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#80 2019 Prem / Invite mouse settings in TF2 General Discussion

g305 w/ hyperglides on gsr-se
800dpi 2.2ig

posted 1 week ago
#39 Rip medals in TF2 General Discussion

Rip LAN medals. Good thing the epic cphg medal made it in just in time

posted 1 week ago
#51 the robot test in Off Topic

need to stop showering and washing my teeth to become one with the chads

posted 1 week ago
#13 PugChamp in The Dumpster
you literally have videos on your youtube channel where u cheat tho

posted 4 weeks ago
#10 PugChamp in The Dumpster

posted 4 weeks ago
#3 IIHF 2019 World Championship in Off Topic

It's ridiculous how jacked up the prices are to get involved. I wish i could watch since the arena is literally 2km away from me but not only the tickets are literally 30x - 50x the price of standard ticket for a league match but all the pubs and restaurants nearby also went over the fucking roof price wise as well.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Are you NORMIE or a CHAd in Off Topic
How is turbo normie so close to chad

posted 2 months ago
#6825 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 3 months ago
#37 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

Honestly just typing in google "cheat to hear spies tf2" brings this thread up on top result, delete the tutorial part asap

posted 3 months ago
#36 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

You have to understand the risk you are taking as a small game community by making posts like these. This glitch has been known for at least 3-4 years now and valve have received countless emails about it already, do you think making a post on a forum they read twice a year is going to make them aware? On the other hand you are handing out a free way to completely banish an entire class and spoiling game thats had its peak half a decade ago. There are people dumb enough in this community that will use this even in league matches without a 2nd thought. In your post you are actually saying that there already are way better known glitches that arent even exploit worthy, just game mechanic bugs (sticky det, uber pause) and yet it takes valve months to years to fix them, how fast do you think its going to take them to fix this one?

posted 3 months ago
#33 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

Emailed valve about this like 5 times 3 years ago, its not only spy decloak sound you can also make a different sound for medigun and kritz being fully charged, uber popped, pyro phlog fully charged etc. Better question is why would you think making a public post on the most viewed tf2 comp forum is gonna be a good idea.
This game is like 80 years old shits gonna break people will find a way, let league admins know and spam valve, dont make shit public with an actual tutorial how to recreate it.

For the love of god at least edit the main post so it doesnt show the tutorial part

EDIT: honestly this goes to everyone, way worse shit has been found and people that should know about it already know about it and are trying to get them fixed (valve time). You can have a literal wallhack just by editing local files that works on pure 2. Please dont spoil comp by making shit like this public.

posted 3 months ago
#8368 stream highlights in Videos
_Kermit @0:30

posted 3 months ago
#24 CP_CHAD [5cp] in Map Discussion
ward3dbro you have to incorporate granary dropdown into the map

but right below it is gully dropdown...

posted 3 months ago
#8077 stream highlights in Videos

posted 4 months ago
#19 Insomnia 63 Medals - The current situation. in TF2 General Discussion

u sure?
i dont remember playing with raf at lan :|

posted 5 months ago
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