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#28 [ETF2L] The Ugliest Side of Competitive TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

if your plan A while making a retreat as demo is to put down some strategic rollers into a doorway you are playing the class wrong (hint: you have a stickybomb launcher)

posted 3 weeks ago
#15 HARD SCREENSHOTS in TF2 General Discussion;

posted 3 weeks ago
#37 I want your weird and unserious frags! in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#8 Bagel thought in TF2 General Discussion

why isn't cp_badlands called cp_badlast ? genuine question..

posted 1 month ago
#9638 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#6 Bring back cheat feed in EU in TF2 General Discussion
ondkajaThe best solution to this problem is the approach we had in RCADIA, which is that the technical director just keeps an eye on the cheatfeed and tells the observer if something big is coming up. That way the observer is fully focused on the game but can still capture all the big plays. However, this requires two people to pull off, so obviously it's not feasible for online production for the most part.

I don’t have much knowledge regarding how the cheatfeed works, but wouldn’t it be possible to make the cues audible instead? Have a tts bot in mumble using private chat for the observer or something?

posted 3 months ago
#37 TF2EASY BLACK PoLANd.TF FUNDRAISER in TF2 General Discussion

Since not everyone that reads this thread is watching every nubbi stream, his response on stream to the tf2**sy partnership was "i don't care, hate me for it", and deflected everything else as "i haven't stolen the fundraiser money", which noone has accused him of doing so.

Since you don't care that you are also breaking the twitch community guidelines by advertising gambling, which also includes virtual game items, i have reported your twitch channel and i hope others will do so as well. I hope all TF2 streaming orgs will stop advertising these websites during casted games also, as they are breaking the same guidelines too.

Regarding the phone comments, people can do whatever with their money and by no means am i judging anyone's financial situation by which/how many phones they have. In my post, this was just a quick showcase that dude is clearly not struggling for money and that's all. Your argument that this fundraiser was not ONLY for you doesn't mean it EXCLUDES you completely, as in the original post you are listed as one of the 3 people that these funds are going to:

nubbi...but Gazy, ronz and nubbi (Me) need some financial help to be able to go...

I personally have nothing against anyone on former TF2**sy team, i'm just pointing out that some people are very out of touch of why and how fundraisers for LANs work and have a weird entitlement to money. We are all paying from our own pockets, and believe me that TF2**sy was not the only team that has 2 uni students on their roster.

There are now more rumours of a player getting kicked from their LAN team last minute to make a spot for you. This player already has their trip fully booked and paid for. I hope these are just allegations.

Here's a link to the VOD i'm quoting in my previous post, so everyone can get an idea, since the VOD in question has been deleted now. (timestamps 3:00 and 4:20)

posted 4 months ago
#23 TF2EASY BLACK PoLANd.TF FUNDRAISER in TF2 General Discussion

Maybe a bit off topic, but don't really care since your fundraiser is dead now.

Why is the community still allowing/turning a blind eye/promoting these websites? I understand that you are collecting your 10 dollar paycheck per week in virtual items, and that's very cool, but it's morally and (if you were paid in cash instead of virtual items) legally wrong. I have a few online and real life friends that have fallen victim to these websites while being underaged, and i'm not talking a few $, but several thousands. I have just checked now by logging into that website on my alt, and there is not even a pop up asking me if i'm 18+ before making an account, let alone an ID verification system that is required by my country's legal system to access such website. It is very obviously abusing a grey area to violate underaged and vulnerable individuals for profits. An argument could be made, that even professional athletes are being sponsored by sports betting companies and online casinos, while that's true, these websites and companies are following strict regulations and actually need a legal proof of age.

In the past few weeks there were displays of the type of people that are okay to be associated with such websites and have very little morals, and it doesn't surprise me that it was in negative aspect. What does surprise me is that there are multiple people that i consider to be smart and mature, playing on top teams, yet displaying and promoting these scamming websites, and pretending its okay.

And we as a community are giving them platform, why? Why are leagues okay with letting teams promote/name/link to these websites on their team page? Why are casting orgs putting these websites in big bold lettering on top of their casts?

I'm not even gonna go into the topic of why creating a fundraiser for the cheapest LAN in history of TF2, while having a predatory gambling sponsor for years, is a bad idea, and no one in their right mind would send you even more money. Your response on your stream when confronted is speaking for itself, often referring to this fundraiser as "my fundraiser" and phrasing it as you are printing money from the community donations because your job is being a "full time streamer"(2-3 streams for 2-3 hours per week) and not being able to get a real job because you are "going to university next year". 5 minutes later someone in chat asks what is your phone, and you say Iphone 15 Pro Max (1200$+).

I feel bad for a few of my friends that are now team-less for LAN and hopefully you can still come and enjoy the weekend without competing. And to those who are seeing themselves when reading my wall of text, please self-reflect and do better.

Just a finishing note, a food for thought as you may: A member of team that was/is promoting this website was underaged at the time of the start of this "sponsorship", and considering i don't know the age of every member of every team under this "org", there are probably many more.

posted 4 months ago
#332 m0re hud in Customization
maxiemaxiemaxiei did the troubleshooting thing and put the line in my autoexec, but the resolution window that appears first time u open the new hud still wont go away after i click continue and stays there forever.

there's a typo on the troubleshooting page, command is supposed to be exec m0re_customization.cfg instead of m0re_customizations.cfg

posted 7 months ago
#16 2024 #winter in LAN Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#9352 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#3 most damage with 1 rocket in TF2 General Discussion
342, at LAN

posted about a year ago
#9209 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#37 wats yr fav old-school tf2 vid? in TF2 General Discussion

if anyone has Alive 3 by Aephage pls link

posted about a year ago
#6902 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

offering 5 hats to anyone that helps me figure this out.
my current target id looks like this:

basically im trying to make the uber number green and centered below the health like this:

the game wont let me change the fgcolor or move the datalabel more left and im too stupid to figure it out
heres da hud:


EDIT: this quest was completed, rewards are not available anymore

posted about a year ago
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