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#18 Pocket Medic for Keys in TF2 General Discussion

1 key for 15 mins is more than most prostitutes man.

posted 6 months ago
#8 Rocket jumping air strafing in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and videos. I went back to the jump in question it was jump 4 on apexv2 I believe. I did notice that I wasn’t aiming far enough behind but I’m stil having trouble getting enough momentum to clear the ending part to drop down into the hole. I was really stoned when I was playing the night before so maybe I was bugging about the holding strafe vs not and losing momentum. Also what bearodactyl said about holding strafe as I’m on the wall jumping was prlly also holding back my momentum. I will try these things out. Also the map with the alternating walls was cube jump C-1 I believe?

Also I have beat medium walls and medium pogo on jump academyv2 so while those do help I have gotten through them already.

posted 6 months ago
#1 Rocket jumping air strafing in TF2 General Discussion

I am starting to get fairly decent at rocket jumping and jump maps in general. I am starting to play some of the higher advanced jump maps and had a question about keeping or maintaining speed while rocket jumping. In some of the more difficult jump maps there are jumps where you need to jump off a right wall and either go up and to a left wall or go back and forth between left and right walls. I’m having trouble keeping up or maintaining my speed in order to get through the jump. While playing around with key movements I did notice that if I jump off a wall and begin to airstrafe I noticed my speed is slowed down while holding the strafe key as opposed to tapping it as I’m rocket jumping and then letting go until I reach the next wall. Unfortunately when tapping the key you have much less control in the air. Now I was wondering is this a technique that is used by a lot of jumpers? I obviously haven’t built up the muscle memory yet since I have just started experimenting with this type of jumping. Also any tips on how to increase or improve my air control using this method would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!

posted 6 months ago
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