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RGL S9 AM SF: freemium vs Average Pub Enjoyers
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Friday, Aug 12th
9:30 PM EDT

Join us as we tune in to an amateur match that not only has implications for the current season of RGL S9, but potentially for the history of RGL Traditional 6s as we bring to you a barnburner of a match. It's the 16th. No, I didn't misspeak, the 16th seeded freemium vs the #4th seeded Average Pub Enjoyer in what could be a match for the history books.

We have seen Popalofiti and co. earlier as the APEs took down Highlander Gaming in the first round of playoffs. Their second round match was made quick work of, and now they are here to book their ticket to the grand finals. They can't undermine their opponents though...

because the #16th seed, freemium, have ran the gauntlet. Barely making playoffs, they pulled off a behemoth of an upset vs. mikeyL, and rmx has led his team past the Need4Feed squad into this match. If they win, they will be making history as the first bottom seeded playoff team to make the grand finals in RGL.

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