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#68 blessed videos in Off Topic


posted 2 months ago
#13 Message in a Bottle in TF2 General Discussion

I don't remember why I added you or you added me (I think it had to do with a pub), but you were someone who was always there and ready to add up with in an era of a lot of real-life turbulance.

posted 5 months ago
#1 The World's First Pro Valorant Team in Off Topic


posted 5 months ago
#300 TF2 Players that went on to greater adventures. in TF2 General Discussion

Even though he is virtually unknown within the current comp TF2 circle, technoblade nonetheless was a former 6s/comp TF2 player who went on to become a Minecraft youtuber who now has over 1,000,000 subscribers and is best known for his skill at the game. It wouldn't be that far of a stretch to call him the Ninja of Minecraft given his rapid rise to the top and aforementioned skill

posted 9 months ago
#9850 stream highlights in Videos


posted 9 months ago
#113 What's TurboTabs running away from? in Off Topic


posted 11 months ago
#7 2019 TOTH Appreciation Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Shoutout to truktruk's stream community which made the minecraft map

posted 11 months ago
#11 Tip of the Hats 2019 - Day 1 in Events

day 2 is stacked, I’m so glad I can see all of it

posted 11 months ago
#5 Insomnia65: Day 2 in Events

goodbye se7en and goodbye b4nny

posted about a year ago
#15 i65 memes/copypasta thread in LAN Discussion


posted about a year ago
#11 who is the shortest TF2 player? in Off Topic


posted about a year ago
#21 TFCL ceases operations in News


posted about a year ago
#20 weird / guilty youtube pleasures in Off Topic

Technology Connections
Probably more niche than weird but his videos are well-informed and entertaining, without being flashy at all

Sometimes i’ll watch minecraft videos when I’m bored (especially xisumavoid’s content, which is well-rounded) or rewatch some of kliksphilip’s videos on counterstrike or other games

posted about a year ago
#269 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

To gauge this community's opinion

IMO, a rollback would certainly be a hard pill to swallow for players (no one on earth would want a cool freebie taken from them) but like other people said above me, overabundance = less demand = a dead sector of the economy

posted about a year ago
#197 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

Fuck me, I can’t use the market until 8pm today because I made a purchase last week, but any purchase I made before then is more than a year old so it’s disabled. My luck amazes me sometimes

posted about a year ago
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