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RGL S11 NC W1: Rough Riders vs. Some Fun Guys
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Wednesday, Feb 1st
9:30 PM EST

Welcome to Trial By Fireside! We return for our 3rd season straight, and no better way to start it off than to follow the journey of Rough Riders! They had won the TF2 Coaching Central cup most recently back in December, and they've decided to stick together and continue in the depths of RGL 6s. Up against them is Some Fun Guys, but maybe they're not too fun to go up against... who knows! Let's add fuel to the fire with this coverage of RGL Amateur and Newcomer, at a twitch stream on the Fireside.

Match Page | Rough Riders | Some Fun Guys | Caster: arcadia | Caster: Wild_Rumpus | Production: siyo
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