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#21 A New Dawn for Morning Light in News

So happy for soapy

posted 1 month ago
#117 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion
Amaterasu1. TF2Center bans are not related to ETF2L bans or ETF2L Admins in any way, unless they mirror ETF2L bans. We shared BlueBunny as a staff member back then, but we handled cases independently. He got banned for not uploading specific demos too often iirc, it's been too long. It was lifted again some time after BlueBunny left their staff and she left ours earlier this year as well.

That isn't correct she told people he was hacking and that was why he was banned. It caused a huge drama at the time as internal ETF2L AC information was shared around which 100% shouldn't have been. And while all this had nothing to do with the case right now (and the person responsible is longer with the team) it is a big reason why there is a perception of someone being persecuted.

I'm sorry that you have received the level of personal abuse that you have. People suck.

posted 1 month ago
#81 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion

I have never seen a ban where so many people are unsure whether or not the guy actually hacked and I think the way ETF2L is run lately plays a big part into that.

  • It was weird he was banned from TF2Center a year before his ETF2L ban because of an AC admin.
  • It was weird that the Head AC admin made a twitter post celebrating his ban and then streamed immediately after referencing the ban to get more viewers.
  • It was weird that everyone knew they wanted him banned for the last 6 months

The AC admins are meant to be seen as neutral and when you start doing stuff like that you are undermining that neutrality. Oh and maybe change the rules regarding demos as they aren't fit for purpose anymore (too easily dodged and/or abused by the enemy team).

posted 1 month ago
#44 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion

Mia regressing into SuddenlyStarMia a little more every time she throws playoffs.

posted 4 months ago
#96 ETF2L Ban Policy in TF2 General Discussion
quake1337poor poor "underaged girl" that also claims to be married to "an older man" while also simultaneously egirling to high profile players, sounding like a very bad weeb voice changer and also throwing her team's matches by purposefully localmuting combo players and dropping them during ubers
it's unreal how much you victimize yourself with absolutely zero awareness of how much of it is your own fault.. that, or you have full awareness of it and are seeking empathy that you really don't deserve.

This entire post just sums up everything I have against this ban.

It is obvious those screenshots were not shared around out of a genuine desire to protect Jan's memory. It was just someone who is obsessed with a girl and wanted to 'punish' her. Heck just look through this thread at the weird obsession about what gender the girl is to see what people can be like.

You can't police things that are said in private without relying on other people. Which leaves you open to terrible amounts of bias. For example in this case where on the exact same discord channel someone said something much worse ('nothing of value lost') about Jan after his death but there was no punishment. There was even an ETF2L admin reacting to jokes about Jan's death and doing nothing but later being involved in Nyars ban over comments that are significantly less inflammatory.

I would argue the ban and the reaction it it has damaged Jan's memory far more than what some kid wrote on a small teams discord channel. Honestly the whole thing is a bit of a joke.

posted 7 months ago
#211 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Probably going to regret posting this.

I feel like these community witch hunts are as much about hurting the person involved as they are about warning people about their actions. Someone coming out of a relationship and accusing their former partner of sexual assault 6 months before the split is a pretty complicated accusation to act on. If this had been handled a lot better by everyone it probably wouldn't have been resulted in a LAN being cancelled and a lot of people being out of money.

I should clarify that I think Dashner seems like a right cunt but the way this has been handled is really really ugly. The glee with which some people react to these things is going to kill the community.

posted 11 months ago
#30 What would you like to see in a "mix" website? in TF2 General Discussion
TamirHow would you feel about skill divisions in a mix site (e.g be mid and above to play this mix) (note that this will STILL give answers to low div players as well!! this is just to let other players play higher level mixes too)

Probably not worth the hassle as ELO systems are fucking hard work and the playerbase is so small. Just let higher level players use PugChamp and let this be something new.

Tamir2. How would you feel about a system forcing you to play medic (not RNG. the system will force everyone to play medic at some point with moderation so that everyone has practically played the same amount of games as medic (unless one volunteers to do so)

Sounds like a really good idea and the only way to keep a site like this active. Just make sure the system has failsafes to stop people being forced to med multiple times in a row

Tamir3. Should players be able to add up as specific classes, or get mixed and get medics decided only?

Use a preference order and have medic as a separate tickbox. Maybe something that comes up every time you ready up but you can change before clicking ready. Most classes are just random chance each game while medic looks at total games played since you were last medic (assuming two people haven't ticked medic).

A few other things

  • I would really like a system that is fully randomised in terms of picking peoples teams (not their classes). It would make things quicker, remove the responsibility of being captain and decrease the circlejerky vibe these kind of sites can create.
  • If things are totally random allow people to offer class switches within their team while waiting for server setup (similar to how you can switch champions in a MOBA).
  • Have separate pocket and flank scout in preferences to help assign roles and improve gameplay.

I guess I basically would like TF2PL with class preferences, random teams and some kind of system to assign medics fairly.

posted about a year ago
#330 TF2 Pro League in Projects

So in the EU right now the amateur and advanced divisions are basically dead. Amateur has had 3 games in a week and advanced even less. Beginner is still chugging along reasonably healthy. Here are a few reasons why the system failed/ how it could be fixed.

  • The skill divisions are too inflexible which leads to longer queue times. If a queue has been going on for longer than 15 minutes it should try to pick up people from a division below or allow people from a division above to join with their players suffering increased ELO damage if they play. The focus should always be on getting games started quickly otherwise the system will eventually die.
  • 3/4 was too many division for the EU which had half the player base of NA. The combination of this with other problems (inflexible divisions etc) lead to many people not being able to play.
  • People being unable to pick their class or have their class picked for them them lead to many people not playing or helped create a really toxic atmosphere which lead to people not playing. I don't think you can have a system like this be successful without some kind of class picking.
  • In the EU sorting out the divisions at the start took far too long and just lead to people leaving.
  • Allowing EU/NA players to queue onto each others hubs if a game hasn't started in 15 minutes would help games start quicker.

There were other problems as well but I think these were the main ones that actually had solutions. It really is a pity to see no more games happening as for a week or two I quite enjoyed the experience and it helped me get back into TF2.

posted about 2 years ago
#18 ETF2L replacing Sunshine with Cardinal (also money in TF2 General Discussion

What is the point of playing Cardinal? When new maps come along and do well (Process) you feel it straight away and even the ones that improve over time (Snake, Sunshine) you can at least see the potential there from day 1. This maps design is so meh that there is no potential for it to be a regular map so why ruin people’s enjoyment for two weeks?

posted about 2 years ago
#195 Why it’s time to say goodbye to TF2Center in TF2 General Discussion

I have no sympathy for either of them. It is basically a backlash to a year and a half of petty admin abuse which has spiralled into something more. I feel a lot of NA players simply haven't seen how vile those two can be. For example the worst example of abuse to a new player I have seen in my 700+ lobbies was masternoob screaming at some poor kid because his team was being rolled about a year back.

The anger isn't really achieving much, and I don't really want to be a part of it, but it isn't without cause.

posted about 5 years ago
#22 Who is leaving? in TF2 General Discussion

There are always old players leaving and new ones coming in. Has always been like that. However it is a 7 year old game and things will slowly start to fade away. For Europe it has already started to happen imo.

posted about 6 years ago