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#27 Coronavirus University Closings Thread in World Events

my school has done nothing and the hospital I do clinicals at has a corona patient <:3

posted 2 weeks ago
#87 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports

Key perhaps? :/

posted 4 weeks ago
#15 My school is hosting a fortnite tournament. in Off Topic

someones gonna build the taj mahal around you in 2.5 seconds then one tap you with a shotgun

posted 4 weeks ago
#135 NFL 2019-2020 Season Thread in World Events

City is going nuts rn lets go baby Chiefs Kingdom!!

posted 1 month ago
#119 NFL 2019-2020 Season Thread in World Events

its that easy :)

posted 2 months ago
#117 NFL 2019-2020 Season Thread in World Events

posted 2 months ago
#194 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion

i hate pete

posted 2 months ago
#134 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion

Send them to Iran

posted 2 months ago
#22 Community attitudes in TF2 General Discussion

everyone cared soooo much when LAN was a thing and there were clear bragging rights for being in top IM, Main or Invite. even when i was a bean headed kid in like 2013, the moment games for ESEA Lan would start tf2mix and pugna are immediately barren because everyone is posted up in a mumble with like 30 people watching lan together. The moment day 1 or whatever is over the pugs/scrims started back up for hours and everyones trying to play a class based off who went nuts in the lan games. There was toxicity but we'll find that everywhere

srsly tho, we were on some real crack back then lmfao. you know its extra when people would BRAG about who their mentors were and who reviewed their demos lol it was sooo fun

posted 2 months ago
#31 girl advice in Off Topic
phobiadon't date dude, all it does is take up your free time and you won't ever get to do anything by yourself, i'm dating a girl right now and i'm fucking miserable because i never get to be by myself, all we ever do is just sit and watch shit all day and never actually do anything

You got your girl by opening your mouth and speaking to her; don’t forget step one then. All you need to do is talk to her about your personal needs. If that becomes a problem then you guys handle it accordingly whatever the outcome may be, but don’t just kill yourself internally just to please her that will NEVER work. Dating is really just a mutual agreement and understanding; its never perfect but its nice when both parties are on the same wavelength

posted 3 months ago
#31 Juice Wrld dead at 21 from seizure in Music, Movies, TV

you have more than the flu nigga shut up LMAO

posted 3 months ago
#16 6v6 maps tier list in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 months ago
#233 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News

How did this thread make it to 8 pages lmfao; the title is LAN is cancelled. Thank you for letting us know, now lock it to prevent pointless posts and stupidity

posted 3 months ago
#393 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization
JWB anyone know what this soldier crosshair is? is it crosshair6OL on if so, could anyone hazard a guess at what the crosshair_scale is? been playing around with it for a bit but can't seem to get it right. if it's a different crosshair entirely that's cool too

edit: think it probably is crosshair6OL at about 22 scale, which is annoying because it means for all of my other weapons the crosshair is way too small. I know I can bind switching to change the scale, but thats pretty inconvenient - especially since I like to switch weapons with Q. if anyone has any advice or knows of a different VTF which is the same but smaller by default then lmk :)

crosshair ql_3 on

posted 4 months ago
#30 frag videos that inspired you to play competitive in Videos

posted 4 months ago
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