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#1 choose a student in Off Topic


In my organic chemistry 2 class my teacher has a new system of getting people to answer questions, someone is picked randomly then put on the spot with a mic to answer the question in front of the 600 person class and then he polls the class via clicker question if the guy is right or wrong

Feels like a game show n u get points on it average if your correct

I still can't pay attention tho, rip

posted about 7 years ago
#29 what's yo inches/360 in Off Topic

11.7 soldier

posted about 7 years ago
#1 HRG homicide in TF2 General Discussion

Killing decided to kill our IM team due to the hijack rule..

Killing in the Name #esea: hey
HRG hertz: yo
Killing in the Name #esea: your team is going to be marked dead
HRG hertz: wat
HRG hertz: how come?
Killing in the Name #esea: roster hijack rule
HRG hertz: we played the matches with our players
HRG hertz: for the first 3/4
Killing in the Name #esea: http://play.esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&id=2935167
HRG hertz: ya thats the 4th game
HRG hertz: we played the first 3
HRG hertz: and the first 1 was a ffw
Killing in the Name #esea: http://play.esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&id=2908368
HRG hertz: i thought we used thorn in that match wtf
Killing in the Name #esea: sorry man :(
HRG hertz: dude we played them every other match and even trekkie played
Killing in the Name #esea: hands are tied
Killing in the Name #esea: I would let it slide
Killing in the Name #esea: but I can't
HRG hertz: are u serious dude we spent all our money on fucking backups and making sure we had 6 players
HRG hertz: and now were getting kicked out
HRG hertz: thorn was on a vacation before he started school
Killing in the Name #esea: yeah
HRG hertz: there would have been no other way to get an original player from roster
HRG hertz: technosex doesnt have a pc
HRG hertz: i cant believe u cant let this slide man
Killing in the Name #esea: osrry

Killing in the Name #esea: hands are tied
Killing in the Name #esea: I would let it slide
Killing in the Name #esea: but I can't

Before the season even began I asked killing and kalkin if i could move the HRG roster from invite to IM, to avoid this dumb situation but they would not let me even though the only invite player was me, and i wasn't going to blatantly stack a team, but play with people who wanted to improve, and we are currently 3-2

We played the matches with the original people we could get to play, our first match was a ffw so that doesn't count towards the rule, and the second match thorn had lost internet but luckily techdude was able to play for us. so we played 2/4 first matches with 2 original players and 2/4 matches with 1 original players.. clearly we were not trying to evade this rule.

Trekkie was unable to play this week due to work and school, so we played luccious and thorn, thorn of which is one of the original players.

there was no way we could have fielded 2 of the original players because technosex did not have a computer and all the other original members were on other rosters

We spent all this money on esea premium, league fees, and league fees for the players we had to use just for the rule, and all to just play this season as a team and we can't

This is bullshit and I am pretty fucking mad that this is gonna happen to my team, we all wanted to play out the season, and be able to compete in playoffs. This being a first esea season for a few members with a stable team, the fact we will be unable to play is just shitty

end rant

posted about 7 years ago
#156 I am Platinum, AMA in TF2 General Discussion

As a pocket, generally when do you find yourself using shotgun?

posted about 8 years ago
#58 The skill_detector Returns! in TF2 General Discussion
skill_detectorrate me scout
What team were you on? I know a few people named Rick, just making sure you are the one I'm thinking of.

HRG rick, I've only recently started to play scout you can rate me on demo, whatever

posted about 8 years ago
#42 The skill_detector Returns! in TF2 General Discussion

rate me scout

posted about 8 years ago
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