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#4 TF2 update for 6/16/20 (6/17/20 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

I wonder if toggling voice chat back on after turning it off will require a retry/connect

edit: haven't tested it yet, but it doesn't seem to use voice_enable but rather "voice_modenable" which apparently was already in the game so maybe it works better than voice enable

posted 1 month ago
#2 How to see health of all players in stv demo? in Customization

In advanced options there's a toggle for the spec hud, I think it's under 'Advanced Spectator HUD for Tournament Mode' or something like that, that should give you what you're after.

posted 3 months ago
#83 what is the your most satisfying thing in tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

Crit melee kills with unconventional combos, such as jarate/milk (or even just water on banana bay etc) + neon annihilator, cleaners carbine + bushwacka etc.

posted 3 months ago
#10 Please release legacy versions of TFTV casting hud in TF2 General Discussion

Hey guys, I worked with CriticalFlaw, who maintains the EssentialsTF HUD, to get the legacy TFTV HUD working in today's TF2 and add some stuff that CastingEssentials (specifically CERed) supports such as banner/weapon charges, status effects and much more.

You can grab the hud here, and you'll need CastingEssentials Red to take advantage of these features which you can get here!

Also bear in mind that this hud is designed for casting/spectating and not playing, however if you're interested in a hud in this style that is suited for playing, Hypnootize has a hud you can find here.

posted 3 months ago
#2 Ingame demo recorder bugged? in Q/A Help

I believe when casual came out this feature broke because the game considers casual mode to be tournament mode, p-rec might be your best option if you don't want any casual demos to be recorded.

posted 4 months ago
#15 KritzKast make their VOD's subscriber only in TF2 General Discussion
AdjeIf I can't even get to watch the vods for the games I participate in myself without paying $5 a month, can we just get rid of this rule and actually have production people use the CastingEssentials plugin that allows them to change the names for the viewers anyway? I don't like the idea of getting minor warnings for not conforming to rules that are helping out a third party that I can't even watch without paying a monthly fee.

I get it, there's fuck all people who want to do production and you're looking to compensate these people + the casters in some way, but I think there's better ways to incentivize people to support your cause than making content on games the very people who are playing in it can't watch themselves.

I get your point but I'm not sure why my and my fellow producer's jobs should be made harder because of one decision made above our heads. I don't like having to set aliases because 1) it can remove certain tags from names, e.g. if an org has all their players tagged up (Ascent. Papi or whatever) or if they have a charity org in their name like a few people do when hugs, toth, blapbash w/e rolls around. and 2) it's extra effort to do which usually means I have to take my eyes off the observing to download the aliases (from twiikuu's super super helpful tool, seriously what a don), put them in my config and then exec them, if you get a chance to watch the vod from last night's match on YT there's a period of time when I had to do this because one of the teams didn't tag up after they knew they were being casted and one even had the R word in it. Finally 3) the names don't change serverside, so when we're looking for players/servers we usually have to go off of their nicks and if they're not tagged up correctly it's a lot harder to find them (on serveme reservations, in the server browser etc.) and also their names don't change on the cheat feed so for the observers that use it they have to work out who people are based on matching their fakenicks with their nicks on screen, plus not every caster has it set up either, so they may be casting off of different names that the stream will see.

The tool is an incredibly useful one and one that I'm glad I can use but I'd rather it be a last resort. Also note how this is only one org out of 3 that currently cover ETF2L games, so I'm not sure removing a rule that improves the stream and the producer's QOL for all orgs because of one's decision.

posted 4 months ago
#127 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports

2GD's doing a stream going through this weekend's patch if anyone's interested.

Link here

Edit: apparently CPMA movement (aircontrol/strafing) will be available next week along with a race mode

This week will have FFA and Duel modes although duel is only available in custom lobbies

posted 5 months ago
#90 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports
ShitposterI wish there was FFA so I could just run around like an ape and shoot stuff and not play CA but with more steps.

According to the trello FFA is ready to ship so I imagine they'll be rotating the game modes around each beta weekend to get people playing and testing them all.

posted 5 months ago
#73 ETF2L Ban Policy in TF2 General Discussion

With the same steamid as the Little Nyar banned on ETF2L

posted 5 months ago
#10 Autism test in Off Topic


posted 5 months ago
#14 Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 in LAN Discussion

CPH website has been updated with some more info including prizepool stuff: link

posted 5 months ago
#11 Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 in LAN Discussion

Another note about buying things at the venue, last year's event was completely cashless so you had to either use credit/debit/bank card or you had to deposit cash onto a card the event gives you. We only found out like a couple of days before the event last year so it's something to consider for this year.

posted 6 months ago
#7 Watching TF2 streams on twitch in Off Topic

The benefits of 1080p don't make it worth the extra CPU and Internet power it requires, especially as you're not partnered your stream isn't guaranteed to have quality options so if people struggle to watch on source quality they're kinda screwed. Either way your maximum bitrate is 6K, and your stream will be a lot smoother with less artifacting at 720p especially since tf2 is such a fast moving game.

posted 6 months ago
#6 Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 in LAN Discussion

It is last year's line-up and wasn't even accurate in the end.

posted 6 months ago
#4 how do u unbind ; in Q/A Help

You can mouse over the keys here for a handy reference too.

posted 6 months ago
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