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#6 my pc died in Q/A Help

You could also just take a screwdriver and short the cmos reset jumpers, but taking out the battery like mentioned is prob the easiest. Also, if you have any other bios settings, just remember to set those up again after the reset.

posted 2 weeks ago
#61 Yet another insane RGL ban handed out in TF2 General Discussion

If rgl are banning peeps for saying the n word, then how hard is it to just not say the n word??

posted 1 month ago
#16 Chair Recommendations in Hardware

ikea markus, only chair you will probably ever need. Good lower back support, mesh back, its nice and tall. Oh and its pretty cheap.

e: you can probably find a used one for less than or around a hundred bucks, new ones go for 220 or so.

posted 2 months ago
#73 Any confirmed corona cases in the tf2 community? in Off Topic
rate of infection in the us isn't slowing down
Why contain it?
because if it isn't slowed down, there won't be enough hospital beds for the sick. the virus has a ~20% hospitalization rate, so hospitals will quickly be completely overwhelmed and then fatality rates will rise significantly as people that could be saved with medical intervention will die. if the virus is slowed down, there won't be as big of an issue of the sick not being able to be admitted.
Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them. Of course they're desperate. They can smell their deaths, and the sound they'll make rattling their cages will serve as a warning to the rest.

based deus ex poster

posted 3 months ago
#9 my puppy died in Off Topic

Rest in peace, little buddy

posted 4 months ago
#8 escape from tarkov in Other Games

Really fun with friends, still pretty good solo. Can only play for so long though when it gets tense, it can get mentally exhausting.

posted 5 months ago
#4 American Thread Simulator in The Dumpster

Uhh how do i drink water and enjoy it??

posted 5 months ago
#14 Exposing Doughy thread in The Dumpster


posted 5 months ago
#1 ham is a nonce in The Dumpster

He just told aph he would suck his tits dry


e: downfrags are NOT dicussion people

posted 6 months ago
#53 An friend in need in Off Topic

Good luck, friend

posted 6 months ago
#267 The nicest player? in TF2 General Discussion

aph is precious

posted 7 months ago
#59 Early details announced for Copenhagen 2020 LAN in News


posted 7 months ago
#7 What would you choose? in Off Topic

It baffles me how many of you throw your points away on mere trinkets. Give me a dark room, unlimited nutrient paste, and five Barry bondses, and we'll have a whale of a time just me and the guys!

posted 8 months ago
#11 Brock's Horror Movie Thread in Music, Movies, TV

Anyone here watched lake mungo? Seen a lot of praise going its way lately.

posted 9 months ago
#20 area 51 raid predictions in World Events

hel p

posted 9 months ago
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