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#8 where all my pre-2010 gamers at? in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 2 years ago
#64 i58 GF: Crowns eSports Club vs. Full Tilt in Matches

Team Fortress 2!!!!!!!!!!

posted about 7 years ago
#59 Odd tf2 related dreams? in Off Topic

I became so engrossed in prophunt I would daydream where I could hide myself as a cone or a piece of wood in sneaky locations.

Not a dream...uhh daydream? I guess ?

posted about 7 years ago
#98 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

The golden age of competitive TF2 was 2009-2013.

Complexitys and EGs of our time
The Platinums...the Destros...the Yz50s
4 Divisions we had ONCE

posted about 8 years ago
#106 Froyotech i55 Fundraiser Update in TF2 General Discussion

Nothing to add really....
Just seeing who's down for some prophunt? I really have a hankering for some prophunt

posted about 9 years ago
#6 Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide in Off Topic

Five-to-four? I beat the spread!

posted about 9 years ago
#9 Fun things to do with my gf when I get swole?? in The Dumpster

Your parents failed you

posted about 9 years ago
#8 musicians? in Off Topic

I've been playing guitar for about 14 years now. I've been in metal bands and jam bands...but finally have a nice acoustic act with some old friends that's able to generate money. We play 2 shows a week consistently (mostly bars and restaurants). It's not a career but it's something!


Here is us at a Halloween show last year. I'm playing the bass then

posted about 9 years ago
#19 Mad Max: Fury Road in Music, Movies, TV

Just got back from seeing it. Solid 8/10 for me. Awesome action sequences.
It became pretty stale halfway through the movie, but when they decided to head back to the citadel it definitely got my adrenaline pumping again.

posted about 9 years ago

big sal

posted about 9 years ago
#129 Valve and Competitive TF2 in News



posted about 9 years ago
#49 Best 6v6 map in Map Discussion


Remembering the old days of watching Pandemic/coL/20ID matches on gpit ....God damn those were good times.

I absolutely loved the strategies and big plays people would come up with and how much time was spent into theory crafting shit....

It truly felt like I was playing something unique. ://///

The final airshot battles on point C was icing on the cake. So epic! Fuck!

posted about 9 years ago
#152 Attention Twitch Streamers in Off Topic

So ...Team Fortress 2 looks like it will have its best season yet!

posted about 9 years ago
#16 thrones in Off Topic

^ what a nerd

posted about 9 years ago
#38 TF2 pickup lines in Off Topic

"Come on me"
"I need you to come on me"
"We can come in the rear"

posted about 9 years ago
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