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#11 Choose My Frag Movie Music -Poison- in Videos

Hi guys,

Can you help Poisoneysf choose a song to use for his frag movie.



3 Songs:

posted 1 month ago
#8 LF egirl in The Dumpster
well, they will not be getting my money

posted 2 months ago
#148 weekly hedgehogs images in Off Topic

Have you thought about buying a leash for your hedgehog? I would be afraid of him running away

posted 2 months ago
#17 How to overcome phobia? in Off Topic
2345ysystematic desensitizationTobExposure is quite easy to have too much of. And it's difficult regardless of how much. But in the end having to spend time with dogs (holidays in houses where owners had dogs, carpooling to school everyday so I went to a friend's house every morning who had a dog, etc) is what helped me get over it. I like dogs now. Took about 7 to 8 years to get over it.

It's difficult, but consider these spiders a challenge to yourself like I considered being with those dogs one. Consider these spiders not the problem you need solved, consider them the solution to your phobia. It's up to you how you deal with them. I prefer capturing and putting spiders outside using tupperware boxes etc but perhaps you prefer just killing them which is a valid solution if it helps you

Spiders in Europe aren't dangerous and it's important to keep that in mind. They will not harm you. I'm certain plenty of people have told/will tell you that (I heard it a lot as well) but it's important you convince yourself of that fact

None of us are professionals though and if in the long term you really don't see yourself getting over it I suggest consulting one
Cabbage_Watch Exotic Lair on youtube. ( )

Videos like his make tarantulas (and many other animals) fascinating or even cute rather than scary.
ValorousTFI'm not an ex-phobic but I remember a little bit about phobias from school.

I don't know how available it is or how easy it is to do for yourself, but there's a thing called systematic desensitisation which is quite commonly used for treating phobias.

Essentially you construct a pyramid of scenarios involving what you are afraid of, so you would start off with something small like looking at a picture of a spider, ranging all the way up to something more extreme like touching/holding a spider. Over time you gradually expose yourself to these scenarios by working your way up the pyramid, this way you gradually build up a tolerance until you eventually lose the fear - its supposed to help if you memorise relaxation techniques to make the steps more bearable.
Hope this helps bro

Thanks guys, I will start with that.

dbkjust watch the end of coraline over and over againYeeHawjust eat enough of them, that’s how I overcame my fear of other peopleGarbageKnappstop being a pussy

If only I could that easily.

Rockzgood thing youre not australian
any technique youll do will require a lot of time, be prepared of that

Every time I read any story from Australia regarding spiders I'm more glad I'm living in Europe. Their spiders are huge and really scary.

get this and your problem will be over friend

Thanks but spider sprays are cheaper and I don't have to load them every time :P .

posted 3 months ago
#6 How to overcome phobia? in Off Topic
huge_hubris_guyVandJust beat the shit out of the spider man. You're bigger than the spider.but they're so fast dude

so true

Air_exposure is the best way to overcome fear, its very hard to but slowly expose yourself to them more and more, and then over time you'll become less and less afraid of them

I will try that, thanks

Infinity_yo if its a real phobia btw the worst thing you can do is confront your fear. trying to force yourself to deal with it this way is only going to reinforce your fear and make it stronger. if you really have a phobia (extreme and irrational fear, having panic attacks from close contact, cant sleep from fear, ect) you need a therapist to systematically desensitize your fear which will take a lot of fucking money and time. im getting the vibe that you maybe dont have a clinical phobia and youre just really scared of them, so maybe look into buying repellents or some shit like that so you dont have to touch them.

You are probably right, I will have to look into the difference between phobia and fear. I am very scared of spiders tho, once found a spider baby in dorm showers so I was showering in another floor for like a week and I can't fall asleep without checking surroundings for spiders first. I have few bottles of repellents but I just don't want to be scared anymore.

posted 3 months ago
#1 How to overcome phobia? in Off Topic

I am arachnophobic, spiders are again starting to appear in my house and lately I've been finding spider eggs in the house as well. I feel like I should start to overcome my phobia before the damn spiders get born somewhere where I didn't notice them.

So if there is any ex-phobic please tell me how you overcame your phobia please.

posted 3 months ago
#67 An friend in need in Off Topic
Doughystepanex, some things are more important than that right now. He is now contemplating cancelling because you planted the idea that social distancing is important.

We all kinda know Hamaham, she won't have any problem with e-date if it's the right girl for him. Romantic evening spent playing fortnite tf2 dmixes, walking close to each other in roblox minecraft and watching Bee Movie is everything she should wish for.

posted 3 months ago
#65 An friend in need in Off Topic
Doughyhe did it, he's going on a date, and I for one (as his carer) am thrilled!

I hope its gonna be e-date in this time of social distancing

posted 3 months ago
#11 I'm buying a car for my brother in Off Topic

phone holder is cool, I'm using magnetic one that fits into ventilators (one like this). I bought mine from aliexpress for like 1$ and haven't had problem with it in like a year I have it. Check if it fits into the car you will buy first tho.

posted 3 months ago
#75 Half-Life: Alyx in Other Games
cirloI don't know much about the streamers world.
Do you have any suggestion for who to follow for the release stream happening in about 2 hours?

VNN will probably stream this
If you haven't heard about him, VNN is a channel that makes news about valve related things, he is usually on top all the leaks regarding valve games and even internal things (what the employees get to eat at valve etc).

posted 4 months ago
#136 weekly hedgehogs images in Off Topic

I thought you only have one hedgehog, does he have a friend from across the street or do you own 2 hedgehogs? Or is that not a second hedgehog in the second picture?

posted 4 months ago
#11 mumble disconnects every 5-10 minutes in Q/A Help

you could try installing pingplotter to see if you don't have any ping spikes that might make you disconnect from mumble

posted 6 months ago
#206 The nicest player? in TF2 General Discussion
StepanexI always liked ___ and ___

*I always liked shpeeisme and yeehaw, beside many many other. No idea why I removed the names earlier though.

posted 8 months ago
#485 age in Off Topic

but most people guess me 16 to 18

posted about a year ago
#2 Meat Fortress 2 in Other Games

oops, didnt notice it was already posted, my bad

posted about a year ago
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