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#528 The Side Porn Show in Videos


posted 8 months ago
#1 Selling 2 Serveme.tf 6 month premium codes in TF2 General Discussion

dd5f and I have won 2 serveme premium codes for 6 months in the ultiduo tournament, but we do not need them
So we're selling them each for 5€
In comparison you can buy them on the website itself for 9€.

These are EU only, as arie has informed me that they're region-specific

EDIT: Both codes are gone

posted 8 months ago
#126 favorite team you've ever played for? in TF2 General Discussion
MarosArctic Foxes

Can only agree my friend <3

Also in Highlander, Strong-Opinions.
We went to deutschLAN and Copenhagen Games together :)

posted 8 months ago
#6 Ascent.EU saw opportunity with Connor as Nursey steps down in News

I feel like this happens everytime Nursey decides to play in EU

She feels motivated
Plays in NA and EU
Realizes how much TF2 she actually has to play
Gets burnt out and quits the EU team
Repeat after a few seasons

posted 8 months ago
#27 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
directstar1Planning to fly to Austria, any tourist spots you would recommend?

Dachstein Skyline
But if you're not near that, just in general the scenery.
The lakes, the mountains, all of the forests.
Salzburg also has a lot to show and obviously Vienna

14thEagleSo how does a raptor have the armlength to type?

Who says I use my hands :)

On the way home now, doing good so thanks to everyone for distracting me <3

posted 9 months ago
#24 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
AustinNStream back when??

Most of the time I'm busy with stuff that is
a) not interesting for a stream
b) cannot show it on stream

But I'll for sure to setup my stream so I can stream whenever I play a pug or dbl mix

Currently my internet is also fucked and I'm playing on wifi so that's another reason

posted 9 months ago
#22 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
crackbabydumpsterBiggest frog?

I'm not quite sure what that means, maybe I'm just stupid

DoughyWhat kinda thing you want to do in esports? Something on the front like casting/analysing on desks, or something behind the scenes like marketing/logistics?

I don't think I'd ever be able to cast to a level you need at a professional level just cause I'm not a native speaker
I think if I'd do something I'd either do something in the sort of management/marketing
Though the dream is and will always be to be a player.

And yes I'm well aware that I won't be able to be professional player in a game like TF2

posted 9 months ago
#19 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
AelkyrI think your hair would look good in purple, have you considered it ?

I actually thought about dyeing it a color but I didnt know which one.
Purple is a good suggestion

zxpHave you seen Bojack Horseman s5?

No I haven't actually
To be honest, I haven't watched any season of it, though I plan on as the people I've been in croatia with have basically crucified me when I told them I haven't watched the series before

posted 9 months ago
#18 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
Casualyou can't kill Time. Time kills you

Damn, you're right

Surnyhow's life

Pretty good, there's nothing that I can complain about
Just came back from 6 days in croatia and now straight into the operation
I'm going to school in the evening and the reason why is already very complicated to explain in German so even harder in English

kKaltUuWhat are your big goals in life for the next few years?

The obvious goal is to finish school, which should be next summer and after that either study something, though I'm not 100% what yet or get a job while I'm working hard towards my dream which is making a living in esports

I'm allowed to leave the hospital in about 1 hour and 30 minutes btw
No pain so far, hopefully it stays that way

posted 9 months ago
#12 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
Crymado you understand life? do you?

Eeeeh 42

posted 9 months ago
#11 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
SnackInsane coincidence considering I was in the emergency room yesterday for another pneuomothorax (I'm okay btw) :D

Hope you get better regardless of what your surgery was for! I haven't seen you play any ultiduo recently. You still a fan of the gamemode? Who's your ulti boyfriend right now?

Damn hope you're gonna be fine too

Maan I actually haven't played ultiduo in a while, the only time I get asked is when Morrow needs someone to play
But dd5f forever <3

posted 9 months ago
#8 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
driftahow did it feel when murloc jonny popped your head off midair?

If someone doesn't know what he's talking about
First I couldn't believe what the fuck happened and then I just smashed my keyboard writing random letters being hyped myself for that shot

gibuswhen i saw the title i thought you meant that you were about to kill someone

I'm sorry for the bait

posted 9 months ago
#5 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic
YeeHawwhy didnt you ever heal me

I only heal good players, not DM lords :')

jamalWhat was the meanest thing b4nny said to you when playing with SVIFT?

After losing the grand final he said to me
"I hope one day you learn how to flash more than 1 player"
Though no hate between us two as he bought me a drink later

posted 9 months ago
#1 Time to kill, Ask Me Anything in Off Topic

I just had an operation (though for now I'd like to keep the reason private)
And I have 4 hours to kill so I decided to just post here
So go ahead and ask me anything
(thanks for the inspiration snack)

posted 9 months ago
#19 vis where u gone bro? in Off Topic

Yeah V!s also talks about ultiduo, cmon guys

posted 10 months ago
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