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#3 credu mad at svift picking up toemas in TF2 General Discussion

posted about 4 years ago
#6698 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about 5 years ago
#8 New ETF2L Medals in TF2 General Discussion

The 1st place medal looks more bronze than gold on both the preview & ingame so I suppose that could be a potential update to them

posted about 5 years ago
#38 i63 POV Demos Thread in TF2 General Discussion

everything except grand finals, not organised at all

posted about 5 years ago
#446 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic
Dollyjust because someone chooses not be offended that's okay then

Absolutely not. I've spoken to iatgink and apologised, he's assured me he wasn't offended considering our relationship. But obviously it's still not okay. I've definitely said some stupid things in the past but I'd like to say I've matured since I started playing this game 8 years ago.

What I've witnessed in the scene for the past couple of months has definitely made me realise that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable, and also reflect on my own past behaviour. These are not words I have regularly used, and deeply regret having ever used them. I will definitely be more conscientious of my language in the future.

posted about 5 years ago
#437 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic


Yeah I've known iatgink for 3 years if not more, I think we're good :)

It's almost like context matters

posted about 5 years ago
#122 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic
JynxiiDidn't your team's warning for flaming also get removed? Along with other major warnings in the past?

Just to clarify this situation, all 4 teams in playoffs this season including ourselves were eligible for minor warnings for flaming. However I would say that Starkie saying "lick my boot" and "honestly the worst players ive ever seen, you shouldnt be on the same server as me" is not the same as yllen from the bin black saying "I hate n******" in their game vs SVIFT that was casted on TFTV1. That's probably the most extreme example that was never punished by the admins, because unfortunately 50% of the admins in ETF2L are more or less part of the circlejerk that goes around being obnoxious in games.

When we contacted the admins about their decision to give us a minor warning and dock 10% of our prizepool because it happened during the playoffs, obviously we were going to challenge them when we've seen other teams in playoffs say much worse. The same game that we got our warning in, the bin black were being sexist, racist, aswell as abusing the pause rule twice. It wasn't punished because we didn't report them to the admins, although the admins went through the exact same chatlogs & stv demos.

If the admins didn't backpedal and decide to sweep all of this under the rug by removing our warning, I'm sure both bin teams would've accumulated enough warnings to get them disqualified from playoffs.

posted about 5 years ago
#20 Se7en to i63 in TF2 General Discussion
torrit2can anyone whos got one of the shirts confirm that the quality is indeed good? materials are not listed on the site, is it 100% cotton?

ya it's extremely good, can't believe material this amazing exists to be honest.

what a time to be alive

posted about 5 years ago
#30 seeds cut from se7en? in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 5 years ago
#6 Selling mice @ i63 in Hardware
emoHow do those two mice go unopened?

EC2-B had a mouse click issue, returned it and got a new one that I never opened.
G703 had a production error which involved the scroll wheel not functioning properly while browsing. Never used it again after getting it replaced.

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Selling mice @ i63 in Hardware

If anyone is looking for a new mouse (or headset/keyboard) and happens to be attending i63 this is the ultimate thread for you.

Selling the following:
Zowie EC2-B £35 - unopened
Logitech G703 £45 - unopened
Logitech G Pro w/ Hyperglides £20 - used it for about 10 months, left click doubleclicks occasionally, feel free to test this at LAN and give it back to me if you think it's unplayable. Would continue using this myself if I hadn't decided to get the G305. I have original packaging although it's slightly broken.
Plantronics RIG 500E £45 - unopened
CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro L £70 (US Layout) - used it during Rewind II, don't have original packaging.

Will likely update this thread after LAN if I decide to ship anything I didn't sell.

posted about 5 years ago
#80 Most overrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

mix^ at i63 holy hype

posted about 5 years ago
#15 Item giveaway in TF2 General Discussion

posted about 5 years ago
#6 Copenhagen Pics in LAN Discussion :p

posted about 5 years ago
#22 ETF2L S29 W2: Ascent.EU vs. Se7en in Matches

3rd major warning

posted about 5 years ago
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