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#26 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-added flank routes from jams > under cliff
-reworked cliff to accommodate the new flank
-reduced the size of the highground around mid to make it a more risky spot for jump classes
-extended the mid shack structure towards the right to allow for more cover and to reduce snipers effectiveness peeking from cliff
-moved the right entrance to mid slightly to the right to kill a sightline created with the new cover changes

posted 4 days ago
#25 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-adjusted clipping and the new cover so snipers cant get on top of the mid shacks
-block bulleted the cover near point so it doesnt eat splash damage
-lowered skybox over mid slightly

posted 6 days ago
#1 thread name change in Requests

hey, can you rename thread:


to: "koth_ramjam_v2" instead?

thank you!

posted 1 week ago
#23 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-added more cover around the point to reduce sniper effectiveness especially from bats
-nerfed cliff sightlines to reduce sniper effectiveness around cliff
-slightly lowered cliff
-reworked the fence covers near cliff to block players from jumping on top of them, gaining big sightlines
-reworked detail geometry to allow easier bomb spots for soldiers
-clipping imporvements to make bombing easier for soldiers
-lowered jams slightly to add more of a disadvantage to turtling there
-opened up the windows on top of jams / cubbies to make turtling inside jams riskier
-reduced the indoor size of jams and filled the front corner with props to make it harder to hide inside
-slightly rised the displacements around point to give point a bit more advantage over jams as well as to block a few sightlines
-slightly brightened the shadowy areas to improve visibility

posted 1 week ago
#22 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-added nobuilds on ramps leading to point to prevent un-fun minisentry headglitching

posted 1 month ago
#21 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-fixed red respawnroom visualizer that was blocking the spawn door
-minor lighting tweaks

posted 1 month ago
#19 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion

Also if there are any mods around who can change thread names, if thats even possible, this thread can be renamed to simply koth_ramjam_v2.

posted 1 month ago
#18 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


Naming changed to v2 from reborn to simplify things. This map is to replace the original ramjam once in RC.

There were a couple of tested alpha releases that werent released publicly mostly because I was too lazy to upload them.

-first detail pass
-right side and jam entrance rework
-the ramp on the right side of mid shacks is back, this should make dry pushing the point easier as teams are not forced to use the left side road and can instead switch around efficiently from right to left, making the gameplay more dynamic and not only rely on ubers for pushes.
-whole mid widened by about 128 units on the right side where the ramp is located, this should make the ramp less chokey as a push option
-left side entrance to cliff was moved slightly to kill a nasty sightline from cliff -> left most entrance to lobby from spawn.
-cover inside lobby slightly reworked to nerf sightlines
-right side spawn reworked for easier escapes from main shutter
-spawns lowered slightly as they were un-neededly-high up in relation to the lobby

Images of changes (b1)

posted 1 month ago
#15 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#14 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


a8 was not a public release so here are the changes up to a9.

-lowered jams slightly to reduce the height advantage from jam to point
-simplified jam interior and reduced its size quite a lot, this should make holding the point by turtling inside the jams much harder
-widened yard between lobby and point by 128 units as some areas felt really cramped to rotate trough with the point high ground right next to them
-added some cover on the railings where the ramp used to be, this blocks some really long sightlines and makes rotating behind point feel safer
-lowered cubbies slightly now that jams have less height advantage
-lowered the capture time slightly
-blocked a couple of nasty sniper sightlines
-widened shacks a bit to increase cover on point
-moved the wall behind jams slightly to give spies some de-cloak space
-slightly increased cliff height advantage
-displaced entire mid for smoother movement overall
-reworked cliff side exit to give players pushing out of the lobby some highground againts possible forward holds on cliff
-widened the jam side exit from lobby to make it harder for forward holders to lock it down completely
-reworked the right side high ground behind jams to make it flow a bit better
-reworked spawn room floor layout a bit to encourage players to use the right side exit as the "main" exit out of spawn
-clippin' and blockbulletsin'

Images of changes (a9)

posted 2 months ago
#13 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-extended the area between spawns and lobby slightly
-reworked the left side cliff area to make sniper less op and still allow good cover for rotations
-slightly buffed the cubbies above point by widening them, also removed the signs which should make plays up there riskier, but allow for more options.
-made access to cubbies slightly easier for scouts with a walkable pipey boi
(this also allows engineers access to cubbies with a simple dispenser jump, so the cubbies and shack roofs were made no-build)
-added no-build to main shutters so engineers can't jam sentries inside the door
-added a window with visibility between cubbies and jams
-slightly widened the right side wooden platform near the jams to buff its usefulness in pushes
-added a few crate props to give some more cover from long sniper sightlines
-extended the small awnings on top of the shack AC units a tiny bit to make it a more appealing rollout for scouts to get on top of the shack roofs.
-redid spawn points for both teams to make sure spawn priority is fully symmetrical, also moved spawn priority towards the right side of spawn as it has the most straight-line rollout into main
-added small healthkits on the drop down rooms as a slight buff to anyone who wants to jump up them
-cap zone was widened a tiny tiny bit as it bothered me its edges werent nice and flush with the shack support beams, not that it really affects gameplay

Images of changes (a7)

pls go run some test matches and let me know what sucks

posted 2 months ago
#7 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-fixed big boi shutter clipping issue
-moved the left side ramp up to cliff a bit and added some cover to it, this should allow players to rotate to cliff much more safely
-simplified the right side hallway and dropdrown room by combining them into one space, as there was really no reason to have them separate
-added tiny ledges to the left side after the cliff that scouts may use to jump up top to the cubbies, these are mostly to test if scout players even want to have access up there
-added resuply cabinets back to blue spawn, no idea where those disappeared to

Okay I'm done pumping out new versions like a maniac

posted 3 months ago
#6 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-redesigned the left flank door leading to house with a high ground cliff thing, this should make the entire flow of the map less hectic as the geometry now funnels players towards the point and you are actually able to take cover inside the houses, this should also make un-noticed flanks much more infrequent
-moved pickups into safer fall back positions and adjusted their sizes
-added small health pickups on the mid cubbies to encourage jump classes to use them
-added some more cover around the cap
-slightly adjusted the signs on the cap to allow scouts to jump on the shack roofs easier
-widened the main ramp to the cap and smoothed it out some

posted 3 months ago
#3 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


-moved the spawns away from the point and extended the size of lobby
-rised spawns higher to reduce the possibility of spawn camping
-switched the door to the balcony around to shorten some nasty sightlines
-removed the 2nd smaller shutter from garage, as it really served no purpose

posted 3 months ago
#1 koth_ramjam_v2 in Map Discussion


A remake of ramjam but this time its not so god-awfully oversized. Originally this was started in like 2017 but never got around to working on it more, but since OzFortress showed some interest in trying out ramjam again I decided to give it another go.

Most of the testing has been done by the RGL HL map test pugs and OzFortress map testers.

Feedback welcome, currently b3

Download (b3)
Images of changes (b3)

posted 3 months ago
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