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#14 koth_clearcut in Map Discussion

Open Skies - B14
Smooth Sails

The biggest gripes from last season were tackled head on in this update. Be it a performance issue or game play, I hope you find this update fixes it to a degree.

The changes will make scout a little better ( even though he doesn't need it). It will give soldier more routes, let demo go insane in terms of long range travel, and punish medic for hiding in shed. Sniper has received tiny buffs in the form of having slightly more sighlines then before.

Have fun!

posted 1 month ago
#1 Final feedback for Clearcut. in TF2 General Discussion

If you have any remaining feedback for the map I would be happy to hear it. I'm planning out the next update and have already made some changes, and I wanted to make sure my feedback was rounded out before I did anymore. I understand one of the major concerns, being the terrible performance on some peoples computers. However, if there is anything else I would love to here it.

posted 4 months ago
#6 RGL Site Problems in TF2 General Discussion

Clearcut_B13 will be the one used during week 6. Any other version is vastly different.

In case you need a link:

posted 5 months ago
#3 koth_clearcut in Map Discussion

Attack > Defend - B13

To better help attackers before competitive starts, I went ahead and made it easier to push the point. Scouts got more toys for the roofs. Soldiers got more refined clipping to help their rockets. Demo got an easier roll out as well. This will most likely be the last version till the season ends, and I hope it plays well.

Have fun!

posted 6 months ago
#2 koth_clearcut in Map Discussion

Balancing Frames - B12
Flanks and Frames

The flanks are once again on the chopping block and this time it's personal. Most matches played out with scouts and soldiers getting behind for practically free. This became a issue of contention with how to resolve the fragmented team fights. I decided that smaller less powerful flanks would resolve in them being used for plays and less for constant usage. Overall I like the change already more then the old flank, but it's not up for me to fully decide. Optimization has also been looked into, and it has certainly showed some positive results. Whether or not it is enough is to be seen.

My idea of callouts can be found through the tf2maps link.

posted 6 months ago
#1 koth_clearcut in Map Discussion

This is the mega thread and all updates will be added here along with what I am working on. If you have any questions or feedback I am the mapper so don't be afraid to post! I check the forum pretty often and will keep the page updated.

Current version: B14a

This updates change log:

Minor Patch:

-Added missing clipping to a fence on crane house.

-Fixed version name having a capital.​

Main Version Update: B14

Game Play:

-Redesigned left attack route to no longer go lower down to a stair case, but instead to be a flat platform that goes from crane house to the roof. This platform raises up in height and slightly juts out at the top for scouts.

-Health kit and ammo kit under patio are moved to the side of the platform. The kits have been moved closer to attackers.

-Shed on point has had the wall closest to the point reduced in size. this is to reduce cover for those who hid inside. A new staircase was built in it's place to make it easier to get to point from inside.

-Towers have been changed to have ramps that go around from right to pointing towards the opposing roof. This is to replace the box jump scouts once had; it ended up being clunky and requiring multiple jumps to use it properly. So the new version should better benefit those who want height from the tower.

-Blocker that use to be in between crane house and saw house has been removed and the sky box was raised in the area as well. This should make it easier to launch on to the point from left side while still stopping the defenders from utilizing it as bomb method. It most likely still will be used that way, but the sky box drops quickly making it unlikely to be a high bomb.

-Blocker in between saw house and garage has been removed.

-The previous crouch jump to jump that was in the mid transition to left transition has been removed. It has been replaced by a ramp that steadily gets higher to a simple jump at the top. This will make rotations hopefully easier while I come up with a better less ugly solution.

-Raised terrain in valley and up to mid. This is to make it easy to tap jump into saw house from mid without needing to take the previous long route. The stairs are no longer required to get into saw house. Getting on to porch in valley is also just a tap jump. This has also reduced the height difference between roof and valley.

-Raised terrain were patio used to be to better meet the new platform.

-Changed angled ramp where right transition exits in to the backyard. The angle is now a rough 30 degrees instead of 45.

Building Redesigns:

-Saw house, crane house, closet house, and valley building have had their brushwork completely redone in order to reduce total amount of textures on screen. This means that a lot of brushwork was simplified.

-Closet house got its finalized detail work.

-Closet house now only has one window.

-Valley building got its finalized detail work.

Clipping fixes:

-New clipping was made for the new platform.

-New clipping for crane house to fix what the redesign broke.

-New clipping for closet house to ensure it is up to date with the rest.

Performance fixes:

-Hints have been redone to properly cut visleafs where people can't see them. This should reduce how much is culled in at once.

-The sky box has been redone in multiple areas to help reduce the amount of unused space.

-The sky box runs along multiple building to better stop visleafs from seeing each other.

-Area portals have been placed in between valley and saw, and in between saw and crane house. This will even further help with culling out what can't be seen.

-Large amounts of brush entities were converted to func_illusory. This is because they did not need to have clipping to them.

