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RGL S7 Adv LBF: dynasty vs. FX DEATH CULT
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Tuesday, Dec 14th
10:30 PM EST

Hm, I'm getting a sense of deja vu. The #2 and #3 seeds meet once again but this time there's elimination on the line. In their previous engagement dynasty was able to handle the cult pretty cleanly, winning 5-0 on Gully and 5-2 on Process. FX looked far better the next round of playoffs though, dispatching the stock market team in two maps. Now we'll see who gets to face yeti in grand finals. Will it be dynasty, hoping for some sweet revenge? Or will it be FX DEATH CULT who haven't scrimmed all season? Find out on Tuesday. Maps are TBD. Join Tery and TBD at 10:30.

Match Page | Bracket | dynasty | FX DEATH CULT | Caster: Tery_
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