8 The creative text #3 in Off Topic
JWBnot gonna get into anything deeper but my one piece of advice for u cre-8 is to focus on yourself. not on how others see you. not on helping others just to become more liked. my perception of you is that you try to hide it behind an image of embracing being a mocked joke but you actually hate being seen the way you are and just want to be taken seriously. you try to do things to serve others - put on events and such - but ultimately i think your main motive in all this is just wanting to make people like you. you want to be liked and taken seriously. but it never works. i believe you should keep trying to find people who do like and respect you, but don't waste your energy and heart on repeatedly trying to appeal to those who obviously don't. you've spent enough time already being taken advantage of in this community. go find people who really like you, cre-8. i wish you the best of happiness.

this has probably been the best piece of advice i have received in a long time.
thank you so much honestly. ill keep this in mind for future purposes.

posted 11 months ago
#6 The creative text #3 in Off Topic
doikuI'm glad you're doing well but I'd personally recommend you stay far away from this community if you could help it. I have noticed people online can be hostile to you due to you being in the spectrum and you can't really change most people here. Coming back would only hinder you, likely obstruct your current achievements and throw you into a spiral of despair again (people doxxing you will probably return since they face little to no repercussions). You have come far without this game and there is a reason for that being.

that is extremely understandable. as a matcherino partner i thought it would be cool to come back to TF2 with the... dare i say this thing... *deep breathing* Creative Gaming Association, but i dont wanna be treated like a joke when im literally financially trying to help people all the time and with matcherino i can do it much more frequently. then again footsies only had a 4 digit prize pool only ONCE. i dont think ill beat $17.5k in prize money for a tf2 prize pool, so footsies will be much easier for me to obtain at least $1k for.

posted 11 months ago
#1 The creative text #3 in Off Topic

Yello yello TF2 players of the world. i am known to you all as cre-8 (and a joke unfortunately) and i have some GARGANTUANLY FANTASTIC news to share!

to start things off, i have moved on and finally figured out how to make a successful esports clan. not an established company or i would have said "esports org". the team currently has the #1 smash melee player in connecticut! :D i am also starting to host OFFLINE fighting game tournaments for a game called "FOOTSIES: rollback edition". i even became an official partner of matcherino so i can do crowdfunding and pay out prize pools from their site and whatnot. its so cool!

in other news i feel more relaxed in life due to a lesson i received very recently that i should have gotten 6-7 years ago. now i am a much smarter warrior than i originally intended in street fighter 6 and footsies. i wanna try to take care of team fortress 2 but im scared of a certain group of people who have been hunting me down consistently in my twitch chats, my email, my parents email, on discord, and so on since 2019 for a mistake that i still regret and wish would just go away.

thank you for reading this text! i hope you all have a fantastic night/day/whatever time period it is for you! :D

posted 11 months ago
#11 Transparency with the community [RGL] in TF2 General Discussion

wait... RGL? being open about communication with the tf2 community? im actually impressed. i always considered it a tyrant for so long. then again ive always been a joke in this community and its practically deserved.

i will say, this is amazing news. unfortunately i am going to be at an offline tournament im hosting so ill most likely miss the stream. owch.

hope everyone has a great time watching it. update me on what happens aight?

posted 11 months ago
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