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#9 Libinput(linux) sensitivity randomizer in Customization
ZestyIf there was a non system wide version I might add it to The Config. I think if you did it though rcon you could have changing sens as a twitch chat command.

I used something like this a while ago:

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alias sens_content1 "sensitivity 7.92845934808808"
alias sens0 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content1;alias randomsens sens1"
alias sens_content2 "sensitivity 12.786109388717"
alias sens1 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content2;alias randomsens sens2"
alias sens_content3 "sensitivity 1.95900961260913"
alias sens2 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content3;alias randomsens sens3"
alias sens_content4 "sensitivity 1.50882433286576"
alias sens3 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content4;alias randomsens sens4"
alias sens_content5 "sensitivity 1.93862411001482"
alias sens4 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content5;alias randomsens sens5"
alias sens_content6 "sensitivity 2.51103749728102"
alias sens5 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content6;alias randomsens sens6"
alias sens_content7 "sensitivity 10.55635700442"
alias sens6 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content7;alias randomsens sens7"
alias sens_content8 "sensitivity 6.89415670243616"
alias sens7 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content8;alias randomsens sens8"
alias sens_content9 "sensitivity 3.41966731585731"
alias sens8 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content9;alias randomsens sens9"
alias sens_content10 "sensitivity 6.48040290526163"
alias sens9 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content10;alias randomsens sens10"
alias sens_content11 "sensitivity 2.28365502038433"
alias sens10 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content11;alias randomsens sens11"
alias sens_content12 "sensitivity 1.61710276283784"
alias sens11 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content12;alias randomsens sens12"
alias sens_content13 "sensitivity 1.27484537277059"
alias sens12 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content13;alias randomsens sens13"
alias sens_content14 "sensitivity 14.4872175362188"
alias sens13 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content14;alias randomsens sens14"
alias sens_content15 "sensitivity 6.96532101901362"
alias sens14 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content15;alias randomsens sens15"
alias sens_content16 "sensitivity 2.10498230274851"
alias sens15 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content16;alias randomsens sens16"
alias sens_content17 "sensitivity 10.7433779250799"
alias sens16 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content17;alias randomsens sens17"
alias sens_content18 "sensitivity 1.88303236301377"
alias sens17 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content18;alias randomsens sens18"
alias sens_content19 "sensitivity 4.17696221952783"
alias sens18 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content19;alias randomsens sens19"
alias sens_content0 "sensitivity 1.32731583097159"
alias sens19 "alias randomsens_apply sens_content0;alias randomsens sens0"

//Number: 20
//Base Sensitivity: 4
//Deviation: 4

alias +fo "+forward;randomsens"
alias -fo -forward
alias +ba "+back;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -ba -back
alias +ri "+moveright;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -ri -moveright
alias +le "+moveleft;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -le -moveleft
alias randomsens_use "randomsens;randomsens_apply"
bind w +fo;bind a +le;bind s +ba;bind d +ri
//bind [Key] randomsens_use

Here's the (pearl) script that generates it:

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print "File?\n";
my $fn=<>;
print "Number?\n";
my $n=<>;
print "Base Sensitivity?\n";
my $s=<>;
print "Deviation? (>1)\n";
my $rd=<>;
$rd=2 if($rd<=1);
chomp $fn;
chomp $n;
chomp $s;
chomp $rd;

open(my $f, ">", $fn);
my $a=0;
my $b;
my $d;
print $f "alias sens_content$d \"sensitivity $b\"\nalias sens$a \"alias randomsens_apply sens_content$d;alias randomsens sens$d\"\n";
print $f <<eeeee;

//Number: ${n}
//Base Sensitivity: ${s}
//Deviation: ${rd}

alias +fo "+forward;randomsens"
alias -fo -forward
alias +ba "+back;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -ba -back
alias +ri "+moveright;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -ri -moveright
alias +le "+moveleft;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens;randomsens"
alias -le -moveleft
alias randomsens_use "randomsens;randomsens_apply"
bind w +fo;bind a +le;bind s +ba;bind d +ri
//bind [Key] randomsens_use
posted 1 week ago
#6692 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

i want to see the match hud on the scoreboard, is it possible to edit that? i didn't find any events regarding opening tab or making the match hud invisible when pressing tab in the hudanimations file, which was my only idea on how to prevent it from doing this (i mean the hud element toggled by tf_use_match_hud)

posted 3 weeks ago
#8 How many Medics have been sawed while surfing? in TF2 General Discussion
close enough?

close enough

posted 3 months ago
#3 How many Medics have been sawed while surfing? in TF2 General Discussion

Basically that, but with the other med surfing and being sawed midair, kind of like some of the midair market gardens and stuff like that.

posted 3 months ago
#1 How many Medics have been sawed while surfing? in TF2 General Discussion

Had a discussion with someone who thought that it at max happened once (in 6s), that got me interested.
What do you think? If you know a clip, please send it.

posted 3 months ago
#1 Is there an extine yaaao compilation? in Videos

Asking for a friend.

posted 4 months ago
#10 Right click stopping m1 in Q/A Help

This fucks up some random stuff you might be doing, but maybe it helps:

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alias +m2action "+attack2;+reload"
alias -m2action "-attack2;-reload"

alias +m2 "alias checkm2 +m2action;checkm1"
alias -m2 "alias checkm2;-m2action"

alias +m1 "alias checkm1;-m2action;+attack"
alias -m1 "alias checkm1 +m2action;checkm2;-attack"

alias checkm1
alias checkm2

bind mouse1 +m1
bind mouse2 +m2
posted 6 months ago
#1 LFP EU 6s Open (Mercury, German/English) in Recruitment (looking for players)

IMPORTANT: German is the current language of the team, so german players will be preferred.

We mostly need scouts and soldiers, you can join as demo or medic too, if you're ok with sub.
You don't need any minimum amount of hours or something, you just gotta have good understanding of 6s.

Team page: http://etf2l.org/teams/31168/
Add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ricoby/

posted about 2 years ago