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#38 cp_metalworks Official Feedback Thread Mark 2.0 in Map Discussion
MankyFuck this burger map

do you want anyfing from macdondald


posted 4 months ago
#2 cp buff (formerly cp_bluff) in Map Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#25 CP_CHAD [5cp] in Map Discussion

just have a nearly endless loop of granary/gullywash dropdown combos that end with a vent dropdown into the intel room of pro turbine, where you can never leave because you've fallen into hell

posted 8 months ago
#19 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

probably because the smiley face links to a scam website

posted 8 months ago
#15 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

Updated to B1. There was also an A5 and A6 that got updated too rapidly to update properly on the tf2maps page.

A lot of stuff changed from A4 to B1, including new routes, new forward spawn exits, a bunch of minor geometry tweaks, and, of course, beginning detailing, including a dope aurora particle in the skybox thanks to exactol/fubar.

posted 9 months ago
#24 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

Fixed issues found by HOI

posted 9 months ago
#14 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

1. The original reason for the one-way shutter was because, in previous testing, without the shutter being there, the enemy team would frequently abuse the stairway room. So far it's the most eloquent way I could think of (for now) to make the stair rooms far more oriented towards the team that side of the map belongs to.
2. Fair enough. I noticed that some of the routes out of the team houses weren't used very often as well, which may or may not contribute to that feeling, not entirely sure myself.
3. Testing seemed to show the mid being very back and forth across practically every version. I can see where you're coming from though due to the point being indoors and there being a lot of small doorways and passages. Almost 0 good koth maps have indoor mids with highground that close to the objective. There's been practically no precedent for a good indoor koth point yet, so who knows?
4. The reason for the eight or so entrances into the mid room (and the highround/point setup) was my attempt to circumvent the problems that typically plague indoor koth mids. Maps like Suijin and Harvest have incredibly claustrophobic mid rooms with highground that is either difficult to access or easy to control by the team that owns the point, and very few entrances, leading to some serious chokes. I did the aforementioned things in hopes of giving both teams a fair chance of manipulating the highground regardless of who owns the point and to eliminate some of the chokiness/claustrophobia. Seems however that I might not have it up to par just yet.

I see where you're coming from with a lot of those points and partially agree with some of them, the above is just my explanations for why the map is currently how it is (and how it will end up is always subject to change).

posted 9 months ago
#11 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

Kinda piggybacking off of Hyce when I say this, but I'd love to hear what the folks at ETF2L thought of Ordinance during the pre-season cup.

posted 9 months ago
#7 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

Updated to A4, new screens and changelog on TF2Maps:

posted 9 months ago
#13 cp_workflow (5cp) in Map Discussion

you should borrow yrzzy's ring capture point hologram for that new mid since the point hologram would be hidden by the water tank
looks fantastic so far otherwise

posted 10 months ago
#6 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

Updated to A3a, where the connecting ramp in the last lobby is now wider, so you can use it without triggering the shutter door nearby.

posted 10 months ago
#1 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

Map made with help from Hyce, Lucrative, and Luc's pugging friends/King's Crew discord.

You can find everything about it here (TF2Maps):

Current version: A4

posted 10 months ago
#10 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

Map updated to B5. See the tf2maps thread for download and changelog.

posted 10 months ago
#9 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

I have a B5 in the works that fixes the invisible wall and slightly adjusts cover on the fence rock so that if you're sniping from the window, you can't get a good view of the 1st floor tower exit. Let me know if there's any other things I can touch up on for B5 before I release it.

posted 10 months ago
#1 koth_ordinance in Map Discussion

Thanks to testing from TF2maps (in alpha) and Lucrative and his buds/Kings Crew/etc (in beta, so far), I'm ready to put up this uniquely-structured koth map. This map deviates significantly from the traditional (Viaduct) formula, mainly at mid, with the point being set on the low ground in a large building with several different entrances at different heights, as well as a few other unique design choices.

Map thread (contains download link):

Current version is B5a

posted 10 months ago
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