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RGL 6s S13 Div-1 W1A: SuperZAZA Bomb vs. Topes Mafia
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Tuesday, Sep 26th
10:30 PM EDT

First cast of RGL S13 6s for Fireside! With most Invite matches being rescheduled today, we thought it'd still be valuable to present to you an early playoffs picture of Div-1. With Topes Mafia being the best team in the division, and SuperZAZA Bomb being up there as a potential contender (top 4 at minimum), no better way to start off this season of coverage on the Fireside.

Casted by row & Fleskore with Dr. Underscore on production.


Flank Scout - Holly
Pocket Scout - Vanxi
Roamer - Fireball
Pocket - M17
Demo - Dogdayboy
Medic - Slicerogue

Topes Mafia

Flank Scout - slugmundo
Pocket Scout - nehcro
Roamer - nurfu
Pocket - bigbank
Demo - deimos
Medic - dinko

Caster: row | Caster: Fleskore | Producer: Dr. Underscore | Match Page | G6 Merch (Support the Team!) | PASS TIME 4v4 Merch
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