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#37 Quitting + my story in TF2 General Discussion

ppl are so obsessed with how they are perceived in this community and i think u showed that ur comfortable in ur own skin. will miss u french brother

posted 9 months ago
#35 Favourite team core of all time? in TF2 General Discussion
FactsMachineFunsme + condawg. relatively short lived but god that man made me feel things.
No love for Muuki flex?

whats flex

posted 9 months ago
#8 Please have S37 in autumn 2020. in TF2 General Discussion

As the div1 representation in this thread id like to say that all of us lil guys would love to play tf2 within the next 6 months also :)

posted 9 months ago
#14 ETF2L Season 37 in 2021 in TF2 General Discussion

if this decision goes through the eu scene will be super badly affected. a bunch of ppl have come back cus of covid and i assume at least some would also be intending to play next season too (with the assumption that next season is sometime soon). so you'll be losing these new (old) ppl as well as some of those who just don't want to wait.

posted 9 months ago
#7 lupus headshots in TF2 General Discussion
FactsMachineAlmost like hitscan is clientside and therefore leaves to differences in the model in the hitbox.

nice one nerd

posted 9 months ago
#2 ETF2L S36 Div 1 W6: BLOOMERS vs FIVE GUYS LIVE in Events
MakIf you like FIVE GUYS, you'll love FIVE GUYS LIVE. Introducing FIVE GUYS LIVE, the next level of your FIVE GUYS experience. It's totally live. Culinarily interactive. The ultimate custom burger at any franchise. Come eat with us at FIVE GUYS LIVE and get into the action.

posted 9 months ago
#11 covid is casued by [serious thread] in The Dumpster

ur a curious little fella arent u brock

posted 9 months ago
#2 Insomnia67 cancelled in News


posted 9 months ago
#3 My cousin came down with corona :( in Off Topic

if ur close enough with her for it to feel comfortable, offer to video call/ phone her imo. My work friend had covid and she said that all she wanted was to feel some sort of normality while it was going on.

posted 10 months ago
#3 PSA for scouts in TF2 General Discussion

flag checks out

posted 10 months ago
#18 etf2l admins in TF2 General Discussion

bring back bloodis and menty

posted 10 months ago
#15 Who has the highest voice in tf2? in Off Topic

which underage tf2 players havent hit puberty yet

posted 10 months ago
#68 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion
Haha team go sandbag


posted 10 months ago
#29 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion
nikoEoNnunya_flickhe also cheats on soldier its just less obviousyou've had your tftv account for a week and you're already my least favourite userhe will learn

you are no different

posted 10 months ago
#4 guilty pleasures ♫ in Music, Movies, TV

avril lavigne entire discography
(not guilty)

posted 11 months ago
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