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#12 CS2 is out in Off Topic
DCSI did not realise that CS2 would replace CSGO so when I wanted to play with my friends I had to basically download a 34GB update before I could lol.
Also my custom keybinds are RIP (weren't too many but still bit annoying) and apparently crouch jump scripts aren't a thing anymore (or are they?).
I am only playing CS every other month, so that script did help me out with some really basic nade stuff.

Put this in your autoexec - if you want to crouch whilst doing it im sure you can hold that whilst pressing the jump throw bind key

//jump bind
alias "+boing" "+jump"
alias "+ding" "-attack; -attack2"
alias "+dong" "-jump"

bind "mouse5" "+boing; +ding; +dong"

posted 1 month ago
#11 Insomnia 71 (7-10/09/23) - incl a TF2 Esports Zone in LAN Discussion

this is the layout according to the insomnia website, the seats around the tf2 area are "unavailable" on the seat picker but not sure if they'll unlock them
Just to let you know thats in the BYOC, not our specific TF2 Zone. For what we know right now that is not where our zone will be.

First of all thanks for organising this and giving people at least a different option but also a chance to go to a lan this year after all the cancellations!

If there is a specific TF2 zone and I am assuming this is closer to the production area - is there a risk of teams hearing casters if they're close by?

Also would be interested to see how you plan on prioritising which teams get to use the free PCs? - e.g. if every team decides to use the TF2 zone to save costs on rentals how will you play all the games if only 3 matches can be played at a time?

posted 4 months ago
#57 i71 in September 2023 in LAN Discussion

I was planning on going as a spec as long as others were going, but given this is not on a bank holiday weekend now it will probably be just for Friday eve - Sunday eve

posted 5 months ago
#106 World Championship Football in World Events

I think what everyone is complaining about (not just the butthurt fans of teams knocked out) is that the standard of refereeing in this tournament has been questionable at best. Tie that into a tournament already heavily criticised and linked to conspiracies of bribery, of course people are going to be upset.

I think Messi summed it up the best though - why are these low league referees on the pitch of games with such magnitude? I know FIFA want to include everyone and I think that is the right thing to do in the group stages, but there is no way any of the referees in the knockout bracket should be anything less than the quality used in the top 3 leagues (English, Spanish and German).

yak404Star players for PSG, (Qatar owned) Messi and Mbappe's teams have refs that are heavily biased towards them. Games a joke

Quite frankly I do not think these referees have been paid off or anything like that I just think they're completely out of their depth and cannot deal with the pressure. The referee for the ENG vs FRA game has only done games in the brazilian leagues which is not a great deal of exposure to the top level of the game.

posted 11 months ago
#39 b4nny discussion in TF2 General Discussion
glassindecencytry to tell him wat he was doing every night was gonna make everyone leave lmfao
eh froyo's had more roster continuity than any other team. if habib was gonna leave froyo for getting yelled at he would have done it in like 2017. was always really impressed how he just laughed it off every time

I disagree I think the majority of people who play with b4nny purely do it because they know they have a high chance of winning and most of them have very thick skin when it comes to this sort of harassment (habib and clockwork come to mind - CW even spoke about this in the b4nny documentary)

It does make you think though if people at big companies like Valve or potential sponsors have ever come across his stream as "the icon of TF2" and been completely put off from ever getting involved with the scene if this is the representation it has.

On a separate note have people ever considered this is why b4nny holds onto this game so tightly and never does anything else? His whole persona is built on an ego and quite frankly a delusion that he is untouchable whilst playing this game because of his accomplishments. He has been playing this game for the majority of his life (25k hours) and has gone pretty much unchallenged in the NA scene for the past 10 years. If he went to OW and spoke like this to people, no-one would've never played with him.

At LANs he has got increasingly worse to approach and talk to (it wasn't good to begin with) and at I69 people had to experience him screaming at meyy for around 20 minutes whilst the rest of the team sat there in silence despite having won the game and about 20 people standing behind them.

