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#1 WARNING: This is a warning. (Your only warning) in The Dumpster
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posted 5 days ago
#54 fast food tier list in Off Topic

how have u not had taco bell

posted 1 month ago
#1 A Question That Plagues Soulds in The Dumpster

Is Mcdoanald's a restaurant

posted 2 months ago
#8736 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#8682 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#350 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic

posted 2 months ago
#8580 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#2 RHDP lfp s31 in Recruitment (looking for players)


posted 3 months ago
#11 tomato suace in Off Topic

Use fish sauce

posted 3 months ago
#1022 ESEA Intermediate S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Dish soap , buddy? Wev've missed you greatly. You bring so much joy to us in discord. Whether it be talking about under tale, or posting vaporwave art memes from 2015 -- we will never forget you. Come back sometime ... ok, champ?

posted 3 months ago
#6771 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 4 months ago

bro ur walls are lighter than ur teeth u off the butter pack

posted 5 months ago
#7823 stream highlights in Videos

Rivka is actually a twat. Fake ego, no idea why he thinks he's good at the game. Same with garbage. (Where that mid HL rec post go?)

I don't have any idea why people think they are nice, always seemed so fake to me. Don't respect that shit. Can't even handle pyro class.

ur kind of a tard for caring about shittalk and trying to witchhunt on the stream highlights thread But Go Off

posted 5 months ago
#5662 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

I really liked bxhud and i thought it was so cool that a hud used roboto (but its like under my crosshair lol?) i don't know if that is a bug but i decided to fix it

No downloads right now i'am working on a github

posted 6 months ago
#26 BEST ALBUMS of 2018? in Off Topic

d33j - infinity 33
iglooghost - clear tamei/steel mogu
roland jones - 199x lost tape
slugabed - pandæmonium
tsuruda - unlimited data
woolymammoth - filling spots

posted 6 months ago
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