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RGL S12 Newcomer: Family Guy Creepypasta vs. Devil's Edge
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Friday, May 26th
9:30 PM EDT

Trial By Fireside makes its temporary return with the help of siyo and Wild_Rumpus!

Fun facts:
- Family Guy Creepypasta competed in the 3rd TF2 Coaching Central Cup back in December 2022. They reunite for their first season of RGL.
- Effion from Devil's Edge is a TF2 Youtuber!

Family Guy Creepypasta
Flank scout: Rended (ringer)
Pocket scout: bea
Roamer: Bon Gripper
Pocket solly: UKiran
Demo: The Man
Med: ImSoTrash

Devil's Edge

Flank Scout: Nerd Sauce
Pocket Scout: Acelga
Roamer: Trev
Pocket Solider: Rui
Demo: Effion
Medic: Sergeant Joker

Caster: siyo(?) | Caster: Wild_Rumpus | Producer: siyo(?)
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