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#5 Favourite team core of all time? in TF2 General Discussion
glassblaze+clockwork. so fun


posted 6 days ago
#10 hail putin in World Events

My favorite thing is when they say something like "This is totally untrue!!! Lies! Fake News!!" and then immediately turn around and complain about people "Leaking classified information" :-)

posted 1 week ago
#12 A possible solution to the TF2 bots in TF2 General Discussion

someone should make a mod of cathook that kills other cathook bots

posted 1 week ago
#10 Mixer moving to Facebook in Off Topic

Facebook seems like it's becoming a pretty sketchy platform in general. I.e., the inflated video viewership stuff.
No clue if this played a factor, but twitch just seems like the better choice :-/

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 fps config, based on research and not vpk in The Dumpster

tf2 is software and the people using it deserve to not need to deal with this:

cathook README.mdand a lot of useful features, including
Working hitscan nospread
Anti Backstab with option to use "No" voice command when spy tries to backstab you
Extremely customizable spam (you can make spam lines that'll include name of random dead enemy pyro or sniper)
Follow Bots
Navparser Bots (Walkbots than can walk on any map without manual configuration)
Working crit hack (Editors note: Not fully working on all weapons)
Automatic matchmaking
And many more features!

(my issue is that u seemingly use/support cathook, not that u fixed typos.)

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 fps config, based on research and not vpk in The Dumpster

u have contributed to cathook? big smh (PRs seem like only trivial typo fixes, but it implies u have used it?)

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Book recommendations? in Off Topic
Wandumthe overstory by richard powers
dune is nice if you like political intrigue and sci-fi

+1 for Good taste. U an eco person?

More science fiction-ish recommendations:
1. The Broken Earth Trilogy! (I've read the first two. Both were insanely good.)
2. U.K. Le Guins science fiction!
3. The Windup Girl!
4. I like Neal Stephenson's books, but some are maybe a bit much.

Personally didn't like the Foundation trilogy too much? I read them off-and-on over the course of like 2 years though.

posted 3 weeks ago
#143 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
fxfxfxfxThe reality is there are far more likely reasons (none of them justified) that cops abuse their powers -- like them being petty little shits that aren't very good at their job. Or maybe they are just scared shitless that they have to be surrounded by people that hate them. Or maybe they had their little ego hurt and want to get a few digs in. Or maybe Karen took the kids.

"Far more likely"? (Not that all or even most cops are racist, but) do you expect a bunch of often poorly educated people in a historically super racist country to not be frequently racist? You're ignoring the near unanimous experience of black people. If those were the actual causes for abuse of power, which seem unrelated to race, wouldn't white people have more stories to tell about it? The worst I've heard is when my dad got a ticket on Christmas Day for driving too slowly...
There's even been a bunch of stuff where machine learning algorithms were trained on historic data and end up being super racist, even when race isn't included as a data point because stuff like zip code is correlated with race (I hope you can figure out why!) This is a real thing that smart scientists are studying! (just mentioning that to affirm that there are people who recognize and care strongly about racism besides 19 year old liberal arts majors) Like... It is categorically undeniable that there are still massive race issues in the U.S.

posted 1 month ago
#9 what if scout had 4 shots in The Dumpster

What if solder had six rockets.

posted 2 months ago
#12 Winger should be banned. in The Dumpster

so does your mom

posted 2 months ago
#2 KovaaK / InterAccel settings help in Customization

Oh! I actually made a Linux version of this, so I have an idea of how it works! (it works with my mouse and it's a bit incomplete. I was actually planning to fix it up soon for all the sociopaths who game on Linux with mouse accel...)

What settings have you tried? I think you can match your tf2 accel pretty closely.
If you haven't tried them yet, these settings may work:
sens = 1
accel = 1.02 (or try .02)
sense cap, speed cap, or offset all set to 0
power = 2 (it subtracts 1 for some reason. Quake live does this too apparently, idk.)
pre/post scalars = 1
probably (?) no angle/angle snapping.

posted 2 months ago
#67 what is the your most satisfying thing in tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

Still euphoric

posted 2 months ago
#15 TF2 Memory Leak? in Q/A Help

AFAIK, modern operating systems will effectively free most memory allocated by a program when it's terminated.
So, maybe tf2 itself isn't causing it because I would think you could just restart tf2 for its allocated memory to go away. Maybe it's caused by a driver or something more persistent that continues running after tf2 is closed?
Definitely use some tool to check memory use though!

posted 2 months ago
#225 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

in theory, open sourcing stuff is supposed to make it easier to find bugs/exploits because there are "many eyes" looking at it, but afaik that doesn't really hold in practice. I.e., the linux kernel being open source doesn't make it significantly more or less secure than it would be otherwise (though super smart researchers can experiment with testing/analysis tools on the kernel to find bugs, but that's different than this situation imo.)
Something major may be found, but who knows :-/



posted 2 months ago
#1 Happy Puppy Videos in Off Topic

share your favorite puppy videos for cheering up ;-;
Here are some of mine:

posted 2 months ago
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