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#81 Half-Life: Alyx in Other Games

So I'm lucky enough to have had a fair bit of money set aside for a new PC as Alyx was announced (and then spent a lot less on a second-hand PC and bought a second-hand headset with what I saved) and I've got to say from what I've played it's pretty fantastic.

I was previously in the camp that thought VR wasn't there yet, the loss of movement wouldn't make up for the immersion and the hardware was too uncomfortable to really support that immersion anyway and I thought the need to keep a locked 90fps would see impacts on how games were designed (less enemies, particles etc.) that would leave them as less than what they could be were they traditional experiences.

Now though I think I was largely wrong, while there are significant tradeoffs (movement just won't be as well implemented or important in fast-paced games), Alyx is a full-blown game, and the experience VR offers is pretty incredible. Stuff like two handed interactions are really satisfying and demand a certain level of skill that other VR titles I've tried seem to be afraid of. Whether there will be any large amount of games in the future that match Alyx's scope and polish isn't clear yet, and if I weren't totally obsessive about the Half-Life series I would never say it would be worth the entry price, but Alyx is no gimick, even if I still think a lot of other VR titles are. It's like moving from keyboard only FPS games to using a mouse (but admitedly now a worse keyboard) it's a whole new level of input for a game that, while still a little clunky (Alyx is great but outside of Alyx every game I've played has controls and guns in particular that felt a little off), offers something really cool that traditional input just can't.

Do not even look at Alyx footage if you haven't played HL2: E2 though, you have been warned.

posted 3 months ago
#23 Half-Life: Alyx in Other Games
I'll definitely be going into it with expectations subdued but I'm still excited for the closure from ep2 obviously

Rumors are that it's a prequel, so closure probably isn't going to come for a long time yet (or ever)

posted 7 months ago
#32 What Genre of Music Do You Play? in Music, Movies, TV

Do you mean double kick drums? Personally I've never liked them, so much added weight and effort for what could be achieved with a double pedal, and personally I've never much liked those either (I took more of a jazz influenced approach with my kit, one up and one down for my toms, kick and snare w/ 4 cymbals my only indulgence (3 would probably work fine or even 2 with a really nice crash / ride).

On the other hand if you were talking about having two down on the toms (maybe 2 floor toms or one mounted via a cymbal stand) I've always quite liked that setup - it leaves you with a lot of room above the kick for cymbals, but it does make you more dependent on your right hand for fills and accents while you're playing a groove, and personally I like to involve my left hand a little more in those situations which is why I prefer a one up one down set up. If I were doing more prog-rock stuff then I'd probably go for a one up, two down set up - still got room for the ride on the right above the kick, but with the extra toms for those big fills.

posted 8 months ago
#30 What Genre of Music Do You Play? in Music, Movies, TV
MakySee, everyone thinks its fun to play in odd times but unless you have a really good and competent drummer its almost impossible to do right. 90% of music can fit into one of four time signatures, and these usually have their own genres of music. For example most waltz are in 3/4 compound meter, while most music in general falls under 4/4, marches are usually 2/4 and foxtrot is usually 5/4.

Again, each person has their preference,but I feel most musicians would rather play in 3/4 or 4/4 time.
For me, the weirdest time signature I've played in is 9/8 (nine eighth note [3 groups of 3 eighth notes])

I'm by no means an amazing drummer, but what little 9/8 I've played felt more comfortable than for example 5/4, I think because I could divide it into 3s it all felt pretty familiar to 3/4 or 6/8. 5s, to a lesser extent 7s and similar odd times that didn't split into one of the familiar time signatures of 3, 4, 6 or 8 etc. were what really gave me trouble.

The one I had the most trouble with (and we never finished writing this song probably because of my struggles) was in 21 (think that was 21/8 but I can't remember, this was over a year ago and we never finished it) and that had me sweating because there was no way to comfortably divide it into chunks I was comfortable with (I'd played and become reasonably comfortable with 7/8, but counting sevens still felt awful, and counting 3 7s frustrated me). Could be a lot easier when playing original stuff though, I never played many covers.

posted 8 months ago
#25 What Genre of Music Do You Play? in Music, Movies, TV

I was playing drums in two post-rock, Math-rock and shoegaze inspired bands before they both fell apart, now I'm playing drums and synth in a two piece post-punk / post-rock outfit (the other guy's on bass).

