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#3 Convert source mouse accel to povohat in TF2 General Discussion

assuming you've done your maths correctly source mouseaccel is always going to feel a bit different unfortunately since input is tied to your framerate in source games. If it feels that different you probably wanna gradually up your acceleration until it feels right?
Take this with a grain of salt but as far as I understand things if your framerate in tf2 is lower it is registering larger movements between inputs, thus applying higher acceleration. This is negated by the driver consistently reading inputs at 1000hz so you may want to compensate for that by upping your acceleration in order to get closer to the tf2 feel.

imo I've always found myself adjusting to new mouse acceleration settings really quickly as long as I kept the cap consistent so maybe it's worth just keeping things as they are and getting used to it instead of screwing around to the point where nothing feels "good" anymore.

posted 10 months ago
#3 Selling Mice @ LAN in LAN Discussion

I thought this was a jun0 thread

posted about a year ago
#35 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

Not a big fan of the "test it" option on the poll. "Test it" as an option is very vague, as it's potentially containing voters from both other options. You could be like "doubt this is gonna work, but test it for the sake of trying" or "most definitely fine, but it hasn't been put in before so we should test it". Furthermore what seems weird to me is that for the immediate effect both the "test it" and "unban" option have the same outcome. How was this handled? Overall I feel like the way this survey was done bears very little amounts of significance and the "test it" option basically just distorts the results imo. Also publishing your full data set and providing some insight as to how decisions were made and answers were weighted, because right now all of this is very blurry to me.

posted about a year ago
#59 New Beginnings in TF2 General Discussion

I'm glad there's been responses to a lot of concerns brought up, however (forgive me if I'm a bit stupid) I'm still a bit confused regarding some points. I'm gonna try and keep things simple so it's easier to understand my confusion, so apologies if I come across as a bit blunt.

First of all: A NA community driven TF2 league is good. 100% with you there.

Global communication between regions is also something we've had way too little of. It definitely needs to happen, case and point being, for example, all the LANs a team's travelled to from a different continent only to be at a disadvantage in picks/bans due to having to permaban a map they don't play. Stuff like this is stupid and shouldn't happen. Therefore I think having a place to bring up concerns like these and simplify exchange between regions was long needed. Again 100% with you there.

Now what I don't get is the other effort about unifying the way to play TF2 and the way you're looking to approach that. There's a couple points that still have me thinkin', so I'm just gonna go through them.

(this is only a minor thing, it just really confused me) I don't think the differences in leagues have ever been an entry barrier (directed at tsc's reply). Just like how allowing xyz unlock into the game isn't suddenly gonna bring in all the pubbers who were just holding off until this moment, I don't think adjusting rulesets/whitelists/whatever is gonna bring people in who were too afraid of competitive TF2 because they didn't know if koth was played to 3 or 4. Like, if you're new to the competitive, you play the videogame in whatever league you end up in. Any confusion regarding ruleset or whatever isn't an actual entry barrier, it's something that's cleared up in one sentence. Again this is something incredibly minor but I feel like it somewhat leads into my second point.

My issue with your idea. I don't know who it serves. In mind, it neither makes sense for any leagues or players. Leagues' (especially community driven ones like ETF2L and ozfortress) primary focus should not (and isn't as far as I can tell) be attracting new players. A community driven league aims to satisfy the community that's, well, driving it. Satisfying their players base, namely the players who are already interested in the game, is how a league persists. If there are people in your league who have played the game for years and years or travelled to different countries to play, you generally try and keep them around. Thus it makes sense for leagues to try and act to please their playerbase. Now what I don't understand is how it is in any way appealing for any league that has its own unique approach (and all of them do in their own way) to try and become part of a unified TF2. It directly stands in conflict with a league's interests and by extension my interests as a player. Here's why I believe that's the case:

A league wants to cater its players and make the game as enjoyable as possible to keep them around.
I, as a player, what to be heard by the league as clearly as possible.

