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posted 3 months ago
#83 ETF2L and the Fresh Meat Challenge #2 in TF2 General Discussion

"There will be a zero tolerance policy towards those who try to bypass the eligibility rules through means such as using alternative accounts or attempted fraud and those who do attempt this will be punished with lengthy bans and see their teams disqualified from the tournament." - yea sure zero tolerance Digital Warfare Juniors were caught twice and still able to play :thinking:

posted about a year ago
#1 ETF2L and the Fresh Meat Challenge #2 in TF2 General Discussion

The Fresh Meat Challenge #2 is a competition hosted by ETF2L. As the name suggests, the tournament is aimed at players wanting to get into competitive 6s. The prize pool is 120 keys, so there is some money on the line. Me and my friends decided to participate.

In the round of 16 in play-offs, we faced off against a Ukrainian team named [ՈoᗯЛаЯ ᗰOлЛИ]( We ended up losing the 2 maps, but the enemy team had a suspicious player in their roster. [Match link]( They had a private profile and were singlehandedly carrying the team to victory. We decided to report it to ETF2L admins, after which they banned him for being over experienced and gave us a default win, thus advancing us to the quarter finals. We were obviously pretty happy about that and we thought it was just an isolated incident.

In the quarterfinals, we fought a team called Digital Warfare Juniors. In the group stage, they played with a player that ended up being a cheater. ( ) The cheater was rostered on their team, however, the admins only gave them a default loss. Not even a warning. But alright, I get it, they may not be aware that their teammate's cheating, because maybe they didn't told them, so I'll give the admins a pass on that.
In the match we played against that team, they played with a guy named nicoapkm. So what's wrong with this player? He had UGC Platinum experience. - nicoapkm UGC record , he was playing plat games for example - .Since this is a competition for newer players, using a platinum player in a match is obviously forbidden. Again, the player was rostered, it wasn't a merc. How did the admins even let them be in the team in the first place? They said they checked every team's profile the day before the competition to ensure every overexperienced player was kicked from the competition. Obviously, when we discovered that, we were pretty pissed, but also we were expecting another default win.The player got kicked from the team, however, the team was still in the tournament, and we were not given the win.Its weird that the winning team is the the one with biggest number of alt accounts/cheaters/overexpirienced players.Fixing everything after the event ends is pointless...

I just want people responsible for making decisions to do the right decisions, nothing more.

posted about a year ago