Part of me actually feels sorry for him. His social life is 100% tied with playing this game and his aspiration to win every single game he plays. You can see that in the video that Charis is desperately trying to explain that the way he speaks to people is just not ok regardless of his will to win and ensure everyone improves/plays correctly (albeit in 2am pugs). I am sure in b4nny's head he is trying to help people but unfortunately that couldn't be further from what is happening. It will eventually get to the point that even these mix groups will refuse to play with him and he will be exiled to pubs where the only people he talks to is his ignorant chat that only furthers his social and egotistical tendencies.

posted 11 months ago
#15 some love for skill based movement in TF2 General Discussion
coyo_geezerPetecase in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNvDUO42Hysphoon is literally cheating in that video man it's crazy how so many people believe it's genuine.

edit: the video is still good and funny, but acting as if this is an example of people being mad about skill is wrong. its a trolling people by cheating video.

Classic silver noob who thinks anyone who does something they can't do is cheating :)

Edit: Didn't even realise you literally have 20 hours in Counter Strike how on earth are you judging pro bhopper phoon?

posted about a year ago
#912 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic


Pretty disgraceful tbh....
You can cause a collision and take out a car = 5 second penalty.
You can drive around with a broken wing the entire race = nothing
You can survive an orbit to the moon and have a wobbly mirror = 30 second penalty

posted about a year ago
#12560 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#99 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion

Hey All just some information posted on the Insomnia 69 discord I thought might be important to share.

A Seat Picker defrag
Will happen next Friday (5th August), we currently have over 300 BYOC tickets which haven't yet picked a seat for insomnia69. We will defragging the seat picker to allow for free spaces to be grouped together. If you or your group have been reserving spaces on the seat picker using the "gap" method now is the time to tell those members who haven't bought tickets yet to act quickly or risk missing their spot. Make sure all members of your clan/team are in the same clan on the seat picker, this will help when we are moving people to group free spaces to stay together.

Head to the seat picker to make everything is ready --> https://seatpicker.seetickets.com/player1events/Insomnia69/seatpicker

Tickets are selling fast!
We now have less than 15% of BYOC tickets left for insomnia69. With only 4 weeks left until i69 it is looking more then likely most BYOC tickets will be taken. Act fast and get your ticket today to avoid disappointment. Get your tickets here --> https://insomniagamingfestival.com/

TLDR: Tickets are selling fast so those that haven't bought yet need to get a move on. Also if you're reserving spaces for your teammates using a gap in the 6 - be aware they will compress your group to allow for spaces to be grouped together more next Friday (5th Aug)

posted about a year ago
#12553 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#95 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion

What do you mean by bottom seeded teams start in the lower bracket? Does that mean some invite teams will be in a position of single elimination straight away?

posted about a year ago
#82 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion
CrayonSurnyCrayonwill a weekend ticket get me into the byoc area? I have a loose memory of ppl lowkey having to sneak in last timeNormally not, but (unless they're not doing them this year) usually byoc tickets come with a guest pass you can hand to anyone who isn't byoc themselves, so if you've got a friend who is doing byoc ask them to have you be their guest.

Just to confirm this I asked on the Insomnia discord yesterday regarding this.

They said exactly as Surny suggested. People can get into the BYOC area with a day/weekend pass and then someone with a BYOC ticket can "vouch" for them as their responsibility (if they steal something it would be on you).

I also got told that these guest passes into the BYOC area are finite and on a first come first serve basis so those that are planning to come on Sunday you might have to sneak in.

Just on another point in case anyone is interested - parking for BYOC ticket holders is £5 for the entire weekend and you can get the parking pass when you check-in.

posted about a year ago
#81 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion
coyo_geezercant wait to have some random apex guy snipe a seat in the middle of my team.

Just a tip that has worked in the past for this.

Book the two end seats first of the 6 and then fill out the middle. If you put your "clan name" or whatever it's called on the seat picker people are usually deterred from picking in them. If by chance they do then just book the seat at either end of your 6 and when you get to the event you can switch.

I'm pretty sure this sort of thing has happened before and people are usually more than happy to switch once they find out you're a team of 6 :)

posted about a year ago
#12487 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#3 Houston, TX restaurant recommendations in Off Topic

I'm by Memorial atm but I can uber to places :)

posted about a year ago
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