To me it makes absolutely 0 (zero) sense how implementing an additional layer of discussion for league specific issues is going to help these two points. The closer decisions happen to the player base, the more accurately they are going to reflect the playerbase's interest. Quite literally the best case scenario of adding this additional instance of discussion would be that I as a player get the same amount of representation I would have gotten without said instance. You either end up summarizing opinions from different sources, effectively losing the opinions of those who didn't agree (very much like it is the case in an electoral college or a first-past-the-post system) or you don't summarize at all, at which point I'm wondering what the point of the entire thing is if the best case outcomes the same as it is currently.

In conclusion, I'm trying to say that I believe (and I feel like generally speaking this makes sense) that, if you're accurately trying to reflect the interests of the playerbase a devolution of the decision-making process is needed, not adding extra steps on top. It makes no sense to me how adding this extra step is in the interest of any league, considering it a) complicates the process of appeasing their players, b) actively hinders their competition with other leagues and most importantly c) creates a lack of alternatives and variety which may even hinder the game in the long run.

And at the end of the day, it is your org, a new entity in the scene asking the leagues to adhere to your system of deciding league specifics on a more global scale for benefits that are still fairly unclear to me. If you're already creating a platform for allowing easy exchange between regions and leagues I don't see the need for deciding anything league specific on a global scale. All the issues we had in the past, e.g. the map bullshit at lan, approaching outside organizations, etc., can just be discussed on this platform. That's what I like about it and what it does well. Exchange of ideas and suggestions to help form decisions. It shouldn't try to be anything more than that. Keeping the decisions close to the players. For me, that's what by the community, for the community means.

I hope that made sense, thanks for reading my nerd essay.

posted about a year ago
#18 New Beginnings in TF2 General Discussion

While I'm thankful for anyone putting effort into keeping TF2 alive or even pushing it further I have some concerns about your approach.

First of all, we would like to establish a global organization to unite all of the various leagues playing competitive TF2. Previous efforts to do so (in particular, the global whitelist) have been chaotic and did not really accomplish desirable results. A more structured process would help to reach agreement and consensus as to how things should move forward. The goal would be that all stakeholders (major and minor leagues, other platforms, and players, among others) would have some representation within this org to make sure everyone's views are taken into account. We haven't finalized the details yet (including its name!), but we have many proposals under consideration.

I feel like part of the reason that for example the global whitelist was so much of a disaster is how split everyone is on the very specifics of it. There's a lot of differing on opinions especially on a small scale. With the way the TF2 community works, there's always been some who get heard louder due to popularity, sometimes justifiably so other times not. What does your idea of finding fair solutions that please most people look like? I feel like this point is worded very vague and yet incredible difficult to realize.

I guess another thing that slightly worries me is how non-organic this entire approach seems. While I see the benefits for the few of us competing internationally of unifying the scene, I'm just a bit worried that this will somewhat hinder it in the long run. Everyone's aware that it's far from easy coming to an agreement on topics (such as whitelists and formats) and I've always felt the most logical approach to fixing that issue was to provide a (supposedly) good alternative and let the playerbase decide how they feel about it in the long run. Players are naturally going to play, and keep playing, what is most fun. So why not take this as an opportunity to rethink things, come up with a new (or suitable) idea and offer more variety (on a sensible scale *cough*). I can see the some of the upsides of a universal consensus but I'm not convinced it's entirely the best approach for some specific issues.

That being said, again I appreciate everyone's effort and my concerns are purely limited to certain topics. I very much welcome more communication between leagues, as long as it doesn't force artificial standards upon everyone.

That's just my two cents, if you can shed some light on my questions I would very much appreciate it, anyways best of luck with your efforts.

posted about a year ago
#35 Copenhagen Games 2019 Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

I don't know if anyones gonna see this, but nonetheless now I feel like I've both physically and mentally arrived home I'm gonna update my post a little.