I'm pretty rubbish on the synth (trying to learn, but pretty slowly) but it's a lot of fun trying to keep up a simple melody with a beat on the kit at the same time

[Edit: horrible grammar]

posted 8 months ago
#10 give me something to watch on netflix in Off Topic


posted 11 months ago
#9 I require game suggestions in Other Games

I'll second Deus Ex: Human Revolution based on what you've said, its sequel Mankind Divided isn't quite as good, but the gameplay is slightly better and taken for what it is it's still a great game if you can get past a mediocre ending and only one hub world (a damn good one though) as opposed to Human Revolution's 2.5 hubs and more varied locations.

I don't know about an emulated version, but Breath of the Wild was pretty great too.

posted about a year ago
#35 What's your favourite frag video? in Off Topic

Cyanic's i63 fragvideo
Clean enough that all the frags are easy to follow, but with some really nice editing that never gets in the way of the clips.

I realise it was already mentioned by Opti_, but it's so good.

posted about a year ago
#73 bad habits in Off Topic

I just finished an internship working under / with a woman called Ally. Twice in one day I misspelled her name as Alle and twice had to consciously refrain from explaining why I might spell her name that way.

posted about 2 years ago
#110 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion
cromendeadbolt, paragon, and grape

Fuck me, I miss 20b

posted about 2 years ago
#91 best videogame soundtrack? in Other Games

I'm a big fan of the OSTs for Half-Life, Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Hotline Miami, Transistor, Undertale and any of the LoZ titles.

Honorable mentions go to Portal 2 for how well the music works and changes with the gameplay, The Music Machine for having tracks I loved that were just a bit too far between to make it into the above list and Life is Strange because it fits the mood of the game perfectly, even if a few of the tracks aren't my thing when I'm not hearing them in game.

posted about 2 years ago
#14 what will you be doing for christmas in Off Topic

Alternating between playing games and wishing I was spending time with friends and relatives and spending time with friends and relatives wishing I was playing games.

posted about 2 years ago
#44 Top 3 favorite cartoons in Music, Movies, TV

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daria and Rick and Morty.

posted about 2 years ago
#24 Good/decent free horror games?! in Off Topic
discotribbleFingerbones. It's short, and it's free on steam. Low quality graphics but it'll fuck you up!!

I'll second this, I don't personally think it's as good as Szymanski's other work, particularly The Music Machine which I'd recommend to anyone and everyone but as far as free games go it's definitely a solid little game.

posted about 3 years ago
#64 Who is the best tf2 caster of all time and why in TF2 General Discussion

Marxist - as an analyst he knows how to leave most of the talking to the main caster before coming in with some great commentary after the fact. Never says more than he should, never (from memory) steps on the toes of a co-caster and manages to make stalemates fun to watch. He'd be my pick for the best caster, even if I'm not sure his style would work for a solo cast.

Admirable - is wonderful in general. Just a really solid all round caster.

Sideshow - a hell of a lot of fun to watch, but also with really solid casting beyond just a stream of jokes.

eXtine - probably my first introduction into watching competitive TF2 alongside Sal. With a Yyaaoww my years of watching comp TF2 began, I would be remiss not to mention him.

Sal - see above, also just for being really enjoyable and easy to watch, especially as a newcomer.

Kip - the only caster I really miss, while Sal's style has been imitated fairly well by a bunch of new casters Kip's casts were insanely fun to watch, even especially when they were low level highlander matches, she'd be my pick for most underrated caster.

While I'm here I'd just like to thank anyone who's casted or handled production of TF2 matches. It's really appreciated, and the people who put them on YouTube are bloody wonderful, going through archived streams is pretty frustrating, so thanks for that.

posted about 3 years ago