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#8 Austin LFT Scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

I loved playing with my flank buddy. Austin has shown a load of improvement over this season and it’s pretty impressive imo he went from being just a player to a player. Austin will always manage to kill the medic. Whenever sacs failed I would spec him and watch him time after time walk and 2 shot the medic some incredible nonhuman way. He has good dm and he’s working to improve it. He’s also sick at offclassing if your team thrives off snipers. Can play in top IM as shown last season and he can easily play in main with the right team. I hope you get on a team that deserves you :D

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 pyxelize/carter in Recruitment (looking for team)

Pretty chill dude and has pretty sick rockets :D
-Product wet dreams

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Rodney and the Stangers: LF Scout (maybe Roamer) in Recruitment (looking for players)

they rape

posted 3 weeks ago
#127 describe your tf2 career in 3 words or less. in TF2 General Discussion

im lagging out

posted 4 weeks ago
#13 lfp main in Recruitment (looking for team)

pyx owns

posted 1 month ago
#94 RGL Intermediate S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

gg rodney good luck in finals

posted 1 month ago
#15 LFP i65 NA Lan Team in Recruitment (looking for players)

Where can i buy my custom jersey????

posted 4 months ago
#8 Antlers LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Can definitely pull of low im nowadays :] good luck brother in arms

posted 8 months ago
#5 Skype calls connecting to random people in Off Topic

what is skype

posted 9 months ago
#19 lft demo and medic IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

never played with either of them but i know juju has nuts DM and is working on his toxicity and all that shit but if you can take jokes hes probably worth trying out

posted 9 months ago
#28 Big data mining of TF2 logs in Projects
EntropyTFI really like the idea of a heatmap of death locations on various maps

This would be epic

posted 9 months ago

i got drunk as fuck lastnight and now my chronic headaches are even worse

posted 9 months ago
#28 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion

Thank you sigafoo. Probably the only person that's willing to big dick it and actually try to progress the game!
I love you now :D

posted 9 months ago
#11 Domain [5cp] in Map Discussion

this guy is fuckin epic

posted 9 months ago
#17 a formal apology. in Off Topic

you're still a god.

but where da cheeks bro??

posted 9 months ago
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