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#84 Advice for your new-to-competitive self in TF2 General Discussion

Don't try highlander pyro!
Don't be such a baby bitch afraid of playing bad which results it pussying out
Don't waste time trying to trade stuff and shit
Discover Soap DM much sooner
Don't be gay

posted about 7 years ago
#74 What are your weird in game habits/behaviour? in TF2 General Discussion

In my soldier config I have mwheeldown set as switching to rocket launcher. So I occasionally just scroll down even when I already have the rocket launcher out. Dunno why, to really really make sure I don't have the wrong weapon out maybe (happend a lot before I had configs). Still pretty annoying sometimes when I play other classes with another config

I also spam the Incoming voice line the whole time without reason

And I tend to hit ceilings and walls I come across with my melee when I'm not in a fight

posted about 7 years ago
#44 Full Tilt bids farewell in News


posted about 7 years ago
#76 i58 mvps in TF2 General Discussion

Scout: b4nny
Scout: Astt
Roamer: Mike
Pocket: Geoh
Demo: Spudd
Medic: Raymon
Coach: Kaidus
Always behind guy: Stark
Offclasser: Also Stark
Sexiest player: Paulsen
VoHiYo: Silentes
Freshest hair: TLR
Freshest hair 2: Skeej
Cutest guy around: Flushy
Rollouts: Muma
MVP in ego boost: Thalash
PJSalt: b4nny
Caster: squeaking Maks
Analists: Drunk Admirable
Aggressiveness: Guys who were responsible for b4nny's luggage
basically disappearing from the stream: Spanked
Technical support: Multiplay server admins
Punctuality: EU TF2

posted about 7 years ago
#101 Everyone thank the production team ITT in TF2 General Discussion

Really wish to not be a poor german busy talentless student to attend the LAN or even contributing to at least something.
Anyway, really really great event, probs to everyone involved, that's just incredible.

posted about 7 years ago
#27 Demoman Detonation Delay in TF2 General Discussion
BucakeN3voYou can't det while taunting anymore iirc, that might be linked
the detonate while taunting was fixed a long time ago (september 2014), way before this became an issue. but i guess it could still be linked through some new bug they created
maybe it has to do with the global weapon swap speed increase, but i can't recall when the bug first appeared

The bug was probably there even before they increased the global weapon swap speed. I noticed the stickies not detonating while attacking with melee before those updates I think.

posted about 8 years ago
#29 ETF2L Nations Cup #6 viewer’s guide in News


posted about 8 years ago
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