First of all biggest of shoutouts to all the production people! I won't mention all of you here because honestly, youre a L A R G E bunch of lovely people, but please know that I very much mean all of you. Everyone was a joy to talk to, and I cannot express how much I appreciate how welcoming everyone was towards me. Large shoutout especially to my boy loris for putting up with me despite being basically useless.

Shoutout to my airbnb goons; Mop, Planck, Thom, Lux, JLEBS, Streep36. Even though drunk streep tilted me to fuck it was a joy staying with all of you. Strong performance overall 10/10. Also special mentions go out to planck for babysitting our chundergoons (no longer chunderboys) and mop since he let me in at 10 in the morning when I came back for a 2 hour nappy nap and a shower. Absolute legend.

Shoutout to iTac, Larry and Kaptain. What a gang of turbo-chads.

Shoutout to my maly for being the most lovely person and putting up with me on his team. I'm sorry I wasn't around to play games as much, but I did have fun in the ones we got to play!

Shoutout to fribs and thalash, I feel like our chunderboy performance was very short lived, but we'll get our A game on next time.

Shoutout my boys CeeJaey and Toast. Highlights of LAN, everytime.

Shoutout to Justine for contesting planck on the best chunderboys newcomer performance. Had a good time getting wankered with you, sorry for convincing you to call eepily Dobby. (not really though).

Ofcourse a shoutout to my man, Dobby/Budget Mr.Bean/Garbo-Sensei/eepily. Don't tell him, but he actually did a pretty ok job casting.

Also a shoutout to nuze. It's always lovely seeing you and I swear the combination of you and eepily could even make watching greenrab wallpogo sound hype as fuck.

Shoutout to the random Danish lady at the bar, who struck up a 15 minute conversation with me about my nationality (haven't had that before).

Also a shoutout to the Danish CS team that played lasertag against LEGO. The few of them I got to talk to were super nice. Especially iamdunno for being interested in TF2 and giving me one of the very few good crowd shots I took for video.

Ofcourse my LEGO boys and their manager. An absolute joy seeing you legends at LAN, everytime.

Also props to that open team we beat in groups who came over and had a chat. Didn't know any of you, but it's always lovely getting to meet new-ish (really hope I don't accidentally BM here) players who are nice and pleasant to talk to.

Obviously all the teams and people that attended. You help make these events as good as they are.

A L S O Big shoutout to stephanex for bringing his usb soundcard so I could use a mircophone for my LAN games. I didn't get around to buying you a drink, but next LAN you're sure as hell getting one.

I really hope I didn't forget anyone (im bad at lists). Sorry if I did, please know I very much appreciated you being around <3

posted about a year ago
#2 Sensitivity ratio in Linux in Q/A Help

posted about a year ago
#73 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion

i am hype

posted about 2 years ago
#26 i63 LAN Thanks/shout-outs thread in TF2 General Discussion

Shout-out to goon #2

posted about 2 years ago
#17 england nations cup 2018 roster released in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 2 years ago
#5396 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Is there any way to center the closed caption text? I've been trying adding textAlignment in the caption bit of hudlayout.res but it doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks in advance

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Copenhagen Pics in LAN Discussion

for anyone who doesnt follow me on tweeters, here's a video of my lan experience

a bit late but you know, I'm really lazy

posted about 2 years ago
#3 stream request in Requests

pretty sure you put totallynotcupcake as the site name and it links to tv/cupcake instead of the other way around

posted about 2 years ago
#1 stream request in Requests

Hi im cupcake, can I have my stream on the sidebar. I mostly do mixes, scrims, demoreviews.

Can i have it on the sidebar as cupcake or cuppers, god bless

posted about 2 years ago
#456 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

wow, that was incredibly quick! Can't wait to try it tomorrow. Only thing I noticed by looking at it is how the little wooden planks that go up onto mid point are missing.

Thank you so much for putting this together so quickly!

posted about 2 years ago
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