Minor changes:

-Removed sheet metal prop in blu saw house for brushwork that better represents the ramp.

-Redid some displacements.

-Red side spawn has new props and a change in saw design.

-Blu lost a lot of trees.

-Changed props on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Changed lighting on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Changed a large amount of textures on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Removed a large amount of random unseen textures.

Previous version: B13

That updates change log:

-The right transition leading out of spawn has had its door changed to be taller. The sight blocker has been removed to make roll outs easier. The first ramp has been widened and has had it's clipping more unified.

-The left transition exit into backyard has been widened to help pushes through it.

-The porch coming out of right transition has been extended under the building in valley. A fence was put up to block a sight line that could of been created.

-The crane house has been redone for both sides and includes new clipping as well. This includes new doors out the left side to make it harder for defenders to stuff you before you get through.

-The height blocker between crane and saw house has been changed to its art passed form and has a smaller hit box on the bottom compared to the old one.

-Closet has been changed to better help attackers and is open through valley but no longer patio. The door to shed and point has been widened to better help pushes through it.

-Scout ramps on the patios have been added back to allow pushes up to the enemies roofs again.

-Removed the fence on balcony. Instead 2 boxes have been placed up against saw house and it should allow the gathering of info more than the fence did.

-The wall in between crane and closet has been redone to its art passed form and better fits the skybox.

-The skybox has been completely reworked to fit the environment more snugly. This will hopefully make it easier on older PCs.

-The piece of wood on the ground next to tower has been removed.

-Clipping has been added to the boxes and wood in saw house to make getting stuck on them harder.

-Clipping has been adjusted to handle the new porch and door in valley.

-Fixed players being able to stand on the windows in blu closet.

-Clipped the box on tower to make rockets more reliable for kills.

-Fixed the clipping for the wood pile in closet.

-Added clipping in the sheds to make it more reliable for rockets.

-Clipped various doors to make walking through smoother.

-Broken overlays have been fixed.

Images, additional patches, downloads, and more info:

What I'm working on:

WOOOOWEEE That took some time, and almost too late for the season. Sorry everyone for the time it took. B14 should be all set for season 2. Of course I'll be keeping my ear to the ground for any news about issues. I'll fix as much as I can leading up to the season 2. Happy New Year!!

posted 6 months ago
#1 KoTH_Clearcut_B10 in Map Discussion

Change In Holds - B10
Let me out, LET ME OUT!

The forward holds have been looked over due to issue I saw in matches were they were held. It seemed impossible for teams to push out was the hold was in place and I didn't like it, nor did the players. Thus this version makes it easier for teams to bust out.

Change log:

-The respawn times for defenders have been increased by 1 second in the map logic which therefore means that instead of 8 seconds to 16 it will be 9 to 18. This is to make it more punishing for defenders to lose a player during team fights and holds.

-The left transition exit has been changed to move out farther to the left were the stairs are. The stairs on the left have been changed for this reason and now no longer have the box and is easier to walk up on.

-The left transition now also has a window in place of the old door where the team that owns it can see through, but the enemy can not. This is to provide vision for attackers without putting them at risk or giving info to defending teams.

-The wood pile in mid transition has been changed to a ledge that still requires a crouch jump, but is less likely to get hung up on.

-Right side transition has had its box jump replaced with a staircase to make breaking or rolling out that way faster.

-The house on point now has a see through wall that allows you to see into flank from valley, and vice versa.

-A fence was move closer to crane tower in order to block sniper sight lines created by the new transition exit.

-Texture changes and slight detail work has been added.

-Removed saw because of issues...


For downloads and pictures head over to:

posted 7 months ago
#1 koth_waterfront_a1c_21 in Map Discussion

Want to fight for a point awkwardly built over a river? Well, I got you covered!

Waterfront is a fast paced single control point map, set in a lumber mill along the river. Pine trees and grass wave in the breeze as you riddle your adversaries with lead. Boats bob and water flows as people are gibed. It's the perfect contradiction of beauty.

The map is fully capable for a 24 player server. Health kits heal, spawns are functioning, and the point indeed caps.

Change Log: a1c_21
-The spawn now has its own detailed building. The interior is now proper and the outside looks like an actual building.
-The spawn has been slightly raised.
-All randomly placed lights have been replaced with prop lights and have been toned down for optimization.
-The medium health and ammo kit have been moved up against the fence, while a new set of mediums is now near the dock.
-The small health kits on the point have a small ammo kit too now.
-Water has been added where it belongs on the dock.
-The texture under the water has been changed.
-Trees have been added beyond the boundaries for atmosphere.
-Fences have begun to take the place of brush walls around the map.

If I missed anything I would be happy to add it to the log.

Main Issues:
-Getting it tested.

-This map need to be tested. I can't progress on the map until testing takes place.
-I will have a BSPZip for hosts ready in the near future


Screenshots can be found on the thread:

posted about 3 years ago