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RGL S15 Highlander Advanced Qualifiers: kendrick farmar vs. Animan Studios
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Monday, May 29th
9:30 PM EDT

Casted by Valse and Xenagos with grey on production.

kendrick farmar

Scout - darty
Soldier - milkers
Pyro - Brandon_411
Demo - Teatsmcghee
Heavy - Mikhail
Egg - Morgoth714
Med - .xavier (ringer)
Sniper - Piney
Spy - aimbot

Animan Studios

Scout: Prealpha
Soldier: untamed
Pyro: ceres
Demoman: Squid
Heavy: Ness or AC-130
Engineer: kho
Medic: zuerodox
Sniper: Grill
Spy: raritwi

Qualifiers (if needed): Sat, May 27 - Mon, May 29

  • koth_product_final
  • koth_ashville_final
  • koth_proot_b5b
  • cp_steel_f12
  • pl_vigil_rc10
  • pl_swiftwater_final1
  • pl_eruption_b11a
Caster: Xenagos | Caster: Valse | Producer: grey
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