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#789 Comanglia's Config / FPS Guide in Customization
WizardcellAny updates comangalia?He said on stream he doesn’t plan on updating it. He only has a few disagreements but that’s about it


posted 4 days ago
#15 The TF2 Aimbot Crisis in Videos
-protoThroughout the years I’ve noticed cheating is far more prevalent in Europe than in NA, anyone have any ideas why?

Valve will only respond if it happens to americans

posted 6 days ago
#787 Comanglia's Config / FPS Guide in Customization

Any updates comangalia?

posted 6 days ago
#19 the ultimate hud in TF2 General Discussion
Scoutmanhere : https://gamebanana.com/guis/35147 my edit is horrible but it works

Thanks a ton my man, really wanted this

posted 1 week ago
#327 Worst TF2 Frag Videos? in Videos


posted 3 weeks ago
#15 i would like to talk about weeb shit here please in Off Topic
CollaidecellYou actually like the English dub?Can a TRUE WEABOO please explain to me what's wrong with watching dubs?


posted 3 weeks ago
#9 i would like to talk about weeb shit here please in Off Topic
cre-8EntropyTFMattheslock this please i dont even wanna know who the other pedos areloli is child porn you can quote me
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-3 euros be diddling
yo wtf? anyways me and my older sister watch jojo's bizarre adventure. i sadly missed my favorite part of part 5 tho in english dub...

You actually like the English dub?

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 how many of you guys watched pandapoops back in 09 in TF2 General Discussion

Damn I miss how this game used to look

posted 4 weeks ago
#34 Why do you come to tftv? in Site Discussion
Cyanicto reinforce my belief most tf2 players are morons

Based and redpilled.

posted 4 weeks ago
#19 hey in Off Topic
-protovalve ruined pubbing with casual. No community pub servers are ever populated in NA and casual is trash because of random crits + shit fps on a modern $1.5k pc

Community pub servers are dead in EU too

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 Weird mouse/peripheral setups for gaming in Hardware
MouldShintaz on etf2lShintaz’s scout cfg (original)
M1 – Shoot
M2 – Forward
M3 (use scroll as a button) – Backwards
M4 (side button) – Talk on mumble
Scroll – Change guns

. – Strafe right
, – Strafe left
/ – Alt fire
n – Duck
Space – Jump
; – Reload
Enter – Medic!

Default crosshair for every weapon.

all the pros use it

P.S: this isn’t only my scout cfg, i use it for every class… and yes, i do use it.
P.P.S: invert mouse

Last edited by Shintaz, 10 years ago

What do you mean this is used by everyone

posted 1 month ago
#13 how to disable christmas lights in Q/A Help
GrapeJuiceIIIfound the issue https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459957763741843459/657371592782774295/unknown.png


posted 1 month ago
#11 how to disable christmas lights in Q/A Help

Try asking the creator of the mod, he wants to hear any problems.

posted 1 month ago
#37 MAJOR TF2 update for 12/16/19 (Smissmas 2019) in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactylWARHURYEAHMenachemi swear im not trying to be snarky, i legitimately don't understand why an update that just adds cosmetics is labelled as "major."
its because its a major disappointment
honestly at this point im glad they didn't update the game and fuck more stuff up

Everytime they add more hats and unusual effects, they destroy performance even more.
(they also destroy the art style even more but its already ruined)

posted 1 month ago
#6 how to disable christmas lights in Q/A Help

Use no_christmas_lights_v1.vpk from this mod: https://gamebanana.com/skins/169236

posted 1 month ago
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