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#167 No Hats Mod in Customization
shinsoIs this updated for Winter 2019?

Scroll up a bit and this should be:


Or the thread for it: https://www.teamfortress.tv/51736/cleantf2-nohats-flat-textures-etc

posted 5 days ago
#8 need help with settings in Q/A Help

try this https://pastebin.com/hJr2rHeu

posted 6 days ago
#39 Harassment in this community: It needs to stop. in TF2 General Discussion
ScratchhI said this, I didn’t defend myself. I openly admitted that what I did was wrong and I apologized like 4 times in the post. My post was entirely based on me clearing up misconceptions and false information.

I don't think this was the intention but when I read it, it comes off a bit as "I apologize for it, but it didn't happen, or it wasn't a big deal, or it wasn't me, or it was your fault it happened." A lot of it can easily be taken as a defense, so I can't blame anyone for taking it as you defending yourself.

e: in retrospect this was giving way too much benefit of the doubt, now that the thread's been locked and scratch doubled down hard, I'd like to make it clear that his "apology" shouldn't fly

VisWhere did you even read me telling all the trans people to stop being so sensitive? I told this particular person so, because the reasons over which they got upset are really nothing compared to what other people are subject to, this is the lightest form of harassment she has endured and it already hit her very badly. You said it yourself, they are under fire in their everyday lives, taking everything so personally is literally a death sentence.

Why is this met with "ok harassment sucks but the real problem here is how much she dislikes being harassed, I think she should be harassed more before she gets upset" and not "why the fuck is there harassment in our small community?"

However much harassment you think someone should be able to take is completely moot because we should strive to not have harassment in the first place.

posted 1 week ago
#5 How do you customize your own captions? in Q/A Help
I did. And so far when I changed the captions it didn't change it in-game. It only uses the old ones

Sounds like you changed the .txt but didn't get it to compile properly. If so, using a compile script or dropping the .txt on common\Team Fortress 2\bin\captioncompiler.exe should compile it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 How do you customize your own captions? in Q/A Help

clovervidia's resources are the most complete:

There's also some stuff to help further:

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 What happens after you die in The Dumpster
sheepy_dogs_handIs there actually a heaven or hell or is it just nothing like before you were born? I don't understand why everyone exists if there is nothing after death.

If this is a "how can other things exist if all I see is nothing" then it's more along the lines of you not being there to interpret and comprehend it. Everything still happens, even if you can't observe it, in the same way that stuff is still happening on the other side of the world even if I'll never see it.

If it's a "why do people do things if it's all meaningless in the end" then I'd just argue why wouldn't you? The idea of "I want to be happy and make others happy, so I should do that" doesn't suddenly change because things aren't permanent. Whether I stop existing or I go to an afterlife, decades down the road, doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I want to be happy and helpful right now.

sheepy_dogs_handIf you die without achieving anything meaningful like most then what is the point of living a failure of a life in the first place. I don't know if God is testing me for a reason or if it's just stupid self pitying for no reason at all.

I'm no therapist but I think it's a bit unhealthy to consider "not having a lasting legacy and major impact in the world = failure". The reality is pretty much everyone has a noticeable impact in their circles of friends and communities they belong to. You don't need history books written about you to be a success and have a good life.

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Antivirus hindering my style in Hardware

An ad blocker and not going to shady places / downloading shady shit is far more effective than antiviruses. If you want more security you can disable scripts in your browser or sandbox it. This of course isn't perfect and it just covers the most common vectors, but an antivirus won't have as good of a success rate as just not doing anything that could get you a virus.

If you are the kind of person who looks at their virus report and notices they've had 0 viruses found for the fifth year in a row, you don't really need that antivirus's active protection scanning everything (can still run a manual check every once in a while if you want). And if you do get loads of viruses reported, you should change up your habits to not rely on an antivirus since odds are it didn't catch everything anyway.

Of course, linux is an option too.

posted 3 weeks ago
#32 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
yak404I say no but it generates flat textures?????????

I think I've found and fixed the root cause of this, at least I've been able to reproduce it and pushed what fixed it to github. If everyone that's run into this could try it now, it should hopefully work.

TwistyEdit* Works fine in sv_pure 2, but not sv_pure 0, is that normal?

Works fine as in: appears like default, appears grainey, or appears flat?

Hopefully the above fix for generate.bat going with every option also fixes this, but I'm still not reproducing it so I can't say for sure.

ivan_I actually kinda like that, though if u play spy it's probably bad not to see the razorback.

If you want to do this still, you can go into dev/lists/nohats_weapons.txt and remove everything from there.

posted 3 weeks ago
#28 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
AdjeI'm not sure if this is intentional, but I can not see any of the Sniper backpacks (Cozy Camper, Razorback, Darwin's Danger Shield) when using the nohats option (headsfeet).

That's my bad, it should now be fixed. I think I've gotten all the "cosmetic" weapons covered but I've been bouncing between a few things today and might've missed something.

BrimstoneAll the vtf files in the materials folder seem to be generating, but they're all listed as 1 KB. I'm guessing there's that imagemagick issue mentioned in the troubleshooting document but I'm not sure what you mean by reinstalling, as there was nothing to install to begin with.

1KB means that it's resizing properly, so imagemagick is at least somewhat functional. Just a wager that one of the exe's is working fine but the other is half-breaking. By reinstall I mean downloading the imagemagick portable zip and extracting it to the dev folder.

posted 3 weeks ago
#24 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization

I've updated a few things:

  • added verification step that checks if generator.bat can find the necessary vpk's (basically checking if cleantf2plus is in custom), like Zetos mentioned
  • made flat textures and all model removals inform you of their progress, like Zetos mentioned
  • attempted auto-detection and warning for weird behaviour some people (Adje) experienced. I can't confirm whether it'll work because it doesn't apply to my machine, but if you do experience it should just be a warning and let you still use the generator.bat (but you should mention it to me because it'll probably cause issues still).
Zetosand instead of a "Help" prompt, just place their descriptions there, since they're so short and there are few options to skim through.

This is the one thing I'm iffy on. I think the help system should stay, it's not really needed right now but if/when the descriptions get long in the future it'd be better to have everything already in place.

HrblsThanks for this fantastic work as usual.

Our of interest, how does the generator distinguish between Hats that should be kept for headsfeet and those that should be removed when generating?

Everything in this is a list of files and folders, essentially. There's a list for everything that should be used in nohats, and then there's another list for the things to take out from headsfeet (which just deletes those files, which might seem slow or impractical but is better for a few reasons -- updates are easier and it's actually faster anyway).

Nohats is mostly update-proof, since it's unlikely for new hats to be added into a new folder instead of existing ones that are already covered, but headsfeet would need to be manually updated whenever there's a new head/foot cosmetic added. It's not ideal (I was considering a python script to generate the list from items_game.txt, which I might still do to update the headsfeet list but I don't want everyone using cleantf2plus to also need python) but since it's just a line or two added to a text file that anyone could edit and send up a pull request for, it hopefully should be easier to manage making a new vpk each time.

:: Find TF2 install location in the registry
REM https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39940343/how-to-find-the-directory-of-an-executable-using-a-batch-file
(for /f "usebackq tokens=1,2,*" %%a in (`reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 440" /v InstallLocation`) do set TF2x86=%%c)>nul 2>&1
(for /f "usebackq tokens=1,2,*" %%a in (`reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 440" /v InstallLocation`) do set TF2x64=%%c)>nul 2>&1
set TF2Path=%TF2x64%%TF2x86%

Right now a lot of the setup assumes that it's in the custom folder, so making everything work with this might be a decent chunk of work to do. When the rest of the system's stable I'll probably try my hand at this, unless someone else contributes it.

posted 4 weeks ago
#20 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
catman1900I'm assuming it's windows only?

It's a plan to support linux with bash scripts, but I won't get the chance to work on that for a few weeks at the earliest. I don't have a mac rig to test on though, so it's not in the roadmap. Both are open to contributors if anyone is looking to convert them though.

TamirIs this supposed to improve FPS or just change the way the game looks?

Mostly change the way the game looks, but:

  • Model removals (mostly nohats) means there's less to render and can give a substantial fps increase.
  • Surfaceproperties.txt reduces particle effects and should give a minor fps boost.
  • Resized flat textures should increase GPU cache efficiency, though that's really hard to measure afaik. I don't know whether mipmaps take into account the texture size, if it does then it should help in sv_pure 2 as well, but otherwise it's only an optimization in sv_pure 0.

Unresized flat textures shouldn't have any fps change, and mtp.cfg and soundscape removal might help a little bit but I don't think they're anything close to bottlenecks.

posted 4 weeks ago
#17 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
Treshshould i use this with masterconfig, or is this a seperate fps config?

There's a very small overlap between this and mastercomfig (with the surfaceproperties.txt and whatnot), but the majority of it is compatible. This deals with mods that may or may not give fps but do clean things up a bit, without touching any actual cfg settings. I'd recommend using mastercomfig, and likewise mastercomfig's documentation references the old cleantf2.

_KermitWhen I try and generate anything, the flat textures gets as far as building_template then every following folder ie empty. Then nothing else gets generated at all, this is on Win7 if that makes any difference.

I wasn't expecting this many issues with people getting it working, I will try debugging things. Just as a note for flat textures, it should take very long (upwards of several minutes) because image operations are expensive and there's no real way around that when we're dealing with thousands of images.

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 is high dpi bad on low res in Hardware

Something to note though is that without raw input and at low fps potentially, if you move your cursor far enough that it hits the edge of the screen / moves overs to a secondary monitor, it will cause issues (negative accel by hitting the edge of the screen, losing focus on tf2 entirely by hitting the secondary monitor). Raw input doesn't run into this issue afaik, but I stand to be corrected.

You should use whatever dpi is native to your mouse sensor though, and that (depending on the sensor model) will usually range from 400-1600. The increase in granularity by increasing dpi and lowering sensitivity generally isn't worth it compared to potential issues from using non-native dpi's.

posted 4 weeks ago
#12 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
Racsohi every texture apart from props and characters are completely black what doAdjeEDIT: after about 15 minutes it finished everything but despite selecting I didn't want the flat textures my game looks like this now.

Just as some debugging, you wouldn't happen to be using a mac or linux would you? That might explain both the .bat file breaking with selecting options, and the actual scripts generating it failing (since it depends on running other scripts which run some imagemagick executables, which I'd wager is why everything appears black).

I didn't test thoroughly on other systems or with different setups, but it works on my machine™. If the issue is the OS until I can port it to .sh you might have to just ask for a vpk generated with the options you want. In Adje's case it'd be https://www.dropbox.com/s/f39abfzj072jzef/adje.zip?dl=1

gemmis this isolated to new vpks in the custom folder or does it modify stuff in place?

It modifies stuff in place normally, and then you can run pack_vpk.bat to create vpk's for it. Changing options will require running pack_vpk again to keep them up to date. The cleantf2plus folder will still be there, but the cleantf2 vpk's will be generated as well.

posted 4 weeks ago
#7 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization
glasswill this interfere with my current hud/cfg? should i take steps to reconcile them?

It won't do anything with your hud or cfg, this doesn't touch stuff like that.

sibbydoes this still require preloading?

Some of the model removals do, but the main ones don't. Player gibs / ejected shells / weapon gibs do, but nohats doesn't and everything else doesn't.

The big thing that required preloading in the old cleantf2 -- the unlit textures -- are considered "obsolete" in this version because tf2 updates stopped it from being preloading and it's very broken in sv_pure nowadays. It can still be enabled by going into the generate.bat and editing it, but I wouldn't recommend it.


I can't add screenshots until later tonight at least. Most of it should hopefully be pretty self explanatory, except for how flat textures works (sv_pure 0 is the same for both, sv_pure 1/2 looks default with unresized flat textures, and sv_pure 1/2 with resized textures looks like this but with lighting).

There are also some more things I need to list out to make flat (models, mostly) but that'll just be a few lines added into a file.

ivan_does the cleantf2 still break in sv_pure

Yes and no. Flat textures will either return to default (if not resized) or be grainey (if resized) and that's down to preference (I actually prefer the grainey to default, though I know I'm in the minority there). Everything else should be fine.

Breaking as in "some textures are fully lit, some are completely dark, and some are missing entirely" that you'd see with unlit in the old clean tf2 will still happen if you manually enable unlit textures, but you have to go out of your way and edit the generate.bat to do it.

posted 4 weeks